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Messages to humanity - Love is like a kiss

My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, this title recalls in you the Love that you experimented toward that loved person whom you kissed, one day, with the intention inside your heart of transmitting the wonderful love that you were feeling inside your heart.

Your heart, so rich with joy, with desire to see the other person happy, this heart so swollen with Love that the explosion of its light was evident even to your physical body, that explosion in the feeling that allowed you to transmit all of the warmth, the passion, the desire, the Love that once born from the heart was now on the other heart.

That feeling of Love was all in that kiss and in the heart of the other person your Love brought about an explosion of the same great feeling of Love.

My brothers, think back briefly to one moment, the kiss, the feeling, all of the transmitted Love, this is your heart, able to express so much, this is your heart since you were created.

This is your heart.

This is always possible because your Love can always express itself this way inside your heart.

Your brothers give you the great opportunity to feel how much Love is in you, but this possibility comes from your heart, not from your brothers but from you.

Kissing is an internal experience in the sense of possibility of experimenting yourselves in the heart in the manifestation to the other person of the love that exists in your heart; this sweet possibility makes evident only to yourselves and to the other person what the Father put in your heart at the moment of your birth in the Sky.

For your brothers this recognition of your Love, whether you help them, or console them, or feed them or tend to them or love them, inside the heart this means the recognition of your being Love and by helping or consoling or feeding or tending to or loving, listening to the great Love that animates you is the recognition of a major part of your being Love and on the other hand it’s the recognition of having been created by the Father and therefore of being children of the Father.

Being children of the father is the recognition of the great Love that delivered us to life, this is the recognition of being children of the Father, recognition of having been created by Love as Love, since forever Love, forever Love. Born from Love to be, like with children, Love that expresses Love for all brothers and always Love toward the Father our Creator.

As children, our incarnations highlight what we are, creatures of Love, and what we are learning to be, more and more an expression of our being Love to the brothers and the Father.

Incarnation is the possibility to experiment yourselves in your heart with other brothers.

And if it’s difficult to think of yourselves as Love, you have all experimented yourselves in your being Love, through that kiss, that great expression of your being Love.

My brothers, my sisters, inside that kiss was all of your being, was all of the Love you felt, was a truly great moment where you feel the heart in all of its potential of Love, you have been brothers, just like your first day, when the Father donated to you that sparkle of his Love to be able to create you as Love.

Reflect, my brothers, how much time has passed since your kiss, since this important experience of Love inside your heart? Reflect happily, that kiss and the memory of it, even now, thanks to my help, to the words that are speaking to your heart, it’s your experience of children of the Father, it’s experience - recognition of your being Love.

My sweet brothers, my sweet sisters, experiment all the time inside your heart, the infinite possibilities to be Love, love, love your brothers out in the sun, any brother, delete conflict by giving Love, delete the apparent distances by giving Love, we are all hearts, we are all Love, we are all children of the same Father Love.

My heart is full of pride, I am listening to the communication of your hearts and it’s a chorus of recognition and of good intentions to experiment yourselves more and more to feel the manifestations in your heart of your being Love.

I am proud of this because my Love donated to all of you brothers, once again today allows you even greater awareness in your heart.

An immense kiss

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 12th July 2006.


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