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To Involve Into The Search For Truth Methodologies And Opportunities

To Involve Into The Search For Truth Methodologies And Opportunities
My dear and sweet brothers and my dear and sweet sisters, did you experiment how much Love your heart can hold? It’s impossible not to notice that Love is endless in your heart, you have experience of how much Love you donated, however you also know how much more Love you could donate. Is it true that I am right?
Right now I am observing many of you on earth who mobilized Love from their hearts and are helping their brothers, the experience feeling Love inside your heart is well defined, like the feeling that comes from donating your own Love is also well defined, that of having even more Love available to be donated.
This, my brothers, was your most important day, you felt limitless, this is great, the Love that can be expressed from everybody’s heart.
Now let’s continue on the subject of your experience, our discussion over habits, over methodologies and opportunities to involve all your brothers into the search for truth.
And today, starting from your experience of understanding the outreach of your Love, let’s talk exactly of Love as awareness.
Nowadays, awareness means to have an understanding, even basic, of what is happening.
For us, awareness means to exist as carriers of pure Love.
However, to allow us to understand each other this morning, I shall use the word awareness as you use it nowadays.
What happens? To the eyes of you, brothers, awareness is understanding what happens around you to be able to speak, write, behave and act. However what happens around you, that which you try to understand, can not be disconnected from what happens inside you. Every understanding can be favored or obstructed from what happens inside you. Sometimes your affection allows a neutral, partial vision of observation and objectivity of what happens around you. Sometimes this impartiality is compromised one way or the other by your affections.
It could happen that the same event may be acknowledged by a brother, however in that event there was not all of your Love. And to many of you it happened that you were aware of your feelings and the circumstances that brought that brother to you.
Almost all of you react by involving your awareness with Love and this will determine a specific intervention, which is also an expression of your Love.
Sometimes, however, that brother has a special meaning to you, you have invested a lot of Love on that brother and the circumstance that your brother laid out for you will inevitably be affected by all the Love that you donated to him.
Sometimes these replies are very helpful because Love can pick up this brother and take him toward the solution for that circumstance.
Sometimes, however, even Love can compromise the solution to the circumstance and the awareness of what is truly happening.
We are having this discussion today because I notice that often, with many circumstances, you neglect the Love that you carry inside when faced with a brother.
If you believe that Love also means not to notice certain circumstances, my brothers, you will never be of help.
Love is there to help you.
Taking correct stock of the situation means to first of all become aware of the flow of Love that you feel for that brother and the awareness that this flow of Love can be an obstacle to you. Think and meditate what would happen in your heart if that situation had been brought to you by a family brother. Try to feel this situation through this perspective and, brothers, your understanding will be right in front of your eyes. With Love you can then concentrate on how to help the Love that is your brother in this specific situation.
This change is important because, by truly helping with your Love, you can truly help him and the resulting change will be source of renewed Love both in your heart and your brother’s.
Again on the subject of awareness, who knows how many times, my brothers, you feel Love that comes from inside your heart and you have difficulties transmitting it, letting it out, to allow it to sweetly envelop your brothers. Why? Do you perhaps think that it is inconvenient? That it will not be accepted? That it compromises you? I witnessed many and many Souls become very disappointed to have lost the opportunity to physically express Love, just now while you are on earth, feelings are expressed physically too, I can assure you it’s beautiful to hug you and to see that you feel it, and often a brother will mobilize his own Love exactly in reply to your physical contact of Love.
Awareness means to look at reality to pick up what happens within the truth and you, my brothers, have you ever seen a physical contact of Love being refused?
Rigidities correspond to an enormous need to be hugged, therefore, do you think that rigidity may be read as a refusal of a contact of Love?
My brothers, DO learn to express sweetly, sometimes passionately, your beautiful feeling of Love, A constant comprehension of your sweetest Love mobilized in your heart, and sweetest Love mobilized in reply to the affection that you transmit.
This too, my brothers, can promote searching, this example that you bring, this constant contact with your Love and the expression of your Being Love becomes and example of an experimental research starting exactly with you, from your heart, from the Love you have inside, from the infinite Love inside you.
May you be an example of Love and you will help many brothers start from their heart to then themselves be examples of Love.
With all of my Love as an example,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 15th February 2006
Title   To Involve Into The Search For Truth Methodologies And Opportunities
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