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Freedom Of Love Limitations Outside Influences Your Freedom Of Love

Freedom Of Love Limitations Outside Influences Your Freedom Of Love
My dear brothers and my loved sisters, today I am here with you again to teach you how to understand your limitations and outside influences that affect your freedom of Love.
If you remember our last exercise, you had noted some of the difficulties that you encountered in doing the exercise.
This exercise is aimed mostly at looking and understanding some of the influences that you were taught that compromise your freedom of Love meaning the freedom to express freely all the affectionate contents of your hearts.
This is the objective of today's exercise.
Are you ready?
Perfect, relax and just like with the previous session tap into your heart's emotions and your imagination.
Imagine yourselves just for a moment lying on a bed, you are alone, you are not in hurry to get up, you are rested so you are not sleepy, you just want to carve out a little space to be completely free to feel yourselves.
Many brothers do not see many moments like this one, as they are always very busy with a thousand things, many brothers on the other hand know the importance of dedicating space for themselves and space for themselves even if on the surface it appears that they have nothing to do, it can be a very important space for themselves.
So, you are now lying down on your comfortable bed, you don't have any urgent appointments, you can dedicate a bit of time to yourselves, you could sleep some more but you are not sleepy anymore, all you feel from this experience is calm; you have dedicated a lot of time to your existence, you have already faced many things, many brothers have come and gone in your lives and all of this is written inside yourselves.
Remember the sweetest moments.
Remember the worst times.
What a contrast each experience poses.
Remember your most important moments, your own choices, your own decisions, your own observations on the various moments of the lives of your brothers, remember your observations on the various moments of the lives that you have known through your information media.
Every observation expresses what is in your hearts, the observations that you have thought of or said, what you felt, how you felt yourselves, speaks of your affection because everything is measured by the affection, by your own Love.
This is also the reason why in our Dimension it's your affection to speak for you because it's with your affection that each day you take note of your existence on earth.
Your memories are memories linked to emotions, your memories are closely linked with the affections that you experimented over time.
So you are still on your bed, what memories surfaced to your mind?
Sad, happy, sweet memories, let your own freedom lead you to remember everything freely.
Recent memories or old memories.
Write down a quick note for each memory that comes up spontaneously.
Some of these memories have a common denominator; you can classify your memories on paper based on the common denominator, for example based on a negative or positive feeling.
How many brothers have had many more negative experiences than positive ones.
Reading this already takes us to think that in our lives your own affection will never be fully expressed because our many brothers have already transmitted us negative emotions and we may have chosen not to express all of our affection in order not to be disappointed; but who is the one who really suffers? Us, or the people who disappointed us? This is an important reflection; you must always ask yourselves what creates suffering inside yourselves, whether it is transmitting your own affection through the risk of being disappointed, or not transmitting your affection in any situation. May this reflection accompany you every day with every occasion in which you will decide whether to offer your affection or not.
Now let's try to put some order in your memories based on a different denominator, i.e. if these are memories where you have donated or received affection to others. Put all of your honesty into it and group these sweet memories based on this common denominator.
What does it feel like to realize that many sweet memories are in reality memories of affection reflected toward you?
These affections where directed to you from your own brothers, did you notice how those memories have stuck in your heart through time?
Now imagine what may be memories linked to donating your affection to your brothers, what memories of your own affection being given to them may they remember?
This exercise can help you understand how great was your availability to donate your affection and on the other hand the level of your availability to receive affection from others.
Do the math, do you see a balance between the two, or do you see and imbalance?
Why should your brothers give you their affection if you are so willing to receive it but not so willing to donate your own? This is the problem of those who feel superior to their brothers, they feel different, but better. Dear brother, superior in what? Affection is the most precious thing for every living creature, both in yours and in our Dimension, affection, Love is our specialty, brothers do reflect, what can withstand the test of time and remain alive in memories?
Affection, only affection, did you by any chance imagine, remember, something that referred to materials things per se or rather your memory was tied to an emotion, to the affection of another person who, for example, donated it to you? Sometimes it's small things linked to a big affection that become memories, take notice, would you agree?
My dear brothers in addition there are situations where your memories, always classified on the basis of this common denominator, are very few, sometimes your brothers are very reluctant to donate their own affection, this may have something to do with your being excessively reserved or it may have something to do with your brothers.
Even being reserved is a condition of non-freedom, brothers do you think that your life would be much easier if you were far away from your own brothers? It may be true for some brothers, but this is not true for all brothers; the fewer brothers manage to enter your existences the fewer disappointments you will have, but is this concept really so perfect as you have been believing until today?
Think about it.
This is not exactly what you had always been hoping for, it's the contrary, isn't it?
You must always give your brothers the opportunity to be known and give yourselves the opportunity to make yourselves known, you have shut yourselves out of so many emotions by shutting yourselves out from other brothers, there are no risks, when one of your brothers will behave without affection, put some distance, but if a brother will donate his affection to you, you will have new and nice memories stored in your heart and theirs. Wouldn't this be nice? Your brothers are awaiting you, reach out for them.
Now let's move onto another reflection, can you try to put some order in your memories based on yet another common denominator: are your memories based on current events or are they from the past?
When you are children you heart easily remembers the emotions that we have experimented, the simplicity of children, my brothers, brings them to feel most especially emotions, emotions from other brothers and emotions for brothers. Many of these emotions are forever kept inside your hearts. Brothers, how many of these emotions that you remember today belong to the past and how many belong to the present time?
Brothers, free your minds from those considerations that I constantly see you manufacture with your rationality and go back to feeling your own hearts, your own affections, your own Love.
Take up our exercise again seen from this point of view, your affection, and not your rationality.
See how many memories come up in you, they are gestures, occasions in which some brother has donated to you all of their great affection; why do you forget these moments? They are important, very important, because they are memories of affections and memories of your existence as adults.
So many words uttered every day, but how many of these words speak of affection?
Memories always and only speak of affection, if you expressed your affection you could leave so many memories inside your hearts and the hearts of your brothers.
Is it difficult to transmit Love? Today I will also help you solve this little problem.
Every time a brother speaks to you affectionately ask yourselves how you can do the same for them; it can be a kiss, it can be a thank you, it can be saying 'I care about you', it can be a hug, it can be doing anything that we are able to transmit with all of our affection for that person, but only in second stage you can put materiality into your rapports, materiality does not replace affection, memories are made up of affection and never of materiality. For this reason I always invite you to reply to every gesture of act of Love with your own act of Love.
It's much easier now, isn't it brothers?
I often see you taking affection, loving words toward your brothers for granted, this is a very, very common mistake in your world, in your own Dimension, with us we are always very affectionate with each other, your brothers here in our Dimension are always smiling, they kiss and hug all the time and many are the affectionate words that are exchanged at all times, it's really nice walking in the streets here and seeing all of this affection and this dedication being expressed toward one another, you can immediately imagine what it must be like in our Sky, it's perfect, because it's affection, Love what makes this holy place from where we are teaching you to Love so perfect.
Let's continue with our discussion.
Brothers, why do you take for granted the fact that your affection will be expressed without your important contribution?
Many brothers think that it's not necessary to express their affection verbally because it should be obvious to the other loved brothers.
Why obvious? Brothers, every heart needs to have a confirmation of the Love or do you think that only your own help can transmit this feeling? Inside the hearts of your brothers all help is important, but it's very important to remember that this help comes from your affection, it's a manifestation of your Love, it talks of your affection. Is it so difficult to express Love?
Some of you brothers think that if they express these feelings the other person will take advantage of them, as if expressing your affection means communicating one's weakness; what greater affection is there other than the strength of your Love? It's not a weakness, to Love is the greatest richness of your existence, Loving is the greatest form of communication between brothers; if you have a doubt on your independence from other people you should ask you heart what the other person is transmitting to you and you will notice that it's not the Love that creates insecurity but it's the lack of manifestations of Love that creates this insecurity.
Now let's finally touch on today's last step my brothers.
Think about how many memories you have had over the course of this exercise. Do you see how this Love at any given time writes down words from your own Love and words of Love from other brothers that are directed to you? This my brothers is the most important thing to understand: it will always be your affection that records your existence between brothers and this very same Love will be what will speak for you to your brothers who will remain on earth once you will have returned to our abode of our Father.
Brothers, think again about some of your loved ones who are here with us today. Aren't those memories unforgettable? Memories speak of the person, memories talk of their Love, listen, memories always talk of the Love that this person donated or did not donate.
How would you like to be remembered in people's hearts during your terrestrial passage?
This is the most important question in this exercise.
With these last words I will leave you and I hope that you will finally set all of your Love free, I hope you will put all of your Love into every moment of your existences and I hope to welcome you one day here in the Sky hearing you talk of your great Love that you donated all the time and everywhere in your precious life and the preciousness is also the consequence of your giving your Love.
I end this long message putting my great Love inside your hearts, brothers I love you very much, brothers I love you with all myself, brothers I will continue to help you because this is what my Love wants for you, for my brothers because I feel a lot of Love inside my heart for all of you my loved brothers and my loved sisters both of the Sky and on earth.
Your brother Jesus who is happy and happy to be in love with all of you brothers.
Message dictated from the Sky 7th November 2004
Title Freedom Of Love Limitations Outside Influences Your Freedom Of Love
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