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Words Of The Virgin Mother Mary Message About Heart And Love

Words Of The Virgin Mother Mary Message About Heart And Love
My dear and loved children, today I have come to you to say hello and to dictate this message of Love for you my loved children.
I am the Virgin Mother Mary and today I want to help you understand the great Love of your brother Jesus, his great Love for each one of you.
It's been some time now, it's almost two years since my son has been coming to you through our messages.
Today I want to tell you how my son conceives each message.
If you could se how my son has in his heart a desire to help you and allow you to grow through these messages while he thinks of the words for them, he reviews it, he tests the messages on to himself and tests them with your Love in mind and of the experience that you are living in this precise moment on earth.
I would like to give you a vision of my son while he thinks and concentrates on this important effort for all of you, brothers of the whole world.
Sometimes he prefers to be alone while he prepares the messages, he goes to a place here in the Sky that he likes very much, it's a place where silence is king, maybe sometimes you may hear the chirping of little birds; it's a very refreshing place, there is a small stream where the water, after flowing through several falls, becomes very calm, it flows smoothly and it gives you calmness after your vicissitudes; and even on the bottom of the stream you can see tiny little plants dancing gently with the flow of the water; all around is quiet and serendipity, the tree leaves move gently with the wind and in front of your eyes a wonderful meadow rolls out, the fresh grass also rolls gently and my son walks there and while feeling the peacefulness surrounding him he thinks of all of you and he listens to his heart and his Love and he thinks about how to help you in your path.
Some other times and he must and wants to test those exercises that he produced for you, in those cases the help from all of us is needed, if you could see what crowd shows up for the task, we make ourselves comfortable on the meadow, my son is in the middle and he proposes his exercise and at the end every comment is taken into consideration to make changes to parts of it as and where necessary.
In order to be able to explain certain things to you my son pretends to be you, he pretends to be at your level of Love to then experiment the specific level at which you may be able to perceive that individual lesson.
When everything is ready, if you could see his happiness, he is ready and all he has to do is wait for Sara Luce with her appointments and her terrestrial commitments.
He always keeps an eye on Sara because often her efforts involve our help and his observing Sara's life makes him available every time Sara asks for our help and calls for my son, or the Father or myself.
Sara's light eyes, when looking at us, do not see the light eyes of my son illuminating with joy, she does not see the Love illuminating the entire heart of my son, she does not see the hope accompanying my son to her side to talk, through her, to his own brothers; the hope is the determination that brings Love to manifest itself with joy.
This is what my son is like when he comes to you and to see all this is such a wonderful experience for me as a Mother of all of you and of this son of mine makes me catch myself more and more often with my eyes full of tears of joy.
Today my son is listening to me while I talk to all of you and he knows how great my desire is to see you as happy as when I see my son come toward you with Love; my son knows that I would love to see you just like I see this son of mine here.
Now my desire is to say goodbye and to leave you in the company of these images that I have transmitted to you so that, through the eyes of your Soul, you may look at your brother Jesus Christ while he is busy preparing his exercises and messages.
A very big kiss my children, may the hope always be also your motivation, the Love and the joy, the awareness of your being Love towards other people, may your Angels send you the Love that we all feel in our hearts toward each one of you my loved children.
I now pass you on to my son, he will continue this message today about heart and Love.
My much loved brothers, my much loved sisters, today I prepared a very special exercise.
You have heard the words dictated by my mother and in her message she talked of the heart and the Love that I have for all of you.
Now we will do this small exercise, let's start right from your own heart and your Love.
Think about your brother Jesus.
Can you do that?
Think of those words dictated for you by the Virgin Mother Mary, do you picture me in silence or in the field together with everybody?
What do you feel inside your heart, what do you feel with your Love?
Can you feel how many emotions I can feel when my effort is for your benefit?
Make note of these emotions on your file or piece of paper that you have with you today.
Confront the emotions that you wrote down with the ones that I am about to send you now and that are truly all of my emotions when I tend to you through our messages:
Respect: I have respect for all of you. Nobody every came to you without the great respect that a big brother can feel for his brother who is growing;
Hope: it's an emotion that I feel all the time, hope that our teachings may become your reference points to find your way in your life and in your path of growth;
Love: the greatest feeling that I have for you; I especially desire your happiness, your tranquillity, your existence to be based on this feeling: Love;
Affection: each one of you, in your hearts, has known this feeling and every one of your hearts feels affection for a specific person; yes my brothers I feel affection for every one of you because I have in my heart, in every beat of my heart, the affection for every single brother;
Joy: this feeling is always accompanied by Love because joy is the concrete manifestation of Love, giving my Love to you is to transmit this feeling of joy, joy is the translation of Love, first you feel the Love, joy is the bridge with which you convey Love;
Understanding: Love and affection can exist with understanding; the eyes of Love look at you and they observe a creature that is growing up and even his possible mistakes, if understood, are important, precious, to allow this creature to grow;
Patience: understanding accompanies patience; we know how many are the difficulties that you meet at all times to be free to be your Love; this patience is born from the awareness of the difficulties of life in your world;
Attention: attention always accompanies effort; by putting attention you can overcome many difficulties because the attention allows you to think of so many variables that you would not think could create the misunderstanding of each single message;
Effort: it's also a feeling because you harbor inside your heart the desire to do your best to really help your brothers and your effort becomes therefore a manifestation of your Love for all of those to whom you dedicate your energy.
Love for yourself: expressing your own Love is an experience also for your own being Love; sensing this feeling while it feeds your attention, feeding your effort, means that you are able to love even more and this awareness makes the Love for yourselves think of yourselves as creatures who can experiment Love even more and your being Love grows even more.
Hope toward yourself: increasing your attention and your effort brings you to put more hope into your ability to reach perfection one day, perfection that is already present in each one of us brothers, but an awareness that is reached only through experimentation of our Love;
Joy toward yourself: hope is the drive, Love is your most important feeling, joy expands in your heart when you communicate your affection and your Love; joy bounces back to you only amplified from having brought the feeling to those people whom you love and their own joy in turns enriches your joy and you experiment an even more amplified joy and this joy corresponds to an awareness of the expansion of your own joy and therefore even this is a step toward perfection.
Now allow me, just before I leave you, to ask you:
How many of these emotions and which ones did you feel through the image that my mother described to you today?
I hope it was many of them because as you know our Love wishes for you to evolve; if you did not pick up on some of the feelings, take the opportunity to try this feeling on to yourselves over the next few days. With this sweet smile which appeared on Sara's mouth, I leave you my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my brothers may your experience feed from the experience of your brother Jesus, together with you in your growth toward perfection.
I sing a Love song for you because my heart is experimenting so much Love right now that a song, more than just words, can send all of you my joy to have been able to be with you once again today.
Your brother Jesus Christ who sings Love songs for you.
Sunday will be a very important day, brothers I prepared a message of extremely important help just for you.
Brothers, I love you and I will love you forever.
Message transmitted from the Sky 13th February 2005
Words Of The Virgin Mother Mary Message About Heart And Love
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