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Messages to humanity - Reclaiming the Love

My adored brothers and my adored sisters, let’s continue to always talk about Love because this is the purpose of our talking, placing you in the best possible position, in awareness, to be your Love. I know that everything I dictate is kept inside the heart, but it’s thanks to you, to the frequent reflections that I invite you to do, that my words are translated into awareness, into experience in which you can experiment yourselves, into many moments of integration of the mind and of the heart of your nature of being spiritual and that is reflected through your actions, the different way of addressing all your brothers.

I am thanking you to reflect it is your sweet commitment to reflect,  it is your sweet commitment to experiment, in the same way as integrating, being and translating into action are your sweet commitment and its consequence.

I am guiding you and those of you who are listening, you are at the same active in listening to your sweet heart, and you are all ready to understand profoundly all of my messages.

Now, though, my loved brothers, let’s continue on the subject of freedom.

You know, as I observe you, as I observe your heart, I notice that now more than ever you are ready to give freedom to your Love to express itself completely, my brothers, with ever more intensity you would like to be experience of your vast Love and with these teachings I propose once again today to help you even more.

Here is the first advice.

Think about the people that come into your home, the advice I give you is to welcome them into your heart not as people but as affections; now they are with you, there is a sweet tie, an emotional tie, when you see their sweet face at the door, welcome the emotional tie that is coming into your home; welcome your affections with affection. This advice will allow you to instantly manifest to yourselves and to other people the Love, the affection that binds you.

Second advice.

At work. My brothers, think about the lives your colleagues are leading, those with family, commitments with their children, those who are still looking and who are feeling lonely, the effort of the jobs, responsibilities, the health problems of that parent or of the spouse or the children or the elderly parents, and now think of the difficulty in keeping close with the heart to their affection because it’s necessary to work to afford everyone to not go hungry and to be able to survive with dignity; but think of those hearts, if they had the opportunity they would rather be somewhere else. Relate to them using your affection, from bosses all the way to the last person in the hierarchy. They are hearts, hearts that would rather be next to their loved ones.

Third advice.

You are Love, you walk down the street carrying inside your heart the thought that every brother whose gaze you meet, whom you avoid with your body, whom you meet or who is standing in line with you, is nothing other than a heart inside the body of a person, but a heart that is having a continuous experience of Love just like you, a heart that is pulsating with affection, a heart that would like to be able to express the potentiality that it has inside but in order to express it, that heart needs encouragement. Be the encouragement when you express yourselves as affection, and wait for the sweet moment when your encouragement will allow that heart to express its own sweet affection and the potentiality that it has inside. So many hearts can express affection with a small, tiny opportunity, experiment being a heart encouraging another heart to talk about itself.

Last advice for day.

An affection can express itself at any time, an affection can talk under any circumstances, an affection can bring instantly to lead an important communication to the right direction, an affection at any time could talk to the other person because of its affection, an affection within freedom can bring solidarity, help, empathy, support, light-heartedness, hope.

Reclaiming the complete affection of the heart is to experiment freely what you are, affection inside a body, Love inside a body, sweetness inside a body, heart inside a body, attention inside a body, desire inside a body that wants to know itself, desire inside a body that wants to express itself, awareness inside a body that sweetly wants to talk about the heart, about affection, about the wonderful Love that it feels beating inside that body.

Now my final advice

Question your heart, isn’t it beautiful to reclaim all of the Love that is inside you, to express it, to know it, to reach full awareness of the treasure that is inside you my brothers and my sisters? Nothing and nobody can forbid you from expressing it other than yourselves, misunderstandings injure, I agree, but what do you think of the emotion of happiness that you feel inside your heart when you express Love in your full freedom?

Experimenting makes you stronger, the emotion of happiness confirms the Love expressed freely, over time there is understanding, but today the emotion of happiness may be your first confirmation of being proud of your progress.

And with this last advice, my brothers and my sisters, I pour Love into your heart, my Love that knows the happiness of being a heart that is aware that it’s helping many hearts to experiment themselves, of being carriers of my same Love.

With a lot of joy in the heart,

Your brother Jesus Christ.


Message transmitted 22nd September 2006


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