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Messages to humanity - My message from the heart

I come to say hello with a great joy in my heart, I come to say hello with hope in my heart that our meeting will shower your hearts with Love, I come to say hello with the hope in my heart that your hearts will light up when in contact with my Love.

Brothers and sisters, let’s take up our contact again today, my sweet heart, your sweet heart, my hope, your hope, my Love, your Love.

Let’s allow our hearts to express our Love.

In the heart of your brother Jesus there is a great joy, being able to see you hearing me again, being able to send my Love to all of you, being able to feel activated in this commitment from the light of your looks, feeling the activation of the effort to help you grow in awareness, in possibility of an existence based on Truth, and this is what produces in my heart a truly infinite joy and it is exactly my joy, that I see illuminating my heart, that I now allow myself to send to you through words.

I missed the dictated words so much, the opportunity for me to tell you about this constant affection that I feel beating in me for each one of you; I missed so much reading your letters and responding with all of my heart; I missed you so much in this contact. However I am here now, I am sending you my words again to all of you, the sweet words that speak of my feelings that I can dictate to you again, I can once again observe your presence listening to me by looking at your eyes and your hearts. You are beautiful, all of you sweet and much loved brothers and sweet and much loved sisters.

Lately when looking at you I was reflecting, you are becoming fountains of light, fountains of light for your brothers and if I think that this is the result of my teaching and the lighting up of your Love, brothers, the experience that we are having together, that we are having right now too, it cant’ be considered anything other than wonderful.

Reflecting inside your heart on the various teachings, the Truths you met, they illuminated you and transformed your existence deep down to your very roots my brothers, now you exist in the Truth and by embracing the Truth you lead your existence without your brothers ever becoming a possible source of additional influence.

My brothers I notice pride and joy shining from your hearts and many changes you made to your lives reflect the pride and the joy to be born from the heart, and while you were changing and welcoming the Truths of the heart, you noticed that life, your life, rediscovered its great meaning; life is the experience that allows us to rediscover the Love that is inside it to propose it to others as a meaning, rediscovery means meaning and rediscovery means to transmit meaning.

Today you rediscovered the many Truths and this is meaning, this existence based on the Truths is rediscovery of meaning; sending these received Truths is to give meaning, it’s helping your brothers, while reflecting, to rediscover the same Truths of your hearts even inside their hearts.

This is the Truth, common, part of every single heart, part of every single Soul on your planets and part of every single heart, of every single Soul of the entire Universe.

My loved brothers, my loved sisters, this is the recognition that allows you the most important acquisition, that allows you to be one among the brothers who exist at the same time as you in your dimension just like in every dimension; brothers, we are all brothers, each one with your own degree of awareness of the Truth but all equal in the Truth.

You are rediscovering this great Truth in your lives, in your existences, the results can be seen already, more softness in the contacts among you and markedly increased softness in the contact with all of us.

These are my observations lately, observing you, listening and listening inside your hearts, while I was responding I was speaking with you.

Brothers, sisters, what a pleasure it is when I listen and notice this softness, it’s a sign of your great growth and my effort will continue to give you over time more and more softness of the expression of your heart.

I kiss you my brothers and my sisters, I will leave in your heart this sweet piece of advice: let your heart do the talking now, your heart, I want to stay next to each one of you brothers, I want to listen with my heart, I want to be with you.

I say goodbye embraced to you, with the heart I am embracing your heart

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 3 September 2006


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