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Messages to humanity - We need Love

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, we have a few more moments left and then Sara will leave for her holidays.

I know that I will miss you but despite this I know that the wait will be sweet, the waiting to return to speak through Sara will be sweetest, I feel in my heart my returning to all of you, with the words, with the teachings, it will be a moment of great joy and the wait for this moment of joy brings me to perceive the waiting as a truly sweetest moment.

Today I thought I would dictate you something about the help of Love

Every moment all of you brothers exchange contacts with your brothers, through writing, words, closeness, the contact of the heart, and this is very important.

Every moment, brothers, aware or not yet aware that they may be, are in contact with your brothers through your sweet heart.

Often this is a deliberate choice to contact others starting from your Love, sometimes it’s the chance that brings your heart to express itself through the many attitudes.

Whether it’s help or sympathy depends on the occasion, but it’s always the product of the heart, of the Love that is inside you.

Observing your heart, brothers, during the action, you feel the expression of your affection talking about you to the other person and talking about you to yourselves.

What is happening in the heart of the other person?

Many occasions saw you as the recipient of the affection from the heart of other people. Did you notice how you felt a sweet smile inside your heart? You immediately felt like a heart facing another heart. All of a sudden a spontaneous gesture done with Love stirred recognition inside you and the need to repay that Love with your own Love and your gestures were charged with your affection, producing an affectionate result even in the other heart.

I saw the gentleness reunite two people like two brothers even though they had never met before; I saw two people who had never met each other exchange Love while they were in contact with each other; I saw affection being exchanged between two people who met suddenly and only helped each other out; I saw people meet like brothers, writing a letter from the heart; I saw love blossom when two people met and embraced like two brothers, without knowledge but with the desire in their heart to meet the other person; I saw many times children triggering infinite sweetness, with just a look, I saw many elderly dedicating themselves with love like brothers in truly difficult situations; I saw all of the Love flowing and if I am telling you this is only to stimulate you to look at your world not only with your eyes but with your heart.

We are brothers who express Love and I believe that observing our expressing with Love is a

wonderful and important experience for one’s own awareness and to knowingly exchange and become increasingly promoters of experiences of Love toward our brothers of the entire world.

If it’s your heart that puts you in contact with your world, every experience will be an important experience of Love.

Now more than ever there is a need to truly express from your heart your feeling of Love, your brothers need to feel their hearts responding affectionately, because these wars will continue until inside your hearts there will be the full recognition of the other person as your brother; every other person in the heart is already a brother, but it’s with your entire Being that the recognition is necessary and the meeting of your heart with the heart of the other person, can trigger this important and complex recognition.

You experimented what the meeting of a heart with another heart is, which until now was unknown, you experimented in the affection how the other person’s heart leads to this important recognition, you experimented in your heart the affection that produces new affection and recognition.

Today it’s you who can think of yourselves knowingly as a heart and bring your Love and the recognition of your heart to those brothers who really need to feel Love and the recognition of being brothers.

You can now be carriers of recognition because your recognition, loved brothers and loved sisters on earth, as hearts, as carriers of Love, allowed you to recognize yourselves once again as you have always been, Love in motion; you became aware over time of your Truth, you carry Love knowingly, knowing the importance of carrying in your hearts this recognition and of the great need to carry this recognition to others, begin to become all this more knowingly.

One more moment and my words will stop, however I would like for you to take with you the immense affection I feel in my heart, the immense affection of my heart, for you brothers and for you my sisters, the wait has began, but the Love of your brother Jesus will accompany you forever, my heart already feels so much sweetness, observing your hearts I notice the same sweetness, the Love that I gave you always found your Love to welcome it and to receive it and this is the exchange my loved brothers and my loved sisters, that more than anything else fills me with Love, I met your Love and you met my Love, sweetest recognition, our Love, our being brothers.

I am melting with sweetness and Love inside my heart

I embrace you and I hug you tightly to my heart.

Your brother in Love Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 23 July 2006


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