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Messages to humanity - For Love

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, this quick interruption caused by Sara’s project in the olive fields is concluded, and while Sara picked olives, your brother Jesus picked up the many emotions and thoughts form your hearts.

The intent as always is to help you take control of your lives, putting Love in first place to allow you more and more opportunities, experiences, where it’s your heart that can express itself freely in its being Love.

It’s nice to be able to feel your effort and, despite the difficulties, your very important gesture should bring you to being proud of yourselves.

The light that you shine from your hearts is increasingly intense, and those results that you do not yet register with many brothers are temporary, they do not reflect what you did but the difficulties of your brothers in making room for listening and reflecting on what you have communicated from your heart; however the certainty of having communicated for Love is inside your heart, to help those brothers and sisters evolve with you.

Do you think that the outcome is negative? Do you consider your intent positive? Your Love placed the seed, soon, over time, it will sprout, and very important fruits will come from the seed you donated from your precious Love.

Sometimes you keep going with continuity while sometimes the sweet seeds need some time before they can produce movement or growth. Within freedom this is possible, this freedom that allows you each one of you to have either accelerated or slow experiences of growth according to the level of achieved awareness of your being Love.

For Love, only for Love, the achieved awareness can grow some more and the important thing is to be able to evaluate your actions as sweet expressions of the Love that you carry inside.

Why do your Angels, often unheeded, continue to give you advice on every expression of your being Love? Why do your Angels, so characteristic and unique among them, all speak the same language of Love, say the same words, give the same advice? Why is it that for your Angels to have results means to cement a certain teaching? It’s because we are at the same time aware that what is sent for Love will always bear sweet fruits and that the time it will take will be however long is necessary for the sweet seed to be nourished by the earth of your heart.

Therefore my brothers and my loved sisters, if the results are not always visible to your physical eyes, know with certainty that everything that is expressed by your sweet Love will always produce a wonderful outcome, a seed is always a wonderful result.

Surrender to time, time within freedom, the possibility to transform the seed into a young plant, it’s only without a seed that there is no growth, but the seed donated for Love will always produce growth.

And just like a more mature plant, you spread your seed, you seek further and further, on every occasion, to give your Love, for the Love of others.

Farmers of Peace, of Love, of Justice, of Truth, of Freedom, this is what you will become and for many brothers you will be an opportunity to find a home inside your heart for your seed of Love.

Just like we shower you with our Love, we water the soil of your heart and we wait with faith and hope for these beautiful young trees, so you will, with the Love you conquered, illuminate with Love all of these sweetest seeds, often donated by often not recognized as seeds.

While growth may be important for every heart, it’s through the expression of Love of your hearts that this process can begin for many people, and the satisfaction that you feel even in the contact with that brother or with that sister, who apparently seems to reject every message of Love, is the awareness of having added a seed into this scared heart and now this scared heart will continue to feel inside the presence of this seed of Love.

With all your hope remember that your satisfaction is a sign of the donated seed and a sign of a change that will be starting right from that seed.

With Love, only for Love

Your Brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 8th October 2006


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