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Messages to humanity - Love only Love

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, here I am to talk to you about Love.

When the Father donated to you the sparkle of Love that transformed a body of light into a Soul as His child, He gave you all you needed to allow you to experiment Love in all its aspects; sweetness, understanding, listening in your heart to messages of Love, this allowed you right from your birth to feel Love, being surrounded by Love.

The heart feels so many emotions when it’s surrounded by Love, it really feels this Love so present, so intense, to allow itself to express in all of its intensity its own being Love. It’s a consequence and a cause for others.

A Soul immersed in Love will in turn, when expressing itself, cause other Souls to feel immersed in Love. This is consequence and cause.

For all brothers to be able to express their Love it’s necessary to feel loved from that Love that mirrors the Love of the Father; my brothers, every sweetness that you express to every brother is the recognition of the Love of the Father deep in the heart of that brother and every gesture of kindness, of help, of closeness, of support, lights up in the depth of the heart the Love of the Father that every sweet heart has always known.

These emotions are so intense exactly because they remind your heart of that wonderful Love of the Father that feels far away from physical incarnation but that expresses itself even in your memories inside your heart.

You are always embraced and the Sky has always been striving to embrace you by way of your brothers and through our words inside your heart. Always embraced, right now you are already always immersed in Love, but, awareness and physical perception do not coexist in your experience on earth.

However, my loved ones, as your awareness grows, many brothers feel our effort of Love, which is to transform your perceptions until you interpret even a light breeze as a manifestation of our presence next to you that goes through your physical body. And if in the physical body these manifestations need a lot of attention, my brothers, when you listen to your own heart the increased awareness allows you to feel more intensely the manifestations of Love that we give you.

Why don’t you start listening very carefully to our sweet and countless manifestations right inside your heart and then concentrate on the perceptions that go through your physical body?

You have been using your physical body to explore your surroundings you since you were children and this experience allowed you to differentiate forms and material consistencies and you are used to using your body to be able to distinguish, but you are not used to utilizing your heart to discern the truth of the experience that you are living.         

Many of you go through difficult moments and with the difficulties, no longer used to listening to your heart, you distance yourselves from the source that, more than materiality, can give you answers. These difficulties bring you to take up with the same methods the journey that used to give you security when discerning as a child, but by distancing yourselves from the heart, from the source of truth, you wait for signs and confirmations that, coming through your physical body, will bring you to certainty. It’s impossible for our vibrations to help you with the methods you desire, impossible for the vast majority of your requests, but possible for your vibrations to listen to us inside your heart.

If you return, even in difficult moments, to questioning yourselves, to asking at the level of your heart and you listen to the sweet impressions that will come through in that moment, not through your eyes, but with all of yourselves, you will be able to listen to us in our being truly available to help you at every moment of need, every moment where a worry needs an answer, every moment where a perplexity looks for the best solution, every moment where growth brings you to question yourselves and to a further need for additional knowledge.

Brothers, it’s by listening inside your heart that you will be able, during difficult moments, to proceed in your journey and build a life, an existence that is constant in its growth, constant in the acquisition of awareness, constant in the recognition of the truth.

Consider my invitation as my great desire to be of help absolutely at all times to you, consider my invitation as the need to help you in your awareness, consider my invitation as a need to be next to you for your recognition next our my infinite Love.

Your brother Jesus Christ.


Message transmitted 5th July 2006.


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