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The Recognition Of You Level Of Love Your Love Lesson

The Recognition Of You Level Of Love Your Love Lesson
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, it is with great joy that we begin this path that we have agreed to together also with the Virgin Mother Mary and the Father to help you be aware of the Love that you keep inside your hearts and to help you, through this path, enable your own Love to speak also in this Dimension, earth, which is hosting you at this moment in time.
Let's begin with the recognition of your level of Love.
Let's all think for a moment of a situation like this: You are ill, there is a serious problem with your body, you look around, are there any people? Are those brothers or sisters members of your family or are there also friends? How do they behave in this emergency? How do they keep you company? How do they handle this emergency?
Take your time in answering these questions.
For sure your answers to these questions will vary greatly, for example, you can see yourselves surrounded by many people or by few people, surrounded by family members or mainly of friends..
Listen to what these sweet voices would be telling you, make a note of very word that they would say.
Reflect, what do you think that they received from you, what do you think you have transmitted during your existence to these people who are around you?
Look at the level of Love that you have expressed during your existence.
If you have donated all of your affection, all of your Love, you will have certainly noticed, with your imagination, the desperation in the hearts of your brothers; if you have donated all of your Love, you will have seen that those people would have wanted to spend as much time as possible next to you, they would have done everything in their power to help you, with your medicines, with foods and with many cuddles and kisses at all times.
This is your level of Love, the Love which you have donated is in this imaginary situation, reflected toward your own heart.
Do you understand the importance of this lesson?
Every gesture of Love that came from you is reflected back to you through the eyes, the hearts of your brothers, everything you have donated will come back to you through the gestures and the emotions of your brothers.
This is very important to understand, every gesture of Love from you comes back through your brothers.
Let's talk some more about your imagination.
Do you remember how many of those people are siblings and family members and how many are your friends?
How much love have you distributed among your brothers in the world?
Depending on the number of friends you will know how much Love you will have donated around you. This is what those answers bring to light, childhood friendships, work friends, neighbors, meetings, this is the Love that you donated around you during the time of your existence.
Imagine how many phone calls would reach your telephone, this will also give you an idea of the Love that you have distributed around in your world.
Let's now continue with this imagination.
How do these brothers take care of you, do they express their affection or do they talk rationally, they explain rationally how to face your illness or are they rather affectionate when relating to you, do they touch you, do they caress you or do they sit far away from you or without any physical contact?
This gives you the sensation of how you have expressed your affection, your Love; what you have donated to others will come back to you; if you have hugged them, they will hug you, if you have touched them, cuddled them, then cuddles and touching will come to you, if you have expressed your affectionate feelings through rationality, rationality is what comes back to you.
This is your fantasy and your fantasy brings to light your relationships, your way of expressing affection, your way of donating Love.
Let's continue with your fantasy.
How do you feel when seeing this affection from those people sitting at your side? Do you feel very comfortable, do you feel an even greater affection growing inside yourselves?
This is how you should be because you are ill and you are surrounded by affection; at this point imagine what you would do, what you would say, how you would behave.
Reflect on it.
It is possible that you would say words of thankfulness, but how? For your affection or Love to be expressed it needs your own words, your own gestures. What words would you choose to express gratitude? What gesture would you make to thank them?
This also speaks of your level of Love.
In a way you have transmitted your own affection, now you feel the affection coming back at you from them and this mobilized new affection, Love, inside yourselves, how do you channel this new Love?
Would you find sweet words to describe the happiness that you feel inside your hearts for that affection, would you find words of hope to quell their suffering, would you find words of joy to send your Love for the experience that you are living, would you find words of Love to communicate this Love that you are experiencing?
So, right now it would be your Love that is speaking to you, it would be your Love to console you, to send you hope, to infuse joy. You would be your own affection, your own Love.
Imagine how you would feel when experimenting your Love within the utmost freedom.
Imagine it and ask yourselves who you would feel like as a pure Spirit, as pure Love.
Yes this is the emotion that all brothers feel during their passage from your Dimension to ours, it's their affection, their own Love, that express their new freedom.
This exercise that you just did, brought you in touch with your own Love, you have experimented emotions, you have seen with the eyes of your Love, you have learnt from your level of Love and from our level of Love.
Today's experience taught you a lot about yourselves, your affection, your ways of donating your own Love and about the consequences of your own ways to donate your Love.
Today's exercise mostly helps you show to yourselves your feeling of Love that you keep inside your own hearts, this feeling, you should know, brought you to understand your method for giving affection and consequently it proposes you a constant reflection on your methods for donating your Love to other brothers in your world.
Dear brothers and my dear sisters, now let's start talking about the freedom that you allow your Love to express.
During your exercise you also noticed your own difficulty in displaying your own affection to others.
Every difficulty corresponds to a limitation that you have.
Every limitation corresponds to an outside influence toward the expression of your freedom to transmit your Love.
This is what we will talk about the next time, for the moment just jot down your difficulties.
This freedom will be the subject of our next message which will be titled 'Your freedom of Love'
With these words I will leave you my brothers and my sisters, I kiss you all with lots and lots of Love. Your brother Jesus who is always with you to help you proceed on the path to Love
Message transmitted from the Sky 27th October
Title The Recognition Of You Level Of Love Your Love Lesson
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