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Messages to humanity - Next to us the Father

The Love of our Father is endless, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, it sends light to you every second, every second he sends His Love and like a doting father, every second he listens to your heart asking for help and He replies, my brothers, by sending you the help that you ask, some emergency, some rescuing, this is what the Father does for everybody.

Often the emotions that you feel are the consequence of His intervention, often the situations can bring you awareness of the interventions of our Father, often the peace and quiet speaks to you of His intervention; an intervention that inside the heart almost always corresponds to the sigh “the Father is with me”, but inside your hearts, the awareness is not always active and you find other reasons to explain to yourselves the intervention of the Father, “Just luck” many many times, “It’s an intervention from the Sky but from whom?”, often “It’s just a coincidence”, at least a hundred times over the course of the lives of all brothers, often “Oh yes, it’s just a  phase, then everything will start again”. Do you recognize yourselves, brothers?

And the Father is not upset by your denial of awareness and continues to respond with his Love to the many and constant requests for help from his children.

This is Love my brothers, if you reflect for just one moment you will realize how large the Love of the Father is, and that answers refusals with Love.

And I am talking about interventions of help that are denied by awareness.

There are brothers who suffer and hope in His sweet help and pray with all of their heart, but who, while asking, think it’s impossible that the Father listens to them and the Father listens all the time to all prayers and messages of the heart, and responds by sending more of His Love despite the fact that He knows precisely that inside the heart of that child his idea will not change, because awareness is at a minimum level and the heart will not recognize the Love received as coming from the Father.

My brothers, even in the absence of recognition the Father surrounds your with help and Love anyway.

There are brothers who recognize the Father, but not the real father, only the thought of the Father, mediated by religions and these Fathers are always vindictive or in search of proofs or tricks or temptations and the Father once again listens to his child and sends him once again his Love.

This is Love my brothers, when Love does not feel recognized in its Being, it reacts by sending more Love.

There are some very happy brothers who in those moments no longer recognize the Father, there is no need, no request for help, everything goes well and this is what they tell the Father from their hearts and the Father sends the light of His Love to his child because He knows that the great happiness is not due to everything going well but comes from knowing that the Father is next to us every moment of our lives, our Father is next to us if we need help or in the absence of need, the Father is next to us always ready for us.

Even this, my brothers, is Love, in addition to your recognition the Father helps you recognize true happiness.

When the Father feels recognized in His being truly Love, then from He emanates from His heart a light of Love so intense as to illuminate the entire earth and reach the hearts of all his children.

This is Love, brothers, the recognition brings the Father to all his children with Love.

This is our Father, brothers, the Love so great as to dispense Love every moment and to follow step by step every child with Love.

Could thinking of our Father after having read this description change your awareness?

He is doing it, He is helping you grow in your awareness, you accept the help in your heart, words are necessary for your minds, but they are directed to your heart, the awareness is in the heart, the mind can help you, but it’s in the heart that awareness is achieved, treasure of the Soul in every moment is the achieved awareness and awareness means to recognize the truth in every moment.

In this moment our Love reaches the brothers of the world, reaches all of your hearts, you are illuminated by our Love, feel loved because you are all loved within the Truth.

An embrace of light of Love

All of us from the Sky

Your brothers Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 19th July 2006


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