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Messages to humanity - Your brothers

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, the heart, the Love that our Father put in our hearts is the same as what He put in the heart of all our brothers. I agree that certain behaviors reflect very little the Love that is in the heart of many people, however, brothers, it is the right truth to know that when the Father created us, He put in the hearts of every single brother, and in exactly the same percentage, the same great Love that distinguishes the Souls that are more aware or, speaking in your language, the Souls that are more evolved.

The story of the Saints, of miracles performed by many brothers even during life on earth are of course miracles performed by the Father through His children, and the miracles and intercessions are elements on which to set up the process for a brother to be nominated a Saint or a Blessed; following on with our subject, during history, many brothers performed miracles, so why certain brothers and not others?

If there are no differences in the possession of Love inside the heart, please tell me why a brother performs a miracle and dozens of others are limited to watching miracles happen?

When hearts are quizzed they react by talking about difference.

If I just told you that there are no differences, why do your hearts respond by talking of differences?

Let’s continue to listen to your hearts.

The hearts reply “It’s impossible for me to perceive myself as the instrument of a miracle; maybe I can perceive myself as the one who can receive a miracle, but not as an instrument of a miracle”.

Why is it that, if inside your heart the same Love as that of Saints is present, you can’t perceive yourselves as an instrument for a miracle?

The hearts respond “We don’t know why, but maybe it’s because it’s intrinsic in the perception, in thinking of the opportunities that Love presents and we recognize these opportunities for others but not for ourselves”

This is right, my brothers, inside your heart beats the same Love of the Saints, but also inside you, the Saints are not just people but elected people, chosen people, privileged people in the contact with our Creator.

This is also true, however, they are people who have an extremely close contact with our Creator.

With “extremely close contact” it’s not the quantity of Love of their heart that differentiates them, but on the contrary there is a difference in how they feel that they are made from the same Love of the Father, in perceiving themselves a part of it, a spark, constituting Love of the Father who is a part of each one of us.

This is the great difference, the Love that the Father donated us, that spark, it’s part of Him, it’s His part, and this spark is a part of him that was placed inside us.

Every brother, every sister brings with them a part of our Creator and this part forever works in contact with the Father.

So now we have explained, my brothers, the reason why some brothers perform miracles and others only watch; these brothers recognize in their hearts this divine part linked to the Love, they recognize in themselves a part of the same Creator, they recognize in the Love every possibility that the Father has to create and to intervene, they recognize in themselves the Love as their Love and the Love of the Father.

This is what allows this difference between doing miracles and watching them, the awareness of understanding our Father within us.

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, when the Father donated us the spark, this part of him, he donated it to be able to express Himself through his own children, in respect to Himself and of all of his children.

Just as it is when you introduce a baby child into this world by donating him your male and female genes, building a new body and offering the body the opportunity of life on earth, in the same way the Father, by donating a part of His Love, a spark, allows his children the opportunity of life in the expression of all his great Love in all its manifestations.

Can you still see yourselves, my adored brothers and my adored sisters, as different from Saints? This awareness is the real difference; awareness is knowledge of the truth and today your awareness increased, providing you accept this knowledge of truth.

An immense kiss from the truth.

Your brother Jesus Christ

On this subject, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, this year’s holiday period is fast approaching for Sara Luce; the final message will be dictated next Sunday, take advantage of the holidays to think, to reflect and to live in contact with your great Love, the Love of the Father that is inside each one of us brothers.


Message transmitted 16th July 2006


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