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The Vision Of Love On Earth The Incarnated Spirit

The Vision Of Love On Earth The Incarnated Spirit
My loved and sweetest brothers and my loved and sweetest sisters, while you are very busy experimenting your Love, many brothers remain indifferent to Love, to experimenting their own Love and even worse they try to bring hate, non-respect, injustice to your brothers.
We remind you once more time that you are all on earth to experiment your heart, your sweetest Love which is inside your heart, sweetest Love that can be utilized to help, to support, to share, to live with your brothers.
Those people send you nothing but bad news and your hope is affected by all this negativity that is certainly around you, and this is not all that is happening out there.
In this exact moment many brothers are using their Love, on earth there are many people that are mobilizing their Love, they shine and allow us a vision of Love in this sweetest moment; there are millions of light that shine and this sweetest shining is the consequence of the sweetest Love that is mobilized.
Brothers, let’s continue this effort amongst us in these circumstances to allow you to become more and more numerous so that, while you are supported, you may reaffirm the culture of the heart over the culture of materiality.
Understanding does not mean accepting the culture of materiality as inescapable, affection must be your main experience and, my brothers, the culture of the heart can spread with the example of Love together with a balanced understanding of your brothers.
Understanding means to realize that many brothers have not yet thought that this reality in which you are living, is not a reality; for us it is always the Spirit and the Spirit in its reality accumulates experiences between Paradise and life on the planets with the only purpose of reaching full awareness of ourselves as a Spirit, as Love.
On earth, reality is not what surrounds you, reality are the opportunities that allow you to experiment yourselves as Love. This is the reality, the incarnated Spirit that discovers itself through the brothers and the opportunities that the brothers offer to experiment itself.
The reality of things is only contingent, the house, the car, these things will be abandoned and this will inevitably put you in front of a temporary possession of these goods; and the money? Again temporary possession. But for your brothers these goods, even if temporary, unfortunately represent the only certainty on which they can count on in this situation of life on earth. Power imposes possession to guarantee your own survival and this creates a distortion within your governments.
Therefore brothers, when you meet a brother who is not willing to listen to words that speak of Spirit, of Love, be aware that, in the understanding, that this brother is first of all afraid for his own survival.
How to bring about the discussion on Spirit?
Quite often men tend to establish emotional ties with other people. Bringing the discussion topic to emotions, I can assure you, that these people can understand that it’s not so much the presence of money that guarantees that presence of affection, rather the expression of their own affection. By listening to this person talking, you will notice that in his heart, affection will very slowly find more and more room, and when, always listening to the answers of this person, you will underscore the relationship of Love, that brother will no longer be able to disagree with you and as a consequence, he will display his affections more than before.
My brothers, I know that it’s difficult, it’s very difficult to commit yourselves in this day and age, however, summon all your courage and your determination to help your brothers, your world, your beloved earth and you will see that your effort, your sweetest effort, will be repaid with many fruits.
Our effort is to constantly remind you of the reality of your being Love, the reality of your Spirit, a reality that is not forsake able, but built through the experience of Love.
Next to us, brothers, you are busy helping with your Spirit the many brothers who are still seeking the truth, the right truth of the Spirit, and if you give up on your effort, the situation will change anyway but it will take much, much longer; is this what you desire for your children? And for all the sweetest Souls waiting to return to earth to allow this change within the Spirit upon earth?
You really covered a lot of ground since I started following you and this decisive progress was made possible only by the Love of the heart; this example of Love told you sweetly about the reality of your Spirit, now, having experimented, your Spirit has become your reality and this same experience over time is no longer restricted to a group of brothers, but it’s sweetly increasing more and more in size.
The emotions that you feel today in your heart are all a reflection of the Love that has been given to you over time, do you agree?
My brothers, you are able to offer this experience to all brothers. Understanding, together with Love and the experience that you have inside your hearts, will be experience for your many brothers.
I like seeing you already in such big numbers and you will see that with time, much earlier than what it could be, this world will embrace Love and the Spirit as a unique and sweet reality.
And if someone will not follow this example and will not listen to you, it does not matter, there is time, however do think about all those brothers whom you did help and whom you are helping and those who, strong in the Love, you will help by experimenting yourselves while you will donate.
You must resist the thought of having to fight, of the impossibility of change because change is happening, it’s happening right now, and the acceleration of it, my loved brothers and sisters, depends only on your recognition of yourselves as Spirit, as Love.
I am sorry to let you go, I would love to give you so much help, I would love to accompany you with my words every second of your day, but if my Love is always with you, this is not true for my words.
My brothers, the important thing is the awareness that my Spirit and not my words will accompany you every moment, we are so closely linked as if the Sky and the earth walked always together and this is actually how it really is.
A kiss, a very big kiss with all of my Spirit, with all of the Love that I have for you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 19th February 2006
Title   The Vision Of Love On Earth The Incarnated Spirit
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