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Messages to humanity - I come with you

My loved sons, my loved daughters, here I am today to talk to you once again about the importance of the recognition of you as Souls.

Let’s now make an example so you will understand clearly what we see from up here in the Sky about your lives currently on earth.

You are used to thinking that you are primarily a body, and the consequence of this thought may be that of acknowledging materiality not only as a necessary thing, but also as the entire meaning of your existence. You place more attention to what has meaning for your survival, from your laundry, to your food, to every manifestation of fun, to work, to well being in the sense of what you can afford, ignoring for example, for long periods of time, what the meaning of this experience is.

When you incarnated into a physical body, since you could not see your Soul with your physical eyes, you could not feel it anymore through your physical eyes, you think that your Soul has disappeared, a concept that sometimes is religious, whether to believe or not believe is a choice you make and sometimes you walk into a Church, and you ask and you pray, to then go back to your experience, by perceiving always and first of all your body and the experience of materiality.

Consequently, when we enter in contact with you we have great difficulties in feeling your heart understand and open up to our help and welcoming this Love manifestation and feeding from it as it would otherwise do, if only my dear ones you were aware of being first of all a Soul and then a physical body.

Over time many of you understood through the messages from my son what your true reality is, Spirit is, you have always been a Spirit and you will always be.

With the eyes of the heart you began looking at yourselves in this reality, and again with the eyes of the heart you understood the illusory nature of this experience, albeit an important one, on earth; illusory not as in a game, but as a perception of a definite reality.

Despite this important progress we often notice, when the situations in life are against you, made difficult by your brothers, that you all tend to look through the eyes of the physical body at the situations in which you find yourselves, while forgetting that, while you are experimenting it’s your Soul that is experimenting, as always it is experimenting, and it will continue to experiment until you reach full awareness.

And this long discussion has the purpose, my loved children, to make you independent from the look of the physical world, to begin, in every situation, to always look through the eyes of the heart.

When each one of you children chose to descend upon our earth, you chose to experiment yourselves in your own being Love, everything is chosen in life as experience of Love; for your birth you chose your parents, well aware of their difficulties, but if you chose them you are also at the same time aware of the importance of the experience of Love that they can offer you; with growing up come your own first friendships, the loves, these are also important choices because in your Soul you are aware that these people whom you will call friends, loves, have important experiences of Love that you can experiment and even if sometimes these experience do not lead you to happiness, you still experiment, as always, experiences of Love and experiences of difficulties in being Love.

You are always Love, every second of your existence you are Love, you are Love that is in the process of experimenting.

Don’t forget this aspect, you are always Love even when your heart fills up with pain or anger or hate, you are always light, you are always Love in the process of experimenting.

With the eyes of our heart, by changing perspective, my children, this is how we see you, busy to the extreme in affording yourselves all the things you need for the survival in your body, but very often forgetful of existence, in the meaning of a great moment when your Love, your Soul, is experimenting.

You forget your being Love as soon as some negative feeling comes up in your heart, you forget your being Love as soon as your feeling of ownership of something you deem useful in your materiality is threatened, you forget your being Love as soon as a disappointment comes upon your path, you forget your being Love as soon as your path encounters a difficulty.

Love, you are Love, Love in the process of experimenting, you are always only Love that is experimenting.

Look at yourselves and look at other people, forever as Souls that are Love in the process of experimenting itself; look through the eyes of the heart forever because you are Love, Love that is experimenting, forever you are as today, Love.

This message, despite the confusion that our brothers are making outside, the builders, during the entire dictation of this message, has been a meeting between the heart of all of us, our heart, my heart and this sweetest heart of Sara Luce, confusion, only confusion, in the heart the awareness of being Love, Love that is experimenting on both sides, and this is the product, the certainty that is felt very clearly inside the heart, that the confusion, external to the Soul, did not prevent these two hearts to speak to you once again today of Love.

After all a star was shining even in this confusion, the Love that is aware of having the great power to be stronger than the non-Love that exists inside the confusion.

I am sad to say goodbye,

A great kiss my loved children,

The Virgin Mother Mary


Message sent 24th May 2006


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