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Messages to humanity - Always with the heart

My loved brothers and my loved sisters, you spend a lot of time every day tending to your lives and to the people that are next to you today. These people can be the occasion for a tranquil meeting, while other brothers build with their characters opportunities for nervousness and tensions. And if from the heart each one of you would like to share only many moments of tranquility, the most productive meetings are those where, at least on the surface, there is a lack of agreement, conflict, lack of those elements that can produce Love inside your heart. And there are many such occasions. Many occasions where your heart would need to be nourished with Love and instead it must produce Love starting from itself.

Our help today is to put you in a position where you can face with your Love even these difficult moments.

Concentrate on your heart my brothers and listen to the rhythm of the beat of your physical hart, notice how it beats, it’s a regular rhythm, everything happens without you noticing or causing it; just like everything happens without you making anything happen, in the same way everything happens in the heart of your brothers; these same emotions that you feel are being felt by the other heart and this desire of harmony that you are experiencing as a need or a desire, is being felt also in the other heart, and just like you need experiences that enrich you with Love, on the same token that brother, that sister, is feeling this same need inside his heart.

My brothers, you think of the conflict as winners and losers and it’s relatively easy to assume that, instead of your emotions, the other brother is feeling emotions that are completely different. This is not the truth.

Even the winners feel in their hearts the disappointment for the conflict, and even those who appear to have won end up questioning themselves, because conflict always brings also great suffering in every heart.

There are some who certainly think of victory against someone to demonstrate to themselves the value of their whole being, but do you believe that this brother may be happy to affirm himself, well aware that a conflict even on the subject of value has created an interruption of the rapport?

You see, every conflict always creates an interruption of a rapport, a heart stops being in contact with the other heart and every positive feeling stops being expressed at that moment. And Love, my brothers, is the food for every heart and every heart needs nutrition.

When in conflict, my brothers, starting from today do also look at the suffering that you see in this moment in the heart of every brother, even in their apparent victory.

What victory, if the price is the interruption of the contact of Love with two hearts?

Now, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, you can concentrate on your feeling of Love. You feel Love beating inside you, your suffering speaks to you of your feeling of Love that would like to express itself at all times, in every opportunity, and in this conflict the separation that you feel, the distance, from the heart of the other brother causes you pain, this pain is the feeling of unexpressed Love; think with the heart, is it a pleasant feeling? Of course not; is it the source of the conflict or is the source of your Love that you are blocking? Do you think that blocking your Love to allow you this experience is pleasant? Of course not; will the pain go away by lingering in this situation? Do you think that time will be able to erase this pain and allow your heart to express Love once again? Sometimes yes and sometimes not, the heart knows this and it transmits this to you, but if this situation does not need time to resolve itself, then my brothers it’s necessary for you to make the first step: understand the difficulties that heart has in bringing back harmony despite the suffering, understand the great difficulties that heart has in leaning on his Love to go back to the contact with your heart, understanding that that Soul knows that time will bring neither transformation nor expression of the feeling of Love, understand that only you can free up all your Love to free yourselves from pain.

Some brothers will be waiting for your step, from their hearts, and very happily will take advantage of your gesture to also free up their Love; other brothers will resist, with all of their problems, the invitation from your heart, but even this will be great freedom for your Love; other brothers will take example from you and over time they will learn that pain is nothing else other than blocking themselves in the expression of their being Love.

This, my brothers, is today’s teaching, pain is always expression of a heart that distances itself and  blocks the expression of its feeling of Love.

With all of my immense Love for you, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters.

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 9th July 2006.


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