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Existence Of The Great Love And The Limited Reality Of Your Physical Eyes

Existence Of The Great Love And The Limited Reality Of Your Physical Eyes
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today with Sara Luce we have answered one of your letters and today we have decided therefore to talk to you of this great Love that we feel inside our hearts for each one of you brothers and children of our Father and children in the Love of my mother, the Virgin Mother Mary.
Brothers, our great Love for each one of you manifests itself in different ways, from appearing to you in our body of light, to helping you through our Angels, to putting on your path those people with whom you can experiment and grow in the Love.
Our effort for each one of you, rather than constant help, is non-stop, to us taking care of you is our existence, helping you grow, I assure you, by always putting all of our Love, this objective is reached and the objective of everything is to help you revert to pure Love just like when you were created by our Father.
Of course, our constant presence, often does not manifest itself in our body of light, but this does not mean that our body of light is a deciding factor on whether to believe or not in our presence.
How is it my brothers that only your eyes can give you this certainty?
Temples have been erected where with our presence we have manifested ourselves to all of you, every year millions of people go to these places, is it possible that your eyes need to see us to believe?
Are your eyes therefore so important to settle this question as to whether you believe or not?
Is it possible that everything hinges through what you see with your physical eyes?
Of course, through your eyes you see what you eyes perceive as a physical reality, through your eyes you perceive colour and shapes and from your experience you have an idea of what the substance is, of the consistence of many things surrounding you, but do you really think that you can only perceive reality through your eyes?
They taught you that it is impossible for you to look and notice many colours that actually make up reality in its true reality, your eyes do perceive this light but this light that you perceive is only a part of its true reality, some of your brothers in this world perceive a lot more light, the aura of people, of plants, of animals and even of objects that are not alive to you and my brothers this phenomenon that I am about to explain to you is so that you can reflect carefully on your eyes and the reality of your perceptions.
Maybe only by discovering that your eyes can perceive much more than you are used to perceive, you may question why your Faith is conditioned by what your eyes perceive.
Let's then move to today's exercise.
Relax, close your eyes, and pay attention to what appears when you close your eyes.
Do you see the darkness inside your eyes or do you also see some light; this presence of light is not due to your eyelids, try to close and open your eyes several times and you will see who much the impression of light changes in the dark of your eyes.
Did you notice?
Now let's continue.
Again with your eyes closed now take an object and put it in front of your eyes, what happens? Nothing, but you know that the object exists even if your eyes do not perceive it, that object is definitely there, it exists.
Do you remember our discussion on the existence of a true reality even when your physical eyes do not perceive anything?
This first step was helpful to understand this first concept: in your reality you do not perceive all things that are present in the true reality even tough these things do exist in the light.
Let's move to the second reflection.
Are you still relaxed? Some people feel objects just from the heat that they emanate.
While keeping your eyes closed, can you perceive the warmth of an object, can you see that shape illuminated by the heat?
No, of course not, maybe some of you do but the vast majority of you will probably not perceive anything, but an object does have its own temperature and it emanates through the object itself. Your eyes do not perceive this but it exists, it's very evident to us, even this heat belongs to the true reality and even though you know about it, you do not perceive it with your physical eyes, it exists but your eyes do not perceive it.
Now let's move to emotions, many of you brothers perceive from the colour on the cheeks of your brothers an emotion that is often close to that of embarrassment, when this heat appears on the face of one of your brothers you are used to thinking immediately that there is a problem of embarrassment, my brothers what your eyes do not perceive is that every emotion produces its own colour which constantly changes according to the various emotions over time.
Again, the vast majority of you do not perceive this with your physical eyes, you do not see it but the emotions develop colours, your colours.
Let's tackle another aspect tied to colour again, when you think about a brother of yours you send a light that contains colors, explaining this to you is difficult also because your physical eyes do not perceive this but this is also true reality, a reality that your physical eyes can not perceive, save some exceptions.
Now let's move to another aspect of colours, colours have a set frequency, the higher the frequency the more luminous the colours are, we also perceive the difference between frequency in each colour, our eyes perceive all of this difference, your eyes do not perceive much difference between these frequencies unless it's a great difference in frequency meaning if the colour is more or less brilliant, this is all that your eyes can define when it comes to frequency of colours but these are differences that exist in the true reality.
Even if your eyes are therefore very, very limited in what they perceive you still trust your physical eyes.
Now let's talk about the light of your heart; did you enjoy it when we dictated that message in which we invited you to experiment the colour of your own heart tied to the emotions of affection?
In that situation the eyes of your mind, not your physical eyes, saw those colours, with the eyes of your mind you have recognized your little flame and the colours that your flame took changed according to the emotions that you were feeling and according to the thoughts of Love that you were experimenting. This is your true reality, you have seen it yourself during that exercise and remember with how much clarity you have seen those colours and their changes, however your physical eyes did not see anything at all, in that moment you were in touch with your true reality and not with the limited reality of your physical eyes.
Finally another aspect tied to other senses, have you ever heard a sound that in reality was not there? Today we have a direct experience of our Sara Luce, this morning her Angel woke her up by making her hear the sound of a phone ringing, Sara opened her eyes, she looked at her alarm clock, she realized that the alarm was about to go off very shortly and she turned the alarm off before it rang. Sara knows about her Angel and she likes to be woken up by him and every now and then he gives her this gift. Going back to today's discussion, the hearing of your mind can perceive sounds that don't really exist in the physical reality, have you ever heard the phone ring while in your reality it was not ringing at all? These are the thoughts of people who are thinking about you very intensely. Your physical eyes just like your physical ears can not perceive this as reality however at a different level all of these perceptions belong to the true reality
Your senses' limitations are very clear, do you all agree? So why do you hinge your awareness of whether all of us exist or not on these obvious limitations?
If your senses are limited it is obvious that your perception of the true reality will be distorted, if on the other hand you begin to listen to your interior perception, if you pay attention especially to your heart, with your sight, your hearing, and even with your tact and even with your sense of smell and taste, with the senses of your mind you will be able to perceive a much bigger part of the reality that surrounds you, you will be able to perceive much better our presence which often consists of cuddles, of our scents and of your Angels, it's often made of words which are said to your mind senses, often they are words of help, often they are useful suggestions to you at that specific time, often they are words of encouragement, but even more often they are words of Love from brother to brother, from Mother to her own child, from Father to his own creature.
With these last words I invite you to search confirmation of our presence not through the limitations of your physical senses but through the great dimension of your own heart.
I say goodbye to you today hoping to have helped you a little more.
A big big kiss that may come to you from your hearts
Your brother Jesus
Message dictated 13th January 2005
Title Existence Of The Great Love And The Limited Reality Of Your Physical Eyes
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