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Messages From Jesus Christ The Discovery Of Being Love

Messages From Jesus Christ The Discovery Of Being Love
My sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, let’s take one more step, getting closer to your brothers to help them gain awareness that the Paradise does exist and that the passage on earth is a necessary experience for all of the sweet Souls to be able to express themselves in their being Love.
When did I understand this?
I too have been on earth, just like you right now, and I too had forgotten, like everybody else, but we need to specify that my Mother, right away, from the moment I was born, would call me, ‘My Lord’, and this has been unlike your experience, being called that every time.
Since the beginning my Mother tried to remind me the reason for my arrival, the motive for my arrival, and my Mother, who had received a message from Paradise through the Archangel Gabriel, in the night, always talked to me about this experience.
It was easy to believe her, I felt so much child Love for her and over time the first miracles began and the initial shock was rightly interpreted by my sweet Mother as a sign of the Love of the Father who, through me, donated the solution to problems, many problems, each one very different from the other, and so I began to understand that the Love manifested through my words and my gestures was only the expression of a Love greater than me, it was the Father who, through me, healed His children, spoke with His children, helped these children of His.
Over time, however, I noticed that even this helping came mostly from my own heart and while I was helping I recognized myself as a carrier of a sweet emotion that I had not learned from my Father, but that had always been inside me, and this is how I understood that even the Love of the Father needs the Love of his children.
This reflection brought me to move with more and more Love and, as I helped, I myself looked at my brothers like a father looks at his child and the miracles I performed caused my heart to feel great serenity, great joy at having really helped who, at that moment in time, was a sweetest child of our Father.
This happiness brought me to also wonder at how great, how immense was the joy of our Father in that moment, and this pushed me to accept even certain brothers with characters and demeanors very different from mine and far removed from their hearts and these brothers, over time, I managed to look at them with the same Love as when I looked at a brother of Love.
This passage was not easy for me, because in my heart, just like with you, I had negative emotions, however the thought that that unaware brother was, first of all, a brother, a child of our Father, in turn a Soul who was living to learn about is Love and helping him could trigger even inside him a smile, a tenderness, a recognition of the Love and that these emotions once felt could bring in him the recognition of his being, in turn, a heart that felt Love, this healed me, this thought helped me enormously and the experience of being able to notice this change, brought me to try to come closer to brothers with no more negative feelings to bother me.
This was my journey, my experience, my same experimentation of the sweet Love of the Father and of the sweet Love that was in me.
May my experience be as an example to you because it’s only by experimenting that you can gain awareness of your Love, of your Being Love.
First of all inside you there is the discovery of Being Love, connected to the Love of the Father at all times, and it’s in this connection that you learn that the Love of the Father is so great to allow you to help every brother with your Love associated to His Love; it’s wonderful to think how great a Love is to allow to always help brothers without wanting to take the credit for it, a sweet Love that helps without expecting anything in return other than to help; a great Love that allows your inner side to notice its presence, a sweetest Love that gives out its Love even despite our being less than perfect, with the intent of helping us to gain awareness of the perfection inside our heart.
Brothers, sometimes the search for the truth is born out of observing the achieved awareness of that brother, the serenity, the affections, the participation with the intent to help, all for Love, in times of need, my brothers, this can trigger the research and my advice my brothers is particularly to get our of your homes, wearing your Love like a new dress, just like a smile lights up immediately many other smiles, you will notice how many hearts light up from Love.
This week go ahead and experiment this, always, for the whole week, and you will notice how meaningful your experience can be.
Then I am sure you will want to extend your experiment and you will be more and more convinced, my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, you will find that this is your real way of being and this recognition will stimulate you to always be like this.
I am looking at you like a father looks at his children, the Love that I now have in my heart is that of a father who guides, who encourages His children to dare to be themselves, to be the Love that is inside that son, that daughter, and like a father I hug you really tight.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 12th February 2006
Title   Messages From Jesus Christ The Discovery Of Being Love
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