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Messages to humanity - The speech on religions

Much loved brothers and much loved sisters, through newspapers, TV, you have come into contact, my brothers, with the Pope’s speech on Muslim religions.

I notice that it’s difficult to bring up the topic of religions in the right perspective, there is a that risk certain brothers from a specific religion or brothers from another religion may become upset.

Many brothers profess to a Faith, depending on the place where they exist in their incarnation, depending on the culture to which they belong, depending on the concepts shared by that Country, depending on the contacts and the choices made by the individual brother, the religious tendency is therefore influence; the place of incarnation has the highest chance of influencing your belonging to one religious or another.

Many brothers think that the evolution of the Spirit is linked with belonging to a certain religion or not. This is impossible to say because often some much evolved Souls choose incarnations in places far away, regardless of the prevalence of this or that religion.

On the same token, it’s impossible to confirm that this evolution passed on by one culture or another would be very far away if linked to this religion or that one.

Any brother who, within every religion, does not put his heart into use, who does not react to the nudges of his sweet Love, who does not reflect and does not learn from his heart to give all of his heart, is distant from evolution.

Religions have been an instrument of reflection during all ages and at all latitudes, this is what religions are, a tool for reflection.

On the same token the outcome from the reflection promoted by one religion or another religion brings to the same identical Truth.

Monotheistic religions concentrate all of Love’s characteristics into the Father, while polytheistic religions express at the same time the idea of unity and differentiation within the characteristic of Love.

In the same way, religious life’s laws and other regulations give to this Soul opportunities to experience within their own reflection and so for example a day for reflection for a catholic person is a Sunday, while for the Hebrew population it’s a Saturday, for the Muslim population it’s the Ramadan with the daily opportunities for meditation and prayer.

There is no religion that welcomes in truth more Truths than others, all religions have the same Truth contained within it.

Comparing them, could the concept of Love in the Koran perhaps differ from that of the Gospel?

In every era, cult ministers defended the concepts expressed in their own sacred texts, but at the same time they did not understand that the same concepts are expressed in all sacred texts all across the world.

Instead of defending one’s own religion, an open comparison, open with the intent to understand if these differences pertain to the various Truths or if they are only relative to the translations into behavior of their own followers would be preferable because it would bring much more Truth than rules for behavior.

The resulting behavior from the heart is always in contact with the Truth, for example, if Love means respect, then to respect will be the natural consequence of this teaching of the Truth.

Starting therefore from the teaching of the Truths revealed in every era to many brothers, who accepted and chose to be carriers of Truths to other brothers, this integration between the many religions can be much more productive to guide the same faithful to reflect in the most ideal way for their path of growth.

In the same measure with which the official religions of your world can promote a change in terms of evolution within their faithful followers, many experiences of the Spirit in its constant manifestations and transmissions of the Truth contain the same opportunities for reflection and they allow at the same time this evolution.

If Love is what was taught to you by the many Messiahs, why do you think that Love can not be transmitted today? For as long as Love will not see its Love expressed by everybody in their hearts and in their gestures, Love will speak, through itself and his children who learned to express their sweet Love completely.

And I will add a final thought, can Love look after you? Can Love help you? Can Love guide you in listening to the Truths and help you be yourselves within Love? Then the Love of our Father will continue to express itself again and again until everything will be completely Love.

The light in your hearts shines, the help of your Father who you often call will always be with you and through your every manifestation you will find the Father, His help, His Love.

With a huge smile of Love

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 27th September 2006


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