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Love The Light Of Love Is Over You The Real Truth Energy Of Love

Love The Light Of Love Is Over You The Real Truth Energy Of Love
My dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, the title of today's message is 'The Light of Love is over you'.
Brothers, this is the real truth, the Light that we emanate continually from our Sky, is the Light of Love.
If you knew how much of it we produce from our hearts to send out at all times, to all of you brothers who live on this wonderful planet, earth.
With our eyes we see your earth illuminating with Light all the time and this light is what we send to all of you and this light is that of the brothers who are putting their Love in that specific moment toward some other brother.
They are flashes of colored light that light up all the time here or there across the planet.
This is what our eyes see when we look at your planet.
This is what generates a new energy of Love in us toward you.
Today I am telling you this to make you more aware that every gesture of Love produces this ray of colored light that shines from the blue of your planet, earth.
If you knew how many lights I see in this precise moment, some of these lights shine all together, they are places where a lot of Love is being experimented, my brothers, they are places where we have appeared in our manifestations, they are mystical places, spiritual places, places of prayer and places where the appreciation for our Love comes first.
Other places right now are illuminated by the Light of our Love and they are places where your brothers are taking care of other brothers of yours, they are hospitals, homes that take care of brothers, places of help for your brothers, they are places of cult across your whole planet.
But there are also thousands of lights scattered across the entire surface of the planet right now, they are individual people connected with their Love who are doing a multitude of different things with Love, but they all sparkle and emanate this colored light from their heart.
Brothers, now think of yourselves, think that when you express your Love through your words just like your actions toward your other brothers, your heart lights up too and it transmits this beautiful ray of colored light that we can see also from up here.
This is what I want to teach you today, to think of yourselves as a ray of colored light that shines every time your Love illuminates your life.
Think of yourselves like this, a ray of colored light that expands from your heart and shines until it can be perceived by all of us
Isn't it wonderful?
Be aware my brothers that when you mobilize your Love, this is how you appear to our eyes.
Isn't it wonderful?
Brothers, doesn't this make you want to put all of your Love just to transform yourselves into a ray of colored light that shines all the time?
It is not difficult to put all of your Love into your lives, you constantly have opportunities to do so, but it's your mental attitude that does or does not put your Love each moment of your lives.
Brothers, I have prepared a sweet exercise to help you overcome certain attitudes you have that may limit the expression of your great Love.
Sit yourselves down comfortably.
Think again about these words that I have just dictated to you: when you express your Love you become a ray of colored light that shines very intensely.
Imagine yourselves just like that.
Now think of your brothers who are rays of colored light themselves and shine very intensely.
Feel your Love shine in harmony with the Love of your brothers.
Now think, imagine, this transformation, your rays of colored light are lighting up your brothers.
Now imagine an explosion of rays of colored light all over your planet.
Now imagine our own Light, our Light is the product of the Love for all of you brothers who are here, close to me in this Sky, our Light is white because it's made up of all our Loves and all our thoughts of Love, from all the attributions of our common Love, and this white Light comes all the way to you, enveloping you, like a light and transparent mantel of light that melts into all of your lights creating a wonderful effect where the colored lights are the threads that make up the cloth, and our Light is the support of your threads.
Aren't you astonished faced with so much luminous beauty?
This is what our eyes see when we look at you and from today your internal eyes can see like our eyes.
Right now every one of you brother has an expanded heart and your Love can flow freely towards your world.
My dear ones, do this exercise every day until even just by walking on the street you will have this sweet image in your hearts; you will see how much easier it will be to express your own Love, it will be easy to smile, it will be simple to be always available towards your own brothers, you will be kinder and move loving and you will see how your eyes will like to see yourselves in this way, with your expanded heart that expresses it own affection, the light of the Love, your ray of colored light will shine forever and will illuminate your brothers and will affect everybody with its brilliant color.
This is a very important exercise and I think it is very useful to answer your questions on how to always be Love.
Now let's move to another exercise, this one is also very useful to help you think of us as you are: Love.
Do you have pen and paper with you?
Perfect, we can start.
Start by writing the emotions that you felt in your heart when you did your first exercise.
Let's see, let's see.
That exercise stirred certain emotions in you, describe them.
You have felt tenderness, unconditional love, affection for some brothers, desire to illuminate your world, emotions of peace, emotions of joy, emotions of hope, emotions towards your world, emotions toward the Sky, every emotion was the entrance door to your heart. This knowledge is extremely important because in knowingly opening your heart you have found the key my brother.
If you do not manage to do it with this exercise think of some occasion where you felt as if you were exploding inside your chest simply from the great Love that you were experimenting. Collect the emotions you had in that moment and discover the key that opens your heart.
I told you, it's not difficult.
Now this key is in your hands.
Think of how to use it perhaps by thinking about aspects within your context that can bring you these emotions giving you the opportunity to use your key and free up your heart to express all of your affection.
It's not difficult, I told you.
If you do these exercises every day you will soon realize how easy it is to Love and your world and your brothers need greatly to be in contact with Love and your own actions, the free expression of your Love, can put these brothers in contact with Love to arrive my brothers to that fabric made up of our white Light and your wonderful colored lights, it will be wonderful to know that even this fabric of humanity is the product of your Love and the effort that was necessary to you for this whole time to finally manage to be Love.
You have always been Love but you are re-learning to be your wonderful Love in the Sky just like on earth.
Now I am seeing a lot of light expanding from your world, we are building this wonderful cloth, you and us, white Light and rays of colored light, our Love and your Love, it's beautiful, look with your eyes of the Soul, it's beautiful.
Your brother Jesus has only your Love in his eyes and I light up with light and I send this great great Love that I have for you to each one of you. We are happy right now, you are happy right now.
Love, feeling like being Love is like happiness.
With this great emotion I am hugging you and I want to keep hugging you a little longer, then I will leave in silence, but now brothers, I want to stay here hugging all of you.
Your brother Jesus,
Message dictated 2nd February 2005
Title Love The Light Of Love Is Over You The Real Truth Energy Of Love
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