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Reasoning At The Service Of Your Hearts Exercises

Reasoning At The Service Of Your Hearts Exercises
Dear and loved brothers, dear and loved sisters, our work continues today with a new exercise. Have you asked yourselves why this new effort consists of exercises?
The answer is simple, in my eyes these exercises help to make you put order inside your hearts; by taking a moment while you are listening to your own hearts you can feel the Love, the affection, which is part of you and the reasoning, the fears, the great insecurities that are some of the byproduct of your mind.
Sometimes it is necessary to consider the two aspects individually to distinguish what is coming from the heart, what is Love, from what is the mental content which is often the product of an education that is not always correct.
When doing this exercise, you learn this important distinction which serves to put you in front of the various mental products to clarify yourselves and to slowly but surely abandon what is not in harmony with your own hearts.
At this time my exercises are helping all of you put this order inside of you, then, in the future, we will do other exercises that will specifically help you put reasoning at the service of your hearts, as it was suggested to you on the last message from the Angel Samuele who today is also still here with me to prepare this new exercise.
Let's thank this Angel Samuele because today he has again given his contribution to help all of you in this shared work.
Do you have pen and paper?
Perfect, today we can start.
Imagine to be on a desert island with only trees and fruits and vegetables around you, some animals from which you can feed yourselves and fresh water to drink from; there is such a peace to make you realize that you are on this island alone, there are no other human beings.
What do you think about?
What do you feel?
Days go by, you are still alone, you have built your refuge, your rest is guaranteed; you have picked fruit and everything else you needed, your nourishment is guaranteed; you have collected the water, built a container, your reserve of water is guaranteed; you look around, you see other animals, there is a bird singing on a branch.
What do you think?
What do you feel?
The days go by and the birds are many and they are all singing on the branches, they are not noisy, it's more like a sweet melody, a cat walks into your hut, it's a kitten.
What do you think about?
What do you feel?
The cat purrs.
What do you think about?
What do you feel?
Weeks go by, all is the same, day after day, no change, when all of a sudden a person arrives from the mountains and reaches your hut.
What do you think about?
How do you feel?
Days go by, how do you feel with this person, do you do things together or each one has his own tasks?
Do you act as if you were brothers or simple acquaintances sharing the same island?
What do you think of that person'
How do you feel about that person?
Weeks go by, all of a sudden on the horizon you see a boat coming.
What do you think about?
What do you feel?
On the boat there are many people, they are survivors from a shipwreck, they were looking for a place to stay and they found your island.
What you do think about?
What do you feel?
Finally one day a ship approaches your island, if you want to you can go back to your own homes.
What do you think about?
What do you feel?
Did you choose to go back or to stay?
You are thinking of your home.
What do you think about?
What do you feel?
You chose to stay on the island.
What do you think?
What do you feel?
The adventure is finished, you have made your choices and your life will continue as you decided.
There is only one question to ask yourselves:
How could you have lived this adventure differently?
Brothers these questions made you think and feel. For each question, write down when it was your mind that was answering the question and when it was your heart that was answering.
What did your mind say?
What did your heart say?
Which questions were the ones where your heart was answering and which questions did your mind answer?
How do you feel when noticing that there are many more answers given by your mind than by your Love, your own heart?
Reflect, think and reflect with your own mind and in your mind the main worry is your own interest, your own survival, your own way of deciding if it's in the exclusive interest of yourselves.
When you spoke with your heart, did you notice?, every communication has always your brothers, your travel companions in the center of your thoughts, you chose, you decided, always at all time the interest of your brothers was always in the first place ad maybe, my brothers, some of you, may have even fantasized about putting yourselves at the service of other brothers by doing jobs that may not be not very liked by your own brothers and that after all, that brother who was imagining, could have done.
This difference in the answers brings to light for you the main difference between the content of your own mind and the affectionate contents of your own heart.
In the last question 'Now that the adventure has ended, how could this experience have been lived differently?', come on, read your own answers, when reading them did you notice the content of your affection, of your own heart? These answers should be all based on Love, on your affection.
You see how certain contents change when switching from mind to heart?
Release your fears, release your insecurities, release every trace of selfishness and hug the other brother and the other brothers and make yourself affectionately available for your own brothers, which is typical of your heart.
This is your heart; what speaks to you of affection, what puts affection for your brothers in the first place and what ties you to your brothers is your own great affection, the Love that the Father donated to you a long time ago, the Love made in image and likeness of the Love of our Father himself, this is the Love that is kept safe inside the heart of every brother and sister of mine, only this great Love.
Brothers before I leave you I would like to dictate a short message that our Father would like you to read:
My much loved children, the passion for our effort, which is born from our own hearts, is Love, remember these simple words, it's Love that allows these teachings, it's Love that allows this transmission, it's Love that makes the commitment with your hearts to remind your Love to express itself every moment, it's Love that today as in every day speaks to your Love, only Love can do all this, only Love can always bring our Love in contact with your Love, only Love.
For this reason my children, love, love, love every creature in your world, love every situation of your life, because in every moment Love is expressing itself, learn, learn by listening, in every moment your Love grows, in every moment your Love can express itself.
This is all for today my brothers, I want to say goodbye by putting my great Love in your heart, may my Love console you if you are sad, hug you if you feel alone, illuminate you if you think about your brothers and sisters of the world and rejoice together with your Love every time that it's your own heart that talks of Love to other people.
With this contribution from me I say goodbye to you right next to your own Love
Your brother Jesus
Message dictated 5th December 2004
Title Reasoning At The Service Of Your Hearts Exercises
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