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Messages to humanity - Carriers of Love

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, why do you have this perplexity inside your heart? You are carriers of Love. From the time when the Father put that spark inside your Soul during the creation, a sweetest spark of His own Love, you are brothers, possessors of Love.

It’s therefore in your heart that this spark talks to you, it allows you to make decisions, it allows you to be an expression of joy, of Love, toward others and expression of Love even toward yourselves.

There is a great movement in your heart, this spark is always very busy counseling you, guiding you, helping you make the best decisions for everyone and not just for yourselves or for a few others; this spark is expression of the Father inside you, it leads you for Love toward all other people, and Justice and Affection become turning points of His own Love for all his children.

This spark carries inside Love and every manifestation of Love carries the Father inside.

Carriers, this is the meaning, carriers of the Father inside you.

I notice the many difficulties existing in understanding deeply this concept.

Why is the human being not free to be a carrier exclusively of himself?

Carriers of yourselves, of course you are free to be carriers of yourselves, but the Love that is inside you is from the Father and every manifestation of yourselves as Love is secondary to the manifestation of Love of the Father inside your hearts.

If you listen to the language of your heart, you will notice immediately, instantly, the answer of Love to an event, a great answer of Love that independently from you manifests concurrently to you and inside you. On the wave of this great emotion you then choose to be also expression of your feeling or you choose to manifest parts of this feeling. This is yoru Love that you choose to show, to send, while the Love felt so great inside the heart is the Love in constant contact with the Father, expression of Love of the Father that wants to reach others through you.

You understand that this spark, expression of the Father reaching your heart, is directed to all of you, both as a personal stimulus to the expression of Love, and as a stimulus toward the All to send His All.

Consider the human being as a source of light which, all illuminated, transmits and spreads all around it the light that illuminated it.

We have been and you are now human beings, a source of light that is illuminated and illuminates; as Souls, you are light, you are perpetually illuminated and transmit, diffuse Love through the light.

And now that the mind understood this image, let’s turn our attention once again to your heart.

In being carriers of the Father, you become carriers of his same Love and this recognition of being carriers of light inside you allows you, through this constant experience, to be an ever more profound expression of the Love that illuminates you, expression of the Love of the Father toward everything that surrounds you, unconditioned expression of the pure Love that is our Father.

I felt gratitude in the heart of Sara, gratitude for the help of Love sent to all of you today.

Actually I will express gratitude to the Father who allowed me, illuminating me with his Love, to send his own Love to all of you.

And this gratitude is expression of the recognition of the Love that was sent, and I am happy right now to have sent the Love of the Father to all of you.

With my heart full with joy, I send you the same joy of the Father for all of you.

Your brother Jesus Christ

Message transmitted 11th October 2006

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