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Tsunami And Disasters In Your World The Principle Of Respect Between Brothers

Tsunami And Disasters In Your World The Principle Of Respect Between Brothers
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today's exercise, brothers, wants to help you understand and decide what to do yourselves and with your brothers so that these disasters that have put a shadow on your Christmas holidays may never happen again.
Many brothers and sisters died in this tragedy, many brothers and sisters could have been here amongst you today if in your universe even the inhabitants of your planet had followed the principle of Respect between brothers populating your world.
Just yesterday, while replying to one of your letters, our Father asked "Why do you not do anything to avoid the risk of useless deaths when you know how alive the planet earth is, you know the volcanoes, you know earthquakes and the areas of the planet where earthquakes can happen more frequently?" Why do you give your help, even financially, when a disaster strikes a population but you do not help many nations, not even financially, to ensure the basic necessities for survival, to be independent from your important economies?"
This is the concept that he expressed in this letter and today, as a consequence, I want to dictate to you an exercise that will help you become fully aware of your strength, of your ability to intervene and to change the state of things.
Do you have pen and paper with you? Let's then begin today's exercise, the exercise for Peace.
Imagine this very piece of paper, today it's in your hands but it already holds so much history.
Just think of all the steps that this sheet of paper went through before reaching your hands.
Get down to it.
Now re-read all of the steps that your wrote on your paper.
Do you see how many hands have touched this sheet before you did?
Those are the hands of your brothers, your own splendid hands today are holding this sheet, the hands of those brothers who worked to create this sheet for you maybe are not so splendid as yours, maybe they have calluses, maybe they have dye on them, maybe over time they developed aches, maybe over time some fingers got cut off.
All of this is contained inside this sheet that you are now holding in your hand, but today this sheet is putting you in contact with your history as a human genre.
This is the history that you have built over time, this is the history that you have built step after step and that today allows you to hold your sheet of paper.
Once upon a time you had calluses on your hands also, you had wounds or dye on your hands, today your poorer brothers are the ones with these problems and there are a lot of poorer brothers in the world.
You are sad to see them wiped out by an earthquake or by a tsunami, brothers, why aren't those brothers always present in many of your thoughts?
A brother exists all the time, whether he is in your thoughts or not, a brother always exists in your lives because the product of his work reaches you, a brother is always present in your lives because he has his own existence.
Why do you forget all of this?
Do you see the difference between your world and our world? The difference is that we always, always recognize the value of each individual existence, of each individual act that is building for all brothers, this is the one of the many differences between our two Dimensions, the difference between Respect and lack of Respect.
Starting from today my brothers, even through this simple exercise, do learn to Respect your brothers, their creations, their efforts, their commitment to give you the possibility to learn even from a single sheet of paper.
My brothers, Respect is learning to give value and dignity to each single brother, may he be your own sibling or a relative or simply a friend just like with every other creature on earth. Appreciate your effort for the benefit of other brothers and other's efforts for your benefit.
Base your Respect for all brothers in the world on this knowledge and you will see how the actions coming from the heart, from the deep Respect that you will bring in your heart, will truly improve many and many injustices that are currently in your world.
Brothers, may this exercise, small in its form but large in its concept, illuminate your days and show you the road to resolve the many problems that afflict your planet today, where there is Respect there is always Love and where Love resides, Justice is the principle.
Let's complete our contribution today with a second exercise.
Now imagine, my dear and loved brothers, to find yourselves on a deserted island. How long would it take you to learn how to make everything that you need for your life?
You could start by learning how to build a hut, then the food, you would learn to farm, then the clothing, and maybe you would even learn how to weave and by then your life would already be over.
Today in your existence there are brothers who make sure you are fed, who build your houses, who donate to you not only clothing but also every complement for your home, then according to the number of inhabitants, every brother performs a task for his other brothers and every brother performs a task to help you in your lives.
This is life in every Dimension, helping each other, donating the outcome of each other's work; money is just the means of quantifying the importance of the work, the effort of every single brother for the entire collectivity.
This is how it should be and this is definitely not how it is in your world.
Why don't you take stock of the enormous difference between the various salaries in your economically advanced countries and even inside the entire world?
I am sorry, my brothers, to see that there are unjustified differences between your salaries inside the value of Respect for every single effort, that do not reflect in any way at all the true contribution to the welfare of the individual from the collectivity.
On the other hand I am also sorry to see, today maybe a little less so, that those belonging to the strong economies, even knowing how little it would take to survive in the poorer countries, do not tend to each of those brothers who, particularly because they are so poor, are being exploited by the very same strong economies.
This could be an important step to truly help both poor and rich countries reestablish this concept of Justice between the many inhabitants of planet earth.
This step, together with the experience that powerful countries like yours can share when it comes to injustices and arbitrary differences between workers, could be very important in helping them build societies that instead are economically based on reciprocal Respect and in turn you could learn from their solutions to put Justice into your capitalistic societies.
This first step just like every step has a certain characteristic, creating a movement for the overall improvement of your entire planet.
Respect and Justice are universal values because they are values that the Soul knows and it knows that they are the two most important values to try and keep Peace in your world as in every planet existing in the inhabited universe.
In many planets the steps that you are just thinking of taking have already been taken and Love is the inspiring principle of these brothers of yours, who are different physically but not in the substance of their Soul.
For today my brothers do reflect on what I tell you: in your world my brothers there are many injustices but every one of you brothers can do a lot so push injustices away from your experiences, do regain the power that they have deceivingly taken away from you and work for Justice.
This is the most important concept that has been expressed here today, every one of you brothers has the power to reinstate Justice in your world.
Brothers, with a very big kiss I say goodbye to you today,
Your brother Jesus,
Message received from the Sky 9th January 2005
Title Tsunami And Disasters In Your World The Principle Of Respect Between Brothers
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