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Message from the Virgin Mary for the Convention of Ampupage

I come to you as a voice of our Paradise. The voice you are hearing is the voice of your Mother Mary, the voice that speaks is that of our Sara, the voice that is dictating is mine.

This moment my children is very important because I can speak to you personally and tell you that right now in my heart I feel a really immense Love for all of you who are listening to me and for all those of you who believe your life to be empty due to the loss of a child or a really loved person.

These are feelings that I am familiar with, the contact with the physical death of a loved one, life loses meaning, we believe that another existence will return us our serenity and give us our smile back again. Many of you think this way, it’s difficult to think that time can improve this deep pain, but I see many of you who were helped by the passage of time. It’s difficult to think of it right now, the pain so accurate, so vast, and so sharp that the impression of your Soul is that unfortunately time will only mean immense, great pain. But why did you come here today?

In part because of the hope, in part because over time you manage to lead a life that is relatively normal and experimenting, meeting, is perhaps your way to not be alone in this experience and party, I see among you some brothers who have hope in their children, in a contact even if only for a moment, with their hearts. The children are next to you right now, because life exists not only in the body but the Spirit is also life, so even though the looks may not capture the body, their presence in the body of the Spirit is right here right next to you.

There are people who now cry for the pain that you are feeling, there are those who cry from the joy at having given you signs, some are smiling and are caressing you with Love and some who serenely wait for this meeting to run its course to discover with you the Truth of the life that continues forever. In their hearts there is hope that this meeting will help you understand that you and us, we are all alive at the same time and every moment of life is part of both of us and the existence inside our existences is a constant exchange between you and us. The Angel that is next to you has a constant exchange with your heart, over time you will notice how much Love you receive at all times, over time you will be able to speak with your Love feeling an emotion of joy in your hearts and this is the joy that your Angel is feeling right now. There are no conflicts, misunderstandings and not even fights in our reality because everything here is governed by Love and for this reason the heart of your Angel only feels great joy.

When Love governs, even a little heart lives in joy.

Let’s now talk about your loved Angels because I have the impression that it will be easier for you to think of you children as they are in Truth today.

The body of light is in everybody, this dress is like a body, it’s very very light and it’s full of light because the Spirit is expression of light. In the spiritual body you perceive the colors linked to the various emotions that can be felt, when the heart of your Angel feels emotions of Love, for example friendship, brotherhood, hope, joy and enthusiasm, if you could only see the body of light shine with the colors of your emotions all the time, but the joy is more common color right now between your Angels.

The occupations vary because all of them want to tend to activities that can help the collective wellbeing and these occupations as always are chosen by the individual, to donate joy and Love to all other brothers and the impression that your Angel may be too young for an occupation is not correct, not always does your Spirit reflect your age, it’s the Spirit that reflects its maturity and by maturity we mean its evolution. Sometimes, however, to your age, even young age, even our Sky corresponds to a little body because evolution will continue as if nothing has happened, this is a possibility of an evolution that was concluded before its time due to mistakes from your brothers.

Evolution, this is the journey that every Soul walks on their passage on earth, evolution in the Love through all possible experiences that create life on earth. You can talk to us even right now and the answer that your hearts will receive will talk exactly and always of Love. Is it difficult to listen to them? With time, when your pain will have subsided, as training, you can bring your attention to the emotions of your heart and your minds will receive advice, sweet words and sometimes even some teachings.

Before I leave you my brothers I would like for you to begin to feel in your heart that in this moment your loved Angel is next to you, he is alive, he exists, he loves you, even if he is crying he is experimenting sweet emotions toward your hearts and this movement dries up the tears because he feels recognized in his life, in his life contemporary to you, he feels he is just the way you yourselves feel and this is extremely important for them.

Once, the Love you exchanged constituted this wonderful bond that keeps you united forever and the Love continues in the impossibility of a physical contact, but it continues till the day when you will embrace once again and at that time even your body will feel your Angel, however right now my brothers, the recognition of the life of your Angel could prepare you to the contact with your Angel through your two hearts.

Brothers, on this occasion the most important message is this, your Angel exists, he is alive, he is always with you within the Love and you will see that with time there will be many manifestations of his great Love for you.

One more moment before I leave you, why is Sara listening to our words? Because she is in contact with her heart and hears the words that we are pronouncing; it’s an extremely important experience for you because if you train to listen to your hearts one day you could communicate with your Angel.

In the Sky there is no child who can not hear, through the heart this possibility is available to everyone.

My loved brothers, the Sky manifested itself to all of you today to instill hope, Truths, comfort, in this difficult moment of your lives, but to also give you the opportunity from now on to take up a contact that you thought was interrupted forever.

We embrace you with much much Love

The Virgin Mary in unison with the entire Paradise.


Message dictated 5th September 2006


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