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Messages to humanity - When Love confirms

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, for every confirmation there is progress and in the heart every progress highlights the possibility for a new confirmation. Your Spirit moves through the progress of confirmations.

Over time the journey made through confirmations carries certainties inside the heart and lately almost everybody is experimenting being a Spirit incarnated into a body starting exactly from experiences of Love that they are experimenting in their heart.

I see many of you notice knowingly, increasingly knowingly, the many emotions that you are experimenting, and noticing while experimenting more and more the breath of Love that has been animating you since the time of your creation; this recognition of the breath of Love means experience, means progression, means important progression.

There are other brothers who wait instead of experimenting, and the wait sometimes corresponds to a series of questions that may jeopardize the effort in their own experimentation.

Now, brothers, I would like to dedicate this message to all of you.

Since the time when I came among you, I mean on earth, I brought the Truth, this is what I brought you and over time I took these Truths to as many people as possible, but, back then, how many brothers could a single man reach? Over time many words, these Truths, had been transmitted by many people to all of you, but no longer from me, and my return as a Teacher, just like back then, has the vital role of helping you correct your necessary mental vision, delivering teachings on your reality in the Spirit, which in your heart is expressed through your emotions of Love.

Spirit manifests itself in your experience of Love, Love is in your nature and through the contact with your reality, the recognition of your nature of Love.

Experimenting your nature of being Love within the many opportunities can let you recognize yourselves in your being Spirit, but to reach this important goal, my sweet and loved brothers and sisters, you need to listen inside of your heart.

Love, contentment, joy, hope, feeling a sudden Love for this or that or even for yourselves, these are emotions that speak to you of your being a Spirit, they all give confirmation of your being a Spirit, they give confirmation, sweet confirmation, of your nature, Love, you are Love; you mobilize Love in every manifestation; if you notice, even when you protect yourselves and negate your own Love, the first feeling that is mobilized is your possibility to do things with Love, everything starts from your Love even when you choose not to donate your Love to the other person.

This is an experience that can be felt personally with simplicity by listening to your emotions inside the heart.

Experimenting the fact that this is your very nature brings you at the same to recognizing that it’s your Love that is expression of a common feeling not only in your brothers but it’s an expression that every brother, as a Spirit, is nourished exclusively by Love.

This is the most important recognition, every Spirit is expression of Love and the only question you will ask yourselves will be if the Father needs to be interpreted as the sum of all of our Spirits or maybe He is himself the Spirit, or maybe He is himself Spirit.

The truth is that He is Spirit, strength of Love, and the sum of all fields of Spirit. When He created us He put a part of Himself inside the heart of every creature and at the act of creation this part of Himself detached itself and with great freedom it separated but it is always in contact with the source of the Father, this is also the reason why the emotion of Love always resonates inside the heart, because it’s expression of the Father inside us.

Like the Father, His children are expression of Love when all of his children will notice the expression of the Father that will be the recognition of the Spirit as children and recognition of the Father as Spirit of Love.

For this reason it’s important, it’s fundamental to listen, to experiment within Love, because recognition can only happen when listening to the Love that is inside.

I kiss you my loved brothers, I kiss you my loved sisters with all my heart and I surround you with the infinite Love that I feel inside my heart for you

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 13th September 2006.


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