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The Path Of Love Awareness Recognize Oneself As Pure Love

The Path Of Love Awareness Recognize Oneself As Pure Love
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today I have come to you again to talk to you about Love.
From now let's start our new commitment to continue to walk on the path of Love.
What does our new commitment consist of?
Our new effort is to help you feel Love, the pure Spirit with which you were created a long time ago from the love of Our Father.
You have been created in the image and likeness of the Love of our Father and with this new project once again we want to help you feel the way you did when you were created by Love.
In every message of mine I told you that the Love with which you were created is the fundamental part of your being; you are first of all Love; Love is your principle, your Love is your destination.
In fact everything you learn and experiment through the many lives in a physical body, has only one purpose: to experiment your being made of Love.
When you leave your physical body, when you die in your physical form, you experiment the transformation which is nothing but the return to your Spiritual form, into the form of your Love which speaks for you, for your own Love; this is what you communicate, your own Love; this is what allows you to help, it's your own Love; this is what allows you to experiment your life existence in your own Dimension, your own Love; this is always the feeling that makes you go on existence after existence both in the incarnated form and in the form of pure Spirit, it's your own Love.
This is the truth on your true nature, you are Love.
What I just told you is evident when contacting our Dimension; many habits linked to your education and your principles and thoughts that you built over the course of your life with your terrestrial brothers are very quickly overcome, sometimes they are cancelled immediately from that Spirit because it realizes that Love is the only strength that it now feels inside and during the last terrestrial breath it eliminates these external influences toward other brothers and it experiments immediately its existence as the emanation of its own Love.
At the moment of contact people can appear to be very different from the way they would interact with others during their terrestrial meetings, now it's their own Love that speaks through the numerous channels that exist between your brothers; it's their Love that speaks to you, this love that has been freed from the influences imposed by your lives' 'conditions' between brothers and sisters in the world.
In this contact it's Love that speaks instead of that person with whom you used to interact, it's with his Love that you established your contact.
So very often you need this comfort, so very often you need this contact with the Love of this person, so very often during this sweet encounter you obtained answers that in your life coincided with your loved ones, and sometimes it was very painful, because, who knows how many more times you had heard your loved one talk to you from the heart, you were always surprised especially about the words of Love that they now speak to you, words that perhaps earlier on where thought of or stored inside the heart, who knows how many times you could have heard them while they were alive.
Love was always inside their hearts, now what has really changed is their freedom to express the Love in their hearts; it's freedom from external influences, it's freedom born from the awareness of recognizing oneself first of all as creatures made of Love.
There are no other fundamental concepts other than this, which is to recognize oneself as pure Love.
This awareness, this being pure Love, awareness which all of you experience when you cross over to our Dimension, is inside yourselves even during your terrestrial life, inside your physical body, and our new commitment wants to help you rediscover this awareness and to live it also within your current Dimension.
This too will bring you to experiment yourselves as creatures of pure Love, it will allow you to be Love toward your brothers who are next to you, it will allow you to experiment in full awareness your level of Love and finally it will allow you to experiment the Love of your brothers toward you.
This is our commitment and this is what we will help you conquer by teaching you to listen to your Love that is inside your hearts.
Brothers and sisters of mine, your Love will speak for you even in our current Dimension, but it will be necessary to learn to hear the Love that right now is inside of you.
With time it will become possible, by listening and reflecting on the lessons that I am about to dictate for you brothers. These lessons will be on a weekly basis because they will be very long and we need time to dictate them.
We will start next Sunday with the first lesson titled 'Your Love'.
In this first lesson I will help you meet your Love.
With this, my dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I say goodbye to you with all of my affection, with all of my great Love which I have inside my heart you who are ready to begin to get to know yourselves within your dimension of Love.
A big big big kiss to all of you, I hug you and I say goodbye one more time.
Your brother Jesus who loves teaching you Love and who hopes to help you experiment yourselves in your Dimension as creatures of Love.
Message dictated from the Sky on 24th October 2004
Title The Path Of Love Awareness Recognize Oneself As Pure Love
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