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Messages to humanity - Your sweet Love

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, your affection lit up in your hearts, Love lit up in the heart your, numerous occasions can make your heart lit up with affection and Love; in those moments you are Spirit with a body, in those moments you are Spirit, looking from the heart to the outside of your limits, your perception opens up and your heart sweetly feels that the limits of the bodies no longer exist, no more limits and your sweet heart begins to feel in contact with another heart. The impression is that of being heart to heart, what a sweet Truth, emotion with emotion, feeling of the heart in contact with the feeling of the heart.

There is no more bitterness, no more opposition, no waiting for a problem to appear, your heart now is the expression of your Spirit.

When you concentrate, your feel the attention of your Spirit on the other Spirit in front of you and this experience of the Spirit gives you life.

Change is constant when meeting with the Spirit, you perceive yourselves more and more as a Spirit and not as a body, and as a Spirit concentrated on the experience of Love between you. Love is Spirit and the experience of the Spirit is contact with Love.

It’s very easy for your Spirit to free itself from the materiality if you pay attention to the experience that you feel in the experience of Love.

Today lets talk about this to allow you to study yourselves and at the same study from the impression that the contact of Love with everybody else inspires in you, because evolution is possible if by studying your hearts and studying your reaction, you give your Spirit the possibility to be known, to be experimented; the recognition of your Being Spirit can bring evolution. The recognition of it’s own evolution accompanies the recognition of your Spirit.

The recognition of your Being Spirit consequently accompanies the recognition of the other person as a Spirit, it’s the heart of the other person that brought your own recognition as a Spirit, so recognizing yourselves accompanies at the same time as, and as the consequence of the recognition of yourselves in your being Spirit.

This is what brothers are, Spirit that accompanies your Spirit in the recognition of yourselves and of the other person in the experience of Love.

The recognition of yourselves and of others as a Spirit accompanies the spiritual outcome where the bodies really begin to constitute only shells, containers, necessary for movement, for survival in the materiality of bodies but bodies who represent nothing other than a shell, a container.

When your Spirit approaches the Spirit of the other person, your impression of being forever, begins to understand that the body is not important to guarantee the experience of being Love as much as the Spirit is important and even your mind opens up to the Spirit as a possibility of existence, of being forever.

This opening up brings you to experiment the idea of the existence of the Spirit, independently from being inside a body or not, and this opening can allow once again through contacts to experiment that existence is a detail, a momentary journey inside the existence of the Spirit.

Just like the experience of Love allowed in the body the recognition of yourselves and the other as a Spirit, and also in the search for a contact with a Spirit currently without a material body, in both cases the contact and your recognition need Love. In this moment when the physical contact, the visual contact, the contact by means of materiality for many people is absent, it’s from the heart, from your own Spirit that the contact can take place and in the contact, once again it will be your Spirit that watching itself and watching its reaction, will deduce, through experimentation, that there are no limitations in the contact of a Spirit with another Spirit, if Love was what lit up this contact in the first place.

Over time these experiences of Love, the confirmations that Love can put two Spirits in touch even without need for their bodies, and this requires time, because maturing certainty needs time, the mind opens up to the possibility of the contact through the Love with any entity of the Spirit linked to us by a feeling of Love and this is the moment when the Spirit sheds for good the importance of every materiality in the recognition of the Spirit as the only form of existence. It’s at this point that the possibility of a contact always by means of Love appears to the individual Spirit, the feeling that it is about to experiment by studying itself and by studying its own reactions when in contact with every Spirit present within the experience of Love.

When the Father speaks with you, the experience of contact is through the Love, when I speak with you the experience of Love goes through my heart and into your heart, when you obtain advice or even comfort or support from the Sky, it’s only the Spirit that comes into contact with you through the experience of Love.

This progression, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, is done by the Spirit, but you are also Spirit and you are the ones who are making progress with your awareness. Awareness of the Spirit is the final recognition of yourselves.

Every day your experimenting through the manifestations of your Spirit will slowly but eventually lead you, from your current condition of being right now, to being a Spirit inside a body, to your full recognition of being only and forever a Spirit.

So I am explaining what evolution is; evolution is progressive recognition, through the experience of Love of your Spirit, of the nature of your being Spirit, of the Truths of your being Spirit forever and forever.

Brothers, evolution is recognition and you, my loved ones, can reach this awareness through Love.

With a strong kiss I say goodbye and I wait in my heart your every suggestion.

We are always in contact inside our hearts between us, it’s a continuous experience of Love

One more kiss

Your brother Jesus Christ

Message transmitted 10th September 2006

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