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The Search For Love Reflection About When You Look At This Sky

The Search For Love Reflection About When You Look At This Sky


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today's title already describes the content today's message.


With this small exercise today I want to invite you to reflect on those times when you happen to look in our direction, towards what you think is our Paradise and of the emotions that you feel when you think about all of us.


Do you remember the last time you looked up at the Sky?


Think back and write down on paper the emotions that pushed you to look up towards us and remember the emotions that you felt with this contact inside your heart.


If you don't remember the last time you did, no problem, you can do it right now, relax and look towards us and then write down the emotions that you feel with this contact.


It seems that you have written down many emotions, you can categorize them under a few main groups, for example under the title asking for help or hope or dreams or asking on behalf of others and other main groups.


Go ahead.


Now let's analyze the entries that you have written.


Let's reflect: do you notice what you asked for when you asked for our intervention?


Sometimes many situations can be resolved exactly from this Sky, starting from putting you in touch with your loved ones who are here with us today, to requesting our intervention in a situation affecting you or one of your brothers where there is a real and great difficulty in resolving specific problems but sometimes our intervention is requested in replacement of your intervention.


Why is it brothers that when you look toward the Sky you do not also think about what you can do personally to help yourselves or your brothers?


Many are the brothers who look at us instead of looking at what they can do themselves, at what they can donate through their own love.


My brothers this is what I invite you to reflect upon while looking at those emotions you wrote down today.


When you arrived on earth you wanted to experiment your Love in many and many different conditions and this is the task that you gave to yourselves.


Nevertheless all too often your eyes ask us to take over in your place and my brothers this does not help your path of growth that you are taking.


This is why signs of encouragement will sometimes arrive from the Sky to take care of those situations for which you ask for help with all of your effort.


Of course, we are always here, we are always at your side and stimulating you to handle your problems directly is also an important way to support you.


What sadness when we see the eyes of a person who looks to all of us to be helped while the solution is available to that very person; the emotion that we feel is a great sadness because that person has a great richness and does not seem to notice or appreciate it in its splendor.


With the same eyes with which you look towards our Sky, try to look at what is around you, look at the many situations in which you have put yourselves and look at the many situations in your world.


What do you see?


Only people, brothers and sisters, Souls in their physical state who are experimenting this whole feeling, Love, exactly like you.


Could it be that the search for Love may be the key to understand all that surrounds you?


After all, beyond the thousands of words that have been said or thought, is it possible that this may just be the key to everything?


More than the key, my brothers and sisters, this is the truth.


Could it be?


I am voicing your thoughts my brothers, it is possible - actually it is exactly the way it is.

Now with your own same eyes, look at your own brothers again with this question: 'Is it a problem of Love that I am looking at when observing my brothers and the problems in the world?'


This is the right viewpoint my brothers to look at it and to be able to face many of your problems and to find the solutions that respect Love a lot more than those who created the very same problems.


Let's continue with the following exercise.


Did you notice how everything revolves around the concept of Love?


Let's take our sheet of paper that we filled out a while ago and let's put next to each entry or individual problem what is probably the problem tied to Love that this specific problem expresses.


When answering this exercise, bear in mind that the search for Love starts from selfishness as a manifestation of the lack of Love towards yourselves, through selfishness as a manifestation of the lack of Love toward your other brothers, continuing then through a limitation of Love toward yourselves, then to limitation of Love toward your brothers, to then move toward a greater expression of Love for oneself, and then Love toward other brothers and finally concluding with a great Love toward yourselves and finally with a great Love towards other brothers.


I do not know if you noticed that both elements, Love for oneself and Love for other brothers, go together.


This is an important thing to notice because the teachers on earth often taught you the importance of belittling yourselves juxtaposed to your effort toward your other brothers.


This concept was never said by our Father, in no place and at no time because my brothers the growth of Love toward your brothers must follow the growth of Love for yourselves.


How can we donate to others, do to others what we would like to be done to us, if we were not the first ones not to donate, not to do anything for ourselves?


Every human being needs to put Love into their own lives before giving it to others; every human being needs stability before tending to the stability of others; every human being needs satisfaction, realization, before helping other people; every human being needs to feel loved, understood, sustained, before being able to donate these precious riches which are born from Love to its own brothers.


This does not mean that only when the individual person has reached this level of Love also for himself then he or she can donate it to other brothers, but what is really important is that the growth in Love takes place at the same level of Love for oneself and at the same time it takes place at the level of ove toward other brothers.


Now take that sheet again with your notes and look at the different problems starting specifically from Love.


I am sure that you will manage to understand much better, looking with your own very eyes, these problems tied to the manifestations of Love.


Now that you have understood the problems that surround you looking at them with your own eyes let's conclude with today's third exercise.


Each one of you my brothers and my sisters have all that is needed to solve every problem available inside yourselves, you have Love.


Looking at your list of problems ask yourselves this question: 'What can my Love do to solve these problems?'


Look at each entry again and for each advice ask your own heart, your own Love.


Are you surprised by what it turns out you can do with your Love?


Brothers, this is the truth, you can do a lot of things, you can work a lot with your Love in your own environment, you work and while you work other people work in their own environment in turn.


And so are we useless now?


Look toward our Sky and ask us to help you put your Love into your own environment, into your own world, and next to all of you our effort will join up with your effort and our Love will join your Love and our hope will join your hope and our joy and our help with join your joy and your help and our great Love will join your great Love for yourselves and for all of your brothers.


Today I say goodbye for you again with all of this great Love that I have in my heart for each one of my brothers and my sisters who are listening to what I have dictated.


Brothers I am really happy to dictate to you to help you grow in the path of Love, it's a wonderful experience for me and I know, when I look at your hearts, that it is a truly important experience, wonderful, also for you brothers who have a great, really a great desire to express to your world your already great Love.


A very, very big kiss from my Love to your Love.


Your brother Jesus who through these dictations talks to you of Love.


Message dictated 19th January 2005



The Search For Love Reflection About When You Look At This Sky


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