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Dignity In The Terrestrial Existence Respect For Every Human Being And Alive

Dignity In The Terrestrial Existence Respect For Every Human Being And Alive
My dear brothers, once again today's exercise will touch on the subject of your Love for both those brothers who live close to you and those who are far away if only physically.
For our exercise let's take pen and paper and let's activate all of our Love and by abandoning our body, let's take consciousness of all of our Love, today once again we are mainly Spirit
So, how do you feel as a Spirit?
I know this is a strange question, but as I had told you that your Spirit is your great Love, so, how do you feel at this level?
The love inside of you will guide you during the exercise, how great is your Love?
Do you feel excited at this journey as a Spirit?
Are you aware of how as a Spirit you can bring your Love from one place to another on your planet, of course it's only a fantasy, but this fantasy, dictated by your heart, makes you consider many things my brothers, many experiences which as of today can become part of your daily life; for this reason my brothers the imagination of your heart is important because it's through this imagination that you will be able to experiment to then choose how to put your Love into your daily lives.
Are you ready for today's journey?
Imagine this situation:
In front of your eyes is this situation: many brothers are asking for charity.
You have never seen so many brothers asking for charity at the same time.
Watch them, what do your eyes see?
Brothers who are so different from each other but they are all united in their common intention, asking for your precious help.
Are they many, too many for you all together?
Brothers sometimes thinking of these images will often give you a sense of oppression and the desire to run away from these images does arise.
Brothers sometimes you shy away even when a single human being asks you for your precious help.
Brothers why don't you tend to their needs instead of running away?
Many of you think that some of the people who may ask for your help in reality don't really need it, brother this is also a possibility, but brothers you are used to always run away when faced people who seriously need your help.
What can you do to understand if the situation really needs your precious help or not?
Let's ask your Spirit.
Go back to the situation.
What do you feel?
What can you do for all of those needy brothers?
Is there someone for example who, as he walks, looks at you in the eyes and has a particular expression?
What expression do you see in those eyes?
What would your heart want to do?
The situation changes, you now realize that those many people are now more serene, they walk with their eyes looking straight at you.
What do you see in their eyes?
Do you see violence or affection?
Why do you see violence?
Why do you see affection?
Your Love is able to differentiate the reason for your experience. Ask your own heart to speak to these people and try to understand this major difference that is expressed in the eyes of your brothers.
The Love in the eyes of your brothers has only one reason: your brothers have been helped, your help and that of your brothers managed to change the original conditions of their problem and today these people can look at your in the eyes with dignity and with affection; this is success, your precious help arrived and it helped.
If in the eyes of your brothers you see violence it's because either your help was not given or it was given so that you would no longer be disturbed by the presence of their important needs.
My brothers this is what I often see, I see that your brothers are pushed away from your eyes, pushed away from your territory, segregated or even worse exploited for little money.
Brothers why is this?
Your help can be indispensable for your brothers, don't you believe that each human being has the right to dignity in their terrestrial existence? Why brothers do you see that these differences exist but you accept them as inevitable?
Listen to your heart, listen to your Love, what does it tell you?
What lesson does it teach you?
It teaches you to put Respect for every human being and alive as a condition to Exist in a fair world, in a world of true justice, of true Peace, of true brotherhood.
This is what your Soul suggests to you, your own heart, your affection, your Love.
Now let's continue with our exercise.
Brothers imagine this other situation:
A very young brother needs your help, even though he has parents, often he is alone, there are no adults around him to assist him during the day, there are no adults to whom to tell what is happening in his life, he is now talking to you and he tells you that today a man, taking advantage of the fact that he was alone, accompanied him, offered him an ice cream and offered to stay with him in his own apartment.
The boy refused because he had a lot of homework to do and this gentleman offered to accompany him the following day.
What do you think of this situation?
Are you really scared or do you think that there is nothing to worry about?
Listen to your Love, what does it suggest for you to do?
You could go with him the following day after school, you can tell him to call you in the evening, you can tell him not to worry and to accept the invitation.
Brothers this is the situation, these are different possible answers that would give to the child.
Let's reflect on the answers that you would give.
If you offered to go to pick him up from school, without doubt, you would notice something to help you notice if the child is walking into some kind of danger or not. This would certainly be the best way to take care of the child.
Now that you are sure that the danger does exist, what do you think you will do?
Reflect and answer by conferring with your Love.
If you have answered the question about the meeting the following day by asking the child to call you on the phone that evening, you are forgetting that if the boy talked to you about this subject is because he feels some suspicion but he does not have any element, typical of a young child, to understand if there can be danger or not; the request for a phone call, brothers, is a little help for this child who is worried for his own safety, it could be difficult for him to speak to you later on, your affection is very small and the child needs greater protection than what you have offered him.
Reflect and think about your own children or some children you know and to whom you are close, would you behave in the same way with them or would you do something completely different?
Reflect very carefully here, the situation could be very different if in relation with your own loved ones, or simply with people, even young ones, who are not in your hearts.
We are all brothers and each one has the emotional obligation to tend to every other brother in need; if it was your own children to be approached by strangers wouldn't you want some other brother to protect them?
So, it really is the same if this time around it was you tending to a small child, helping him and protecting him and maybe an important thing would be to speak to the parents of this new little friend.
If on the other hand you answered that there is no danger for the child in that situation which I described to you, then it's important for you to answer this question: Was it you who invited this young child outside of the school in the first place?
Congratulations, you have done the best thing, you have observed that this creature was alone, you offered him your help, you offered your companionship without the need for a problem to arise or an imminent danger, to look after this young creature who is a little abandoned to himself.
I chuckle when thinking that I left you speechless when reading this third opportunity for an answer, my brothers, those who want to do something bad to their brothers, old or young that they may be, certainly would not read our holy messages, certainly would not listen to our holy words that we have been dictating for a while.
Did I manage to make you understand how Love operates?
Love is always proactive, when it sees a potential problem it intervenes before that problem comes up, when it sees things that could be problems it mobilizes before those problems take place.
Now my brothers while you are still laughing thinking that the right solution was the third one, ask yourselves from the heart, when was the last time you took care of a specific issue before it became a problem?
This is it for today, may your reflections illuminate your existences from now on.
My brothers the Christmas holiday time for our Sara Luce is approaching, on Wednesday we will dictate a message of Christmas wishes for all of you; brothers, you are learning a lot from your reflections during these exercises, the road is illuminated in front of your eyes, it's sufficient to put your Love into your daily life for that change to continue, for that transformation that we initiated a long time ago and that thanks to your own affection is illuminating the world around each one of the brothers who are studying Love together with me.
Your brother Jesus is hoping that you will always illuminate this splendid world which is earth more and more, may this world one day become the wonderful world that your hearts hope for each one of my brothers, may the light of our hearts bring light to our brothers on earth and may it bring light to those brothers who one day will descend on earth to experiment and grow in their own Love.
I send you my Peace and a big, big kiss
Your brother Jesus
Message dictated 19th December 2004
Title Dignity In The Terrestrial Existence Respect For Every Human Being And Alive
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