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Unconditional Love Mind And Heart Orientation And Freedom

Unconditional Love Mind And Heart Orientation And Freedom
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters today my words are talking to your minds; I plan on speaking from my heart to your minds to help you understand what your hearts already know, but what your minds really can not accept: the immense Love that we donate to you at all times, constantly and only because of unconditional Love, Love toward you, to help you and support you, to teach you and to help you grow all together in the path of Love, to back you up and help you turn your wishes, your dreams into reality, to help you grow until your Love will have grown so much as to mirror itself into the great Love of our Father, source of endless love.
Your physical eyes see reality, your minds sometimes interpret this reality by looking at it from the point of view of your previous experiences during the course of your lives, how many times did you notice that your minds were actually making a mistake?
Sometimes you judged someone and then that person turned out to be different from what you had thought; how many times did you question the word from your brothers and then their word ended up being correct; how many times you did understand something to then realize that you misunderstood; how many times did you forget things that were actually very important; how many times have you misinterpreted a certain gesture, a behaviour of one of your brothers; how many more times did you understand something only after some brothers explained them to you.
May these examples illuminate you in your understanding that the purpose of your mind is to help you find your way within your own experiences; there is no doubt that this is the main function of your mind, giving you directions, understanding, deciding and operating within your daily lives.
Now reflect on how often your heart was wrong in its sensations, how many times did you hear a brother speak and you understood which emotions were truly present in his heart; how many times did you hear your own words and discover certain aspects of your emotions that you were not aware of until then; how many times did you help your brothers because you understood the real potential that existed and was hidden inside their hearts, how many times did you comprehend these important issues by starting precisely with the emotions inside your heart; how many times did you translate a passion that you had kept inside your heart into actions.
These are examples where it was your heart that was pushing you and gave you a sense of direction and there is no doubt, is there my brothers, that you own heart in reality was never wrong when it comes to what you felt with your own heart.
This is our help, helping you to reflect and understand that it's inside your own heart, inside your sensations that you feel the true reality.
Mistakes of the mind are enormous, you saw that yourself by doing this exercise, mistakes of the hart are non-existent, correct? And this is also part of what you saw by doing the exercise of answering the above questions that I asked.
Why are the guiding messages of your mind often orienting you incorrectly?
Here is help for you.
Your incorrect mental answers originate from your fears, from your difficulties, from your own mental impressions which often come from fear towards other people, prejudices and preconceived ideas transmitted to you culturally. They are the product of your experiences, sometimes difficult experiences, of your being alive that experimented a lot of pain and suffering; these are the examples of the reasons why your mental orientation often makes such clamorous mistakes.
Freedom from prejudices belongs inside the heart certainly not in your mind, which works so hard trying to orient itself to avoid painful situations and doubts because of the many fears that your mind uses to protect itself from the experience of fear and pain.
Instead, live your full freedom inside your heart so you can better feel if there are obstacles or problems or negative projects towards you or false assurances towards situations that could affect you or your loved brothers.
This freedom inside your heart is also born from the Love that is kept inside your heart; it's Love that allows you to find your way by listening to Love or the absence of Love in the various communications directed to you or directed to your brothers; this precious difference in feeling Love or absence thereof constitutes the essence of guidance within the freedom of listening to one's heart.
It's precisely the absence or the presence of Love at its various degrees, oscillating between absence and presence of Love, that is your orientation.
Brothers, let's conclude today's important message with another important reflection. Brothers, many of you realized how intensely your heart feels this drive to research, to the experimentation of our teachings, many of you close your eyes and experiment emotions and wonderful images that we present to you, one by one, through our exercises.
Brothers, reflect, what is it that allows your eyes to close, that allows your minds to remember and recollect past and recent emotions, what is it that allows all of you to hold your commitments to dedicate yourselves to reading our messages and taking all the time that is necessary to do all of our exercises? Brothers, brothers who know from their hearts our own Love from their own Love, this is what allows it all: the recognition in your own heart of your own Love, and of our own heart, of our own Love.
Thank you to all of you brothers for having listened to me with so much attention, a heartfelt thank you to your minds that have actively participated, to the heart, your heart, I send all of my great Love which has helped your minds follow me with attention and reflect and recognize the truth that I have submitted to you today.
With my Love I will now leave Love inside your hearts so that our Love may always help you find your way toward the complete freedom, which only your Love can conquer.
Brothers, now I say goodbye but remember that this Love accompanies you day by day, hour after hour, minute after minute, this is my great Love for you children of the same Father, brothers within the Love between all of us.
I will await you the next time around for a new message of Love from me to all of my brothers, a message of Love because when it's love that orients your life, then only Love is what can be expressed toward everybody else.
Your brother Jesus today is Love as he will always be for everybody at all times, in all places.
The Angels next to you inundate you with white light, it's our Love that the Angels are channeling toward your heart, everything is light right now, you are illuminated by the light of our Love and from now on this light will guide you towards us, Love going toward the source of Love, this will be the path forever, for all brothers, Love towards the source of Love.
I will always be close even during silence my brothers, I will always be closer and closer, it' the wish of my heart, of my Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ for the love of my brothers.
Message transmitted from the Sky on 06th February 2005
Title Unconditional Love Mind And Heart Orientation And Freedom
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