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Muslim Brothers A Message For The Muslim Brothers

Muslim Brothers A Message For The Muslim Brothers
Today, my dear brothers I speak to you; I am your brother Jesus, the same Jesus that you are condemning as responsible for a religion that brought death on earth in His name, who destroyed lands always in His name, who destroyed cultures once again in His name, who destroyed instead of bringing Love, instead of bringing Justice, Freedom and Prosperity.
How could I then allow myself to apologize to all of you, with all of these Muslim brothers, with all of those brothers from cultures that have been annihilated, how can I allow myself to apologize for all people who have been victimized in my name?
My brothers, in the name of Peace I have come on earth, in the name of Love my brothers I have come on earth bringing you many messages in which I have only talked about affection, of Love, of Justice born from Love, of Peace always born from Love and when I was killed, my sweetest brothers, I was killed exactly to allow all of you inside the Paradise to have contact with the Father, with the absolute Love of our single Father.
Why has my help been forgotten, I, who prophesized Peace, have always been exploited to make war, I, who have always talked of Justice, have been exploited to bring injustice, I, who have always prophesized Love, have been exploited to spread terror and injustice on earth.
I lived like you my brothers, like you I was born in a land that was difficult and inhospitable, like you I migrated to many countries always bringing with me the hope for a better day for earth, for all people, for the cultures, the hope of authentic respect between all men, hope and determination that it is possible to bring about change if, with our heart, with our own Love, we learn to look at our brothers in the same way as if they were our own brothers, brothers of the same family, blood brothers, brothers, all brothers amongst us.
Instead I feel an immense pain when I see your dreams being trampled upon, stepping on your symbols of Love, and in fact, for all of us who know the writings, the writings of Mohammed, we agree in the affirmation that it was Love, again, who brought our brother Mohammed.
No justifications, no fake regrets can attenuate what my heart today reads as injustice toward all of you and the injustice toward my brother Mohammed.
Injustice does not come from the heart, injustice is born from the problems of your many brothers who believe that justice also means abuse, that freedom also means knifing a brother who attacks his creed, this justice, my brothers, promotes terrible injustices.
Love is in the hearts of these brothers; however, when they look at the problems which countless brothers have never been able to overcome, their hearts can no longer be heard.
And these problems are only related to selfishness, from fear of losing everything, even what has already been built, to fear of not meaning anything, from fear of losing one’s dignity if money becomes scarce, to the fear of losing the solidarity if you have nothing to offer in return. These and other terrors, as a consequence of these great fears, bring the brothers to attack you as enemies and to fight amongst themselves for a power that will keep these fears at bay.
This is the situation inside which this atrocious attack to so many brothers was hatched; an attack to a great part of the humanity that has always been sweetly operating to build of Love and Peace.
Now that these organizers and journalists have attacked your creed, my brothers, with your hearts wounded, you yourselves attack, and many brothers died already, and more deaths will follow, however these brothers are your own brothers, the same brothers who, just like all of you, grew up with many teachings of Love from our brother Mohammed.
This disgust is felt by the most part from your brothers in European countries as well as American, and a position taken by one single person or by another fearful brother is not meaningful because all over the world, inside the individual people, there is no justification at all in using freedom, and freedom of expression, to offend, to denigrate a person, a creed, a people, a culture.
Brothers I too am a brother who demonstrated, just like Mohammed did, that Love is possible, that Sharing is possible, that Justice is possible, that respect is possible amongst all of you on earth, with Love all of this becomes possible.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message sent 8th February 2006
Title   Muslim Brothers A Message For The Muslim Brothers
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