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Love Involve With Love Your Brothers The Law Of Respect The Conscience

Love Involve With Love Your Brothers The Law Of Respect The Conscience
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, once again today's message contains an exercise that will help you involve those brothers who are next to you through your Love and also those brothers who are far away from you.
Let's begin by taking paper and pen and thinking with all of your Love about the situation that I am about to describe to you:
Imagine you are Spirit, without a body but only a Soul; the body has limitations that the Soul does not know; for this reason you can move freely from a point to another of your planet that is hosting you, earth, without any obstacles, any difficulty, you just have to imagine the place you want to reach to find yourselves right there and see what happens.
Are you ready? Let's start our journey.
Imagine you want to reach a loved one who right now is on earth together with you; today is just like any other day, imagine you are reaching this person, you are Spirit and you can do that in one moment.
Where are you?
Can you see this person?
How can you help him or her in this precise moment?
Does she or he need human warmth or practical help?
Are you willing to help him or her?
If so, ask yourselves how.
If the answer is no, ask yourselves why.
Sometimes tensions we have toward a person forbid us from helping him or her; becoming aware of these tensions is an important moment to find solutions to these tensions.
When you notice some tension toward that brother, tension deriving from a behaviour that does not involve others but a behaviour that does not respect either you or your way of life, then take your distance and just send your Love through the affectionate thought of your own heart. The Law of Respect is sacred for all of us and it's not by lacking respect and allowing others to hurt you that the doors to our Sky will open wide for you; Love wants Respect for all of its children, this is the Law for us. Let's go back to our exercise.
Have you helped this loved person?
How do you feel?
How did you feel when you thought about giving your affectionate help?
Do you think that your help may have donated one moment of serenity to this dear person?
Now you are a body again, no longer Spirit, reflect, could you help this person now the way you did on your fantasy?
If the answer is no, what is stopping you?
Sometimes my brothers the most difficult answer is to say yes, let's reflect brothers, what did you put in your fantasy that can not be translated into reality?
Did you put too high a content of affection, kisses and hugs, when perhaps these affectionate exchanges in reality are quite rare? Kiss and hug every time you desire it, you will help your loved one in handling their own emotions tied to these manifestations of affection.
You made too many minutes, too much time, available for this dear person because in reality your days are too full of things to do?
My dear brothers and sisters, try to grow every day within the Love and every day you should dedicate more room to Love until you reach the day where every action of yours is done mostly from your Love instead of your body or your mind. For this reason my brothers every fantasy of yours with an affectionate content must be translated into reality, this is the precious teaching of today's exercise, learning to always give priority to your affectionate behaviour instead of gestures or words dictated by the habits in your lives.
Now you are a Spirit again, let's continue on our journey.
Imagine you are inside a cavern, you are in joyous company of a group of young bear cubs, the mother is there feeding them and the cubs are playing together, they jump, they play-fight; at the entrance of the cave a hunter shoots and kills a cub.
What happens?
Can you feel the sadness of its siblings and the sadness of mother bear?
What do the brothers do?
What does the mother do?
Do you feel their desperation?
Do you want to oppose to this violence?
If the answer is yes, reflect on how to answer to this violence.
If the answer is no, ask yourselves through your hearts why you think that only human beings have the right to expect respect for their physical existence.
You have chosen to react to this violence.
How can you react in a positive manner meaning doing something so that violence would not generate more violence?
Is the solution that you chose violent?
Brothers remember that in order to fight violence you must never use violence; killing the hunter is violence and let's only imagine if, and this is my advice, every hunter should be killed, there would be no people left on your planet because there are many ways to hunt in your planet, every time a brother attacks another brother even only verbally this is also hunting for us because this is the intention in the brother who is doing the attacking, pushing away from himself, defeating, killing that brother.
The best way for our hunter and also in every situation of this type, is to increase our conscience, my dear ones it's at this level that you must operate, allowing the conscience in you and in your brothers to grow. This growth of the collective conscience will help you ensure that violence will gradually abandon your wonderful planet and with the growing of the non-violence also this aggressive behaviour, your manifestations, will be more and more oriented toward the true solution of the problems and not toward attacking others.
Let's continue our journey brothers, imagine you receive a phone call, on the phone they tell you that in a part of your world a big tragedy just took place; abandon your body, you are now a Spirit, you can reach this place.
Do you feel ready to be there?
If you answered no, ask yourselves why.
Maybe you already have many things to take care of and even your energy is low lately?
What is the meaning of life? You descended on earth, dear and loved brothers, with the intention to help your brothers conquer the peace and justice and making everybody grow with your Love; brothers, how is it possible to grow in the Love, in the affection, if the life conditions of your brothers do not guarantee at all their survival or the peace or real justice, my much loved brothers, I know that sometimes the commitments that you have toward your brothers are many and sometimes heavy, but let go of these feelings inside yourselves for a second and put yourselves in the shoes of those who are suffering, of the single brother or a group of brothers; you see how emotions change inside yourselves? Your fatigue, your tiredness gives way to desperation, to sadness, to the desire to help these brothers find the true solutions to the problems in their lives. Are you convinced that you would bring your help to those needy brothers? Put your resolutions into practice my brothers, put them in practice starting from your own heart, your own Love brothers and you will truly help them.
For this reason let's continue with this exercise brothers, are you ready, go to that place.
What can you see?
How can you help right now?
How can you help solve this situation so that your brothers will not suffer from it again in the future?
This brings us to conscience again. Did you notice how everything leads to conscience? This is the solution to many problems afflicting your planet earth.
Conscience is patrimony of all brothers who live in this specific instant on your earth, conscience is also the patrimony of all of our Souls who are here today in this Paradise, however the conscience of each individual person hardly ever expresses itself and sometimes you even have the sensation that you have to justify to the conscience of the other person the reason for what your conscience is saying.
My brothers, conscience has no eyes, conscience only has a heart, this is the difference, Love between brothers must be manifested to be visible to the eyes of the other brothers. Sometimes it's sufficient to believe in and do something with Love, for the eyes of the other person to be illuminated in answer to the Love that becomes evident, sometimes brothers this is all you need to communicate Love but often the eyes of the other person do not see it and do not understand and this is where you express your feeling of Love by saying very simply 'I like to think, or to feel, that what I did was of help to my brothers; what I did for all my brothers is a gesture of Love'; this is the simplest answer that every conscience immediately understands and even the eyes of that person will illuminate from your own Love.
For today we will stop here the first exercise that talks of your Love for your brothers.
You can repeat it by changing your fantasies, different situations in which you may be involved as a Spirit.
Train yourselves to perceive yourselves as a Spirit, as pure Love because this is the true essence, your true Being and as a Spirit you can do a lot because the Spirit is Love.
I say goodbye with all of my Spirit, with all of the Love that I have for you my brothers, I love you very much and my effort is a manifestation of my great affection, of my great Love for all of my brothers on planet earth.
Your brother Jesus who once again spoke to you today to help you grow on the path of Love.
Message dictated 12th December 2004
Title Love Involve With Love Your Brothers The Law Of Respect The Conscience
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