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Messages to humanity - Let Love express itself

My sweet and loved brothers, my sweet and loved sisters, your feeling of Love, from within your heart, would like to inundate your world, it would like to bring the feeling of Love to all of your brothers, paint the world with new colors, bring Peace between all people and Justice and Love and Freedom.

From within your heart this Love would like to first of all learn Freedom, Justice, feeling of Love in constant movement and Peace, as a prerequisite to express this feeling freely.

Your needs are the needs of every heart.

The incarnated brothers right now in your world desire just this, so that the denied Love in your hearts may express itself in all of its power in every corner of the world.

Between you there are brothers who are taking journeys, making contacts, and others who need examples to give themselves this possibility and examples is what I would like to talk about today, my loved ones.

An example, what is an example?

All of you speak of Love in your hearts, of hopes, of desires, but an example is first of all being a desire, being hope, being sweetness, being respect, being Love.

So, to be is the example.

To be is therefore the example of the possibility for everyone to be example of Love.

Like you, everyone can be an example of Love, so long as it’s the Love from their hearts.

And, if over time, to be becomes a conquest, then to be at all times becomes an example.

Many levels of sweet awareness bring you to express yourselves, to sweetly listen to yourselves and to experiment inside your heart what you really are, and with every acquisition you become enriched with knowledge of your nature and you sweetly become example of your achieved awareness inside your heart. Awareness that expresses itself, that talks of you, that is example to others.

This awareness of Love produces movement, expression, recognition, until the threshold of full recognition of your being Spirit.

Many brothers are walking their path in full awareness, the remaining brothers are not aware but are walking all the same. The experiences of life bring teachings, Love between brothers is often lived in an subconscious manner but just like many and many experiences it undoubtedly leads to awareness of the great importance of Love in life; there is no need to add other examples, you understood me perfectly well.

I am explaining this to you because sadly I often notice the tendency to devaluate that which in the experience of every existence can bring to understand being Love.

He who thinks that the example is important for the experience of the heart is right, but also he who affirms that the life experiences on earth produce awareness in the heart is also right. And if in the heart the achieved awareness is the result of either the direct experience or from having embraced a path of growth, could the example be different? No, this is not what gives awareness to one heart as opposed to another, awareness, and its different levels of awareness, first of all means thinking yourselves as a Spirit, awareness is achieved when you feel you are a spiritual being, recognizing yourselves as Spirit, whether it be incarnated or sweetly dressed with light, but still Spirit.

Awareness of your being Spirit, this is the difference, your being Spirit that incessantly produces Love for everyone and for all creatures.

In this moment I notice that between you, being Spirit is a great experience of Love, but not yet so great, and this reflection could bring you to take another step forward. It’s by listening to your heart that you have the possibility to obtain awareness, allowing yourselves more and more freedom, of what in Truth is inside the heart, an unstoppable Love for everyone and for all creatures.

The experience of awareness is guided in a path of growth, but it’s your Love that speaks to you as you walk.

With all of my awareness of my Love, with all the sweetness of my Love, with all the freedom of my heart, I pour Love into your great, wonderful hearts.

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 17th September 2006


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