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Messages to humanity - Our Love for peace

My sweet and loved sons, my sweet and loved daughters, here I am once again my sweetest children to speak to you of our Love for Peace.

My children, Peace in the heart is a reflection of the Love that you mobilize all the time; it’s your Love, your donating all of yourselves to your brothers to produce the feeling of Peace in your heart; it’s by spreading the seeds of your Love that you can feel it moving in all of its importance inside you, and recognizing yourself as a carrier of Love and of light of Love allows you to instantly recognize yourselves inside your heart as a Soul of the Love that the much loved Father donated to each one of his children.

This state of recognition as Souls allows you, children, to draw from the light that is charged with our Love that we send you from the Universe. This drawing is done knowingly because your recognition as a Soul is the recognition as a Soul of the existence of all of us.

I know that many of you children would like for our Sky to be the one who allows your recognition as Souls, through specific manifestations to each one of you, however, my adored children, why do you expect this recognition from the Sky? As Souls the recognition has always been ours, however one of the specific tasks that each one of you assigns yourselves at the incarnation before descending upon earth, is exactly that of thinking of yourselves as Souls, always, a Soul who is aware that he is experimenting, inside the heart the possibility of always being Love, even within the contradictions of every organization between brothers, of every society.

Now perhaps you will understand why we intervene through these manifestations which, albeit numerous, remain at the same time manifestations not necessarily for all children who are in need of their own confirmation.

It’s not possible to give confirmation of the existence of each one of you as Souls, however it is possible to confirm the existence of your being a Soul to push you to seek inside your heart, in your Love, the confirmation of being yourselves a Soul.

Taking up again the subject of Peace in the heart, it is only when the recognition takes place, mobilizing Love toward your brothers, feeling in your heart how intense it is, so gripping, so rich of emotions, that you can experiment Peace in your heart.

Peace inside your heart gives you Love and Compassion even for those children of God who are still lacking in their recognition, who are erring by turning their hate, not their Love, into their flagship.

Your compassion is just as necessary as our help, because when in contact with your Love every brother receives in his heart a sweet motivation to recognize it, and helping him has great meaning, his own realization that he is also a Soul, Love that was sent and Love that is.

We understand everybody, the mistakes, the violence, the injustice, but we understand them as being expressions of failed recognition the fact that they are Souls, and we push all of you children to help them, by making them feel Love, just like they are in truth.

My children, by making your Love participate, by welcoming each one of your brothers as a sweetest Soul, by speaking of the heart and of your own experiences of Love, you will allow this son of mine or this daughter of mine to direct their sweet look to the inside of their heart and to notice that what truly defines us is exactly this Love kept inside the heart, and this recognition motivates each one of you to give even more Love to draw a sweet stability in the recognition of oneself.

The recognition of our Soul is exactly in our being Love, where by Love we mean every thing, every experience, every manifestation that has inside the intention of bringing wellbeing, happiness, joy to the other person.

I will conclude this message today sweet children by wishing you a day of Love and Peace.

Donate your Love, next to you today, like yesterday, like tomorrow, this Mother of yours who loves you so much will be there will all of you, united in the intent to help with Love every brother in the recognition of himself as a Soul.

With all of my immense Love

The Virgin Mother Mary


Message transmitted 20th May 2006


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