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Honest Consciousness Availability Presence To Make Other Happy

Honest Consciousness Availability Presence To Make Other Happy
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, unfortunately often I see my brothers repressing their own Love instead of giving it out as their hearts would want it to be. For this reason today I have prepared this message for all of your brothers so you will learn to recognize when you are repressing inside your hearts the immense Love that you keep inside yourselves and you will be able to change by releasing your own Love.
Let's begin with the exercise on this subject that I prepared for you.
Take pen and paper as usual, you are used to it by now.
It would be interesting reading all of your sheets, a series of questions to which you should be replying affirmatively, while the other answers should serve as a reflection point, do not let yourselves be influenced by what I just told you, be honest with yourselves, look at your life experiences during your life on earth and answer honestly; honesty is the best tool to take consciousness with which you can change by releasing all of your Love.
As soon as you are ready ask yourselves these questions:
1. Are you happy now to have discovered your own Love?
2. Do you feel any insecurity or only the awareness of learning to discover yourselves and growing on the path of Love?
3. Do you wait to hear what I say knowing that inside my great heart all I have is a sea of affection and the hope to be of help to you again today?
4. Can you feel with how much Love I come to speak to you each time my brothers?
5. Do you feel my effort dedicated to all of you only in the name of Love, without asking anything in return and only to be able to see you grow happy, content with yourselves and increasingly happy and aware of your own affection?
6. How many times, when you looked for me, through your letters have I run to speak to you about your personal problems, shall we say that I have run to you every single time you needed me?
7. When one of your brothers needs you, do you run without letting anything stop you on your way to help him?
8. When one of your brothers, any average person, asks for directions, asks for a clarification, or while you are on the road and he asks for help, whatever the help is, is your answer to always give your help and all your availability and affectionate presence?
Reflect on the many situations that you encounter on a daily basis.
9. Around the brothers who are close to you, do you always manage to be serene, available, affectionate in your manner and gestures, do you take care of the various needs that you notice or that are asked of you, do you do everything in order to make other happy?
Reflect on the many moments in your life within a family environment
10. Toward your brothers in the world do you have compassion for their suffering, do you mobilize and try to help them solve their problems in a way that you believe will be of help them?
Brothers reflect if you have truly compassion for the suffering of other people or if instead you help with the intention of not feeling guilty for having known and having done nothing about it.
11. Brothers, can we say that your Love is so important for you to be donated by yourselves every minute of your precious existence that you chose to live on this loved earth?
Reflect dear brothers on this point, is your Love so important as to give it incessantly and at all times?
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, how did you score with your answers?
Many of those questions were easy to answer, some others were more complicated to answer.
Recognizing these moments, these situations that for whatever reason stop your donating of your own Love, is important because these are the areas where you need to concentrate your attention. I know that it is not easy but while growing within the Love many obstacles are overcome and you will be happy to be pure Love because to conceive oneself as Love is a wonderful experience; this is my experience and this is my wish that I donate today to each one of my loved brothers and my loved sisters who put their effort to learn to always be Love.
May today's exercise, the various questions, the various reflections bring you to be more careful in giving your Love and in your journey on this road.
I want to say goodbye also for today with a hug loaded with this great affection, loaded with this great Love for you my loved brothers and my loved sisters.
Your brother Jesus who dictated this to be next to you and to help you today again to grow on the path of Love.
Now brothers I would like to have you speak with a person who learnt a lot through his life on earth, now he is an Angel here in our Sky, but he had descended on earth, a long time ago, to get to know you as human beings on earth. My brothers his experience which he is about to tell will be useful to increase your awareness of Love.
Let me introduce myself, I am the Angel Samuele, (not Sara Luce's Guardian Angel) I am an Angel who today received this great honor to tell all of you about my experience of life on earth while I was next to those Souls whom I had met in this Sky when they incarnated on your planet, earth.
I wanted to know the reason why all of these Souls just like all Souls are so overflowing with Love in this Sky and the reason why when these Souls just like all Souls are on earth they express very little of their own affection, their own Love. This is what I wanted to know and the Father allowed me to have this experience to understand the reason why. This is what I want to tell you, this is what I understood.
At the beginning I followed these creatures, I was a sort of father, I followed them like a catholic priest, their parents had me as a reference point and for this reason I followed them for many, many years, both the children and their parents.
At the beginning these children were growing up very free, no obstacles, they laughed and played and learned things in your incarnated life, they would learn to read and to write, they would learn many subjects that were useful for reasoning and in reality their mind was thinking and reflecting and resolving both elementary and complex problems.
But when this mind was resolving problems it was not reasoning in terms of people, the reasoning reflected only the information on the problem, the material data of the problem and not people. For example today you are able to think in terms of people but when a problem arises the first thing that I see you do is to bring up your material data, do you agree?
Over time even their affection went down from first place on their scale of values and reason and every mental product assumed a particular value and on the other hand affection, the heart, had been emptied of meaning, of value, the heart and affection had been put in second place after reason.
Over time this was exacerbated to the point where affection was limited only to Love relationships with our own partner, with possible children and close relatives. And even in those relationships I see you give priority to material data, to things, to material needs as opposed to the affective well being of those around you. This is the product of an education based on things instead of people, affections, Love.
If you ask yourselves why there is this difference between our two Dimensions, first of all it's certainly not the accessibility to material things for everyone and every person, a possibility which you do have on earth, but the true difference is that here in the Sky we think, we reflect and we do things, bearing in mind first of all the affective well-being of these Souls who are here together with us, together with the Father in this Paradise.
With my teaching I want to impart you the importance of reasoning with the heart, with making the processes of reasoning and knowledge and reflection which are typical of your mind available to affection, to Love for all people, for your brothers, for these Souls who are walking together with you in our current incarnation on earth.
It's not necessary to think about how to solve a problem if we don't have inside our hearts the Love for those people to whom the solution is destined for because our intervention will inevitably not bring well being, it will only bring things that only partially and I emphasize only in part will be of help but will leave unchanged the true needs of your brothers.
This is perhaps the most important aspect of my experience on earth because the lack of thought for others has so many implications which you will eventually come to notice will have links back to what I taught you with my contribution today.
I thank Sara Luce who gave me the opportunity to help you reflect on my experience and communicate it to you to give all of you an indication on how things can change dramatically on your earth if you only take charge again of your great Love to make it available for every mental reasoning in aid of your brothers.
With this I say goodbye for today, Jesus also says goodbye one more time.
With all of my affection
The Angel Samuele
Message dictated 28th November 2004
Title Honest Consciousness Availability Presence To Make Other Happy
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