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Messages to humanity - With the heart swelling with joy

Here I am next to you once again today my loved brothers, and once again today my loved sisters, I am next to you with the heart full of joy for the experience that we are about to begin right now. The most important experience is the one of being Love in contact with another Love.

This is the advice I am giving you now: right now feel yourselves as Love in contact with my Love.

What an avalanche of feelings I can see right now in my heart, I am hugging you happily, truly happy to be with you and while I am hugging you your eyes are transmitting happiness, recognition, Love toward me, toward the source of this emotion that you feel beating inside you. Brothers, the light that comes from your heart is illuminating you completely, you shine as if you were only your Spirit.

Today my brothers I come to talk about the Spirit.

Over the course of time I already explained to you that each one of us are Love and I explained to you the possibility as a Spirit to get in contact with our own Spirit.

I observed countless brothers trying these exercises but either the timing or their approach did not bring the extremely important results that all of us desired and that all of you desired.

The time has come to explain the reason for this failure.

I was reflecting on how to help you and through watching you I noticed that you do not place yourselves as Love but as tenants of a body and a matter that influences you. When you look through the physical eyes you look for the physical side of this contact; when you pray uniting your hands you seek our physicity in the contact. This is the expression of the influence of your physicity in the contact with our Spirit.

It’s important to place yourselves as Spirit, it’s this, your Spirit that allows the contact with our Spirit.

While watching you I also noticed that through the body, the impression of inconsistency of your Soul is reflected in you not seeing yourselves as a Spirit, because how an unnoticed Spirit could come into contact with another unnoticed Spirit? This series of questions that you ask yourselves inside your minds, certainly do not help the possibility of a contact.

When you reflect, you are certain of the Love that is inside you, but if you then abandon this perception with respect to this aspect always linked to a form of physicity, this aspect will make the contact even harder.

In the heart, in your feeling of Love it’s important to pay attention, to let go of your profiles, your ideas of space, of substance, and focus your attention to your heart, inside you, inside your Soul.

Can the feeling of constant Love that we send in all of its manifestations be perceived? Yes, but especially through the heart.

The contact is within Love and this contact is only perceived by Love.

If you believe you are not up to it, how can your Love position itself to receive Love? It’s important, I told you on many, many occasions, what differentiates us in the Truth is the evolution, not the possibility for us and for you to send and to feel. Our evolution allows us to be far more aware than you could be yourselves right now, we recognize ourselves as Love, being constantly heart, Loving, thinking and reflecting only in the heart is evolution, but our difference will only be in that moment; the journey that you are following is taking you further and further into a state of greater awareness and as a consequence you are nearing more and more our level of evolution. Anything that today is potentially on your journey will bring you to our level of evolution.

Concentrate on your potentials, concentrate on the journey you already took; concentrate on the Love that you rediscovered in all of your hearts and feel worthy of the contact between your Spirit and our Spirit. This aspect is vital, worthy, you are worthy for our Spirit to come into contact with your Spirit, Spirit will always send help to spur growth, your evolution more and more.

Worthy, you are worthy and very much loved. The impression that in the Sky Love governs everything is impression of Truth, of course it’s a truly enormous Love that the brothers are not experimenting among them, this is their problem, the constant existence in a superficial form of Love does not allow automatically to come to us with the awareness full of the Love that is in charge over here and the awareness that everything wants its consequence In Love, but the many messages that I dictated to you as far back as a long time now, place the Love in front of your eyes, the Love from over here, the Love of all of us, the Love of the Father, a guide for each one of us. Think about this Truth before you contact your Spirit and our Spirit;

That wonderful Love that I told you about, that loves you through every single message from me, the great feeling of Love that thinks about you, from the Father and from all of us to help you, to sustain you and to let you realize and that constantly thinks about your growth. It’s this enormous Love that looks after you and that understands even your mistakes, that thinks that making mistakes is inevitable, that progress without mistakes is impossible, you would represent evolution that is already reached,  and since you are growing even mistakes are precious in allowing you to proceed toward evolution.

This, watching you, your difficulties, reflection, your reflection brought all of you to grow and, reflecting on my help, I have in my heart the certainty that from this moment on this project of contact with the Spirit among us will be much easier.

I have a lot of happiness in my heart, I will wait for you to be aware of the progress you matured inside your hearts.

A great, immense embrace with my heart

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 6th September 2006


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