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The Importance Of Love In The Life On Earth Resources And Limitations

The Importance Of Love In The Life On Earth Resources And Limitations
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today I would like to help you a little more in understanding the importance of your affection, of your own Love during this period that you refer to as life on earth.
Today's exercise looks at your heart, at your affection.
Do you have pen and paper?
Perfect, we can start.
Begin by writing your name, write it in very large characters, then proceed to write it in smaller and smaller sizes and then write it in minuscule characters.
What effect did it have on you looking at your name written out in those dimensions? Do you feel different emotions inside when looking your name written very large or when you see it written really small or when it's something in between?
Listen to your heart.
Are you very big or do you feel tiny?
What difference do you attribute to your emotions?
Today we will talk of your size and of your being very small in your experience of life on earth.
Let's start with your being very big.
When you read your name in very large letters, how did you feel?
Strong, big, maybe even more than your brothers, satisfied, happy with your projects, happy about what you achieved, happy with everything that your lives are, and pride in yourselves was the most important aspect of your sensations.
My dear brothers is your pride for all that you have achieved for yourselves or for what you achieved for your brothers?
Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish between the two, to answer this question you have to think whether your affection was primarily aimed at yourselves or at your brothers.
Continue to write down those memories that make you really proud of yourselves.
Can you justify your name written in such size? What are your perplexities? Could you do a lot more for yourselves and for your brothers? And what could you have done more, and could you do more right now?
Write it down now and take note of your observations on yourselves and on the way to express your affections.
Now let's talk about your name written a little smaller. What do you feel when you see your name written small? Write down every observation.
What limitations are you discovering in yourselves? Are you too small to do big things? Are you too small to achieve objectives so great?
If you analyze these questions and your answers, you should notice your limitations, limitations that do not make you feel so proud of what you have already achieved in your existence.
Let's go back to when you had read your name in large characters, what resources did you note on your paper, resources that could help you overcome your limitations?
Whose resources can help you, yours or those of your brothers?
Write down separately your own resources and on another side your limitations
Now let's go back to your name written in small letters.
What did you feel my dear and loved brothers while you were reading your name so tiny?
You should read what you have noted
Your faults, your mistakes, your negative experiences both toward yourselves and toward your brothers.
Can you see how many of our own experiences can make us feel very small, and made you feel selfishness, indignity, injustice, lack of Love for yourselves and your brothers?
These emotions are also the base for what you defined as your own limitations.
My loved brothers, today these emotions are in the past, you can learn from your past, my brothers, what could you have done differently so that your name would always appear in large letters?
Your faults, my loved brothers, can be rectified with reflection, your faults can be overcome with change, your faults, your own errors, can help you in the change because once you have learnt, from your faults and error is where a great, enormous light can be born and guide you for the rest of your terrestrial existence.
This is a very important point during the course of your own life on earth, you can learn a lot my brothers, you can learn to always put more Love both toward you and toward your brothers.
There are no mistakes that can not be overcome, of course it's necessary to have a lot of attention, all of our honesty, all of our reflection and these mistakes, those which you call faults, can be overcome.
My brothers and my loved sisters, this is what life is for, to experiment, to grow within Love, this is the task that all of you chose to undertake by coming down to earth, this is the task that those brothers who are here with us in our Sky right now are preparing to live by projecting their arrival on your loved earth.
There are many aspects of Love that must be experimented, your propensity to Love, your confidence of Love which means Loving under every circumstance, your propensity to donate to your brothers, your propensity to help, your attachments, your own choices, your attentions toward the weaker, those who are alone, your attention to those brothers who are suffering injustices, your personal predisposition to always help all brothers without differentiation, without allowing any prejudice to obstacle your giving Love.
For this reason you come to earth, to experiment yourselves and your own life on earth is useful specifically to learn all of this.
If now you will continue to reflect on the exercise that I gave you, you should be glad to want to change some aspects, some situations, utilizing your reflection and especially mobilizing all of your Love.
Brothers do reflect, your life is precious for those brothers who experiment Love and who leverage their experience to put even more Love.
Now let's talk of a different aspect, when we need to put all of our Love, brothers, why don't you let your own hearts speak up instead of your rationality?
Can words transmit warmth like a hug, a kiss, a kind gesture?
Can words transmit what you feel inside your heart? Words are limited, but emotions are not, inside a hug there is a whole world of affection, hug one another thinking about your own Love and you will transmit an emotion that will speak of you, of your affection and this emotion will reach the heart of the other person and from the heart of that person you will receive an emotion that will speak of this person and of their affection for you.
This is the hug that more than anything else, this being a contact between two hearts, will speak of your own affection, it will speak of your own Love and within this experience you will be able to experiment yourselves in all of your Love.
Brothers, I cover you with hugs, there are not many words that can match the warmth of a hug, the exchange between hearts, experience of Love between two creatures, two Souls.
That is why I shower you with hugs, I wish to make you feel this great Love that I feel for you my brothers and I kiss you with the same great Love that I feel for you brothers and my loved sisters every second of my existence.
I conclude my presence here for today, you and I united in a hug, together in the affection that our hearts feel and express.
Your brother Jesus
Message dictated from the Sky 17th November 2004
Title The Importance Of Love In The Life On Earth Resources And Limitations
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