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Messages From Heaven Every Day Is Important For Experimenting Your Love

Messages From Heaven Every Day Is Important For Experimenting Your Love
My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today is an important day because once again today we are next to you to help you with all of our Love.
Tomorrow will be an important day because we will be next to you with all of our great Love and forever we will be next to you with all of our great love to help you in your path of growth that will lead you and your Love to gaining awareness of being made from the same substance of the Father, Teacher of infinite Love.
This awareness is conquered over time, my dear ones at your level it means mobilizing all of your Love both toward your brothers and toward yourselves. It's certainly not an easy thing to do given your world is so full of contradictions, so enveloped by violence from a few that wrecks the life of many, so dominated by the financial interest and the selfishness of many towards the rest of the brothers.
Today I understand the difficulties of life on earth, however today by dictating my words I also have hope that many of these contradictions may be resolved and overcome.
Today is a splendid day to then begin making changes, fully aware of the help that reaches you from the Sky.
This exercise which will last one day will teach you to begin your new experience of your life starting from today.
Do you have pen and paper ready?
Look around you, look at the people that are around you today.
You can write their name on the left hand side of the sheet and then reflect: what can I donate to this person today?
You can donate attention, you can donate understanding, you can donate affection, you can donate advice, you can donate commitment to resolve a problem that he has, you can donate every feeling that you know would be appreciated by this person.
Do it today and then answer the following questions that I now ask you:
Let's take our list, are you ready?
First question: You are sorry to notice that you have missed a few people or are you proud to have followed your commitment completely?
If you are feeling proud, today your happiness allowed you to experiment the Love that you have in your heart, today is an important day.
If you were not able to respect your commitment, today is an important day for you also, because you can experiment that your pride, your happiness, depends from your effort and not from other facts, but it depends exclusively from the habit of putting your own affection and your own Love in the first place in your lives.
Second question: Do you feel that today you have given meaning to your day?
Whether you have done all that you had planned to do, or whether you only achieved part of it, today is an important day all the same, your happiness means that while you carried out your commitment you gave meaning to the Love that is within you and in giving meaning to Love you have given meaning to your day. Your Love experience that you just had, brought you to experiment your Love, you were larger than you were yesterday and very likely you will be smaller compared to what you will be tomorrow, tomorrow is an important day and maybe it will be an even more important day than today.
Third question: Are you aware that today you have built better relationships with your brothers through Love?
Despite the fact that your relationships may have some conflicts at the moment, today you have poured the foundation to take up these relationships again on your own piece of peaceful soil. If your relationship with that person was already a good one, then you are building the foundations for your relationship to become wonderful.
Fourth question: If you are aware of this path of Love why don't you try, tomorrow, to add one more person, to think of another gift for another person?
Today is an important day, tomorrow could be an even more important day.
Fifth question: If you are aware that every day is important for experimenting your Love, can you do this exercise for ten days? Can you handle it?
Try to plan a program from today to the next ten days and do not forget to include in your effort one unknown person, experiment your Love even toward a stranger.
Sixth question: Are you aware that today has been an important day for you, extremely important due to your growth project, are you aware of our help also today, certainly you had not listened to our words dictated for you, but did you feel the lightness of your great effort? We sent you lightness because you can experiment our own lightness when doing things with Love. Thinking about it again you realize that it's true, this has been our help for today.
Seventh question: Are you aware that today there are very many of you who are living this day dedicated to Love and that all together today you have illuminated with bolts of colored light of Love your planet and are you aware that today all together you have sawed seed of Love on your planet, brothers, are you aware that today, today, is really an important day to rebuild your Paradise on planet earth?
Eighth question: Why not wait ten days before answering the eighth question which is: What happened in your world by putting your Love in the first place in your lives?
For today, today has been a truly very important day, I say goodbye with all of my affection, with all of my Love for you.
In ten days, we will put Love even more into our own lives, brothers, I will guide you, step by step, week after week, simple advice to allow your experimentation of the Love that has always been inside of you and that now is time to invest your effort and make your Love available to your world and to your personal growth.
I say goodbye with a lot of Love, my effort of Love for you is endless and I promise you a lot more effort next to you and more and more each day.
Brothers, the Love that I feel in my heart for you is immense and my commitment to myself is that of transmitting to you the immense Love that I have for you brothers more and more each day.
It's a promise, my own commitment with myself and with you, united in using all of our Love for our brothers.
Your brother Jesus Christ today, tomorrow and forever united in the Love for all brothers of the entire world.
Message transmitted from the Sky 20th February 2005
Title Messages From Heaven Every Day Is Important For Experimenting Your Love
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