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Messages to humanity - Free Love

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, if you could see your heart, an intense light is shining, the light is directed at us and right now my light is meeting your light, it melts and it creates a luminous road that sweetly puts in contact your heart with my heart.

This is the contact that is created from my heart and yours when you aim your look of Love toward me. This is possible at any time, at any time this contact is created between our two hearts, an example of this would be how right now the contact is always present between us. If you set free from your heart the great Love that you have for me, for all of us, what you create is a road of Love, a bridge of Love. With the heart looking toward Love, you listen to my heart that now listens to its own words, the expression of its own Love.

My adored brothers, my adored sisters, freedom allows so much Love, since it’s at the same time the expression of your own heart and it’s happy to be expression of your heart. Freedom, my brothers, is therefore to be, and at the same time to know that you are. The mind and Love of the heart united in the experience of Love.

Freedom is therefore a path that involves not only Love but also the mind, in the meaning of awareness of yourself. Freedom is giving yourselves freedom to express yourselves as Beings, as Love, and doing so knowingly.

Freedom is to be able to shed problems so you can be first of all yourselves in your heart and some problems, my brothers, are not hidden, they are identifiable by your heart and this allows you already to take care of each one of them and to overcome them thus giving yourselves even more freedom.

Temporary problems, problems among you, tensions and preoccupations should be resolved with the trust that soon another event between you could melt those problems

This trust reactivates hope inside your heart and it can finally bring you to think, starting from Love, about what behavior from you could melt conflicts and preoccupations and this behavior, if born from Love, will certainly bring you a step closer to the solution.

My dear ones, freedom in this case means to donate to yourselves the possibility, starting from the heart, to express completely the Love that you fee, through trust and subsequently hope

Temporary problems generate great anxiety, giving yourselves freedom in your hope of finding solutions gives your heart, by activating Love, intuition, the idea of the possibility and this allows to set this possibility in motion in your heart.

Then there are many tensions that need help from other people; why do you continue to think that other people deny their sweet help? There are many brothers out there and every brother achieved a certain degree of awareness inside his heart, and if not all brothers will promptly give themselves the freedom to express the contents of their sweet hearts, there are many brothers who, I won’t say immediately, but soon, could be of help to you. Hope in the help from brothers, this is the answer that can activate inside you the best behaviors to put you in the position to overcome even the bigger problems and difficulties. This movement inside your heart can help you my sweet brothers and sisters, this expression of correctness, of Love that is inside you.

But this hope can not go to your biological brothers because the experience that you are learning is not between biological brothers but between brothers in the world.

Brother is every Soul that you see; they are all sweet Souls who are carrying out an experience inside their own heart at the same time as your experience inside your heart,

How often does a meeting allow you the experience of brotherhood between you? How often do you call yourselves friends among you? How often, brothers, do you call each other from inside the heart? And how many more times does a sweet Soul in the contact with your heart inspire in you a desire to be their friend?

There is already awareness of the brotherhood inside the heart, how often do you question this in your minds?

Hope in help from other people means freedom to question your own doubts by turning to your heart, to your awareness of possible brotherhood, the Love that through behaviours stirs possibility.

My brothers, I will stop for a moment to give you the opportunity to take stock of what I dictated.

I will say goodbye and feed my sweet hope, quite sure of the moment of reflection that you will dedicate to yourselves.

With my Love

Your Brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 20th September 2006.


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