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Words Of Encouragement Sense And Meaning Of Life

Words Of Encouragement Sense And Meaning Of Life


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I decided to dictate words of encouragement because over the last few days I saw how much you have been busy and the joy that I feel is immense for you right now; I talk to you, but my eyes express this feeling of deep Love, from my eyes flow tears of joy. Brothers, right now while I am dictating to Sara there are very many of you my brothers that are giving their infinite Love to other brothers; there is no more fulfilling feeling toward you than this infinite Love that I am feeling for you, there are bolts of colored light everywhere, it seems like a dream and in fact it's the wonderful reality that is the result of all of the Love that you are donating right now.


My compliments are not much compared to the emotion that I am feeling inside my heart.


Today I help you once again by sending you the light of my affection and of my Love for you, can you feel me? My affection is adding to your own affection and it illuminates your heart and it will be our combined affection that will be donated to your other brothers toward whom you decided to aim your effort of donating Love.


I am happy at how you are donating, you are aware of your own affection and it's exactly this specific form of Love for that person that you are mobilizing, did you notice that you are orienting yourself towards the external and not towards the internal you?, did you notice that there is no more waiting for a compensation for you but more like an orientation to experiment your affection, your Love in that circumstance?


This is a small miracle, you are oriented with all of your affection toward the other person that there are no selfishness or expectations, only your intent to experiment as your are and you are Love.


Another small miracle is just in front of your eyes and they are the eyes of those who right now are receiving Love from your own eyes; can you see how they sparkle? This sparkling is the effect of Love that is reawakened in that brother; it's his own Love that is recognizing your Love and this feeling united in the sharing of Love sets this light in the eyes of your brother and in your own eyes. Be aware right now, when looking at yourselves straight in the eye, of this wonderful sharing that you are living and you are experimenting a feeling of fulfillment that you rarely have felt before.


Today is a very important day, bringing your own affection, being aware of the absence of all selfishness and expectation, experimenting the sharing of your own affection and enjoying the feeling of fulfillment, it can not be compared to another one of your days that you lived where it was not your Love that was put in first place, the leading protagonist of your days.


Understand that all that you are experimenting is born from within you, from your affection, from your Love and by mobilizing your feelings you are experimenting these emotions that can always be part of your life while embracing the Love that is inside you.


The bolts of colored lights that I see right now are really numerous, brothers you are wonderful, if you knew how much Love I have inside me, my tears of joy fill up with hope that you may never want to approach another brother of yours while having in your heart any feeling other than Love, today this is the hope that illuminates me, remain aware of the Love that you are donating, it's hard to remain indifferent when it's your Love that expresses itself during these moments, think of this deep meaning that you are giving through your very own Love to this very important day; you even sleep better, isn't it true? And every new day begins with the awareness that 'Today is a very important day to experiment my Love, what's my program for today? Oh yes, I want to give Love to this person and to that person and then. and then..'. this is the beautiful emotion that I see in you when the sun rises on earth, it's as if it was the Love itself that was waking up and you are the carriers of your wonderful Love toward the world that opens up to your eyes at your awakening.


You manage to transmit your Love and you benefit from the gratification, this is life, this has sense, this has meaning, Love, your enormous Love.


I can no longer keep this avalanche of tears of joy if I think that right now each one of you is choosing in complete freedom to put Love in the first place, experiment, live and give Love to other brothers and drawing benefit from knowing that they have donated the most precious gift that we have, Love.


I shall interrupt myself here today, I wish that my words would reach you right away, not necessarily to help you, because you are already putting your Love, but as a form of respect for your Love I want to give you my own words of Love by looking at you and watching your eyes illuminate.


My eyes and your eyes right now are illuminated by the light of our affection, the eyes of your brother Jesus and your eyes are united in this experience of Love, can you feel me? I am looking at you right in the eyes, right now, our eyes are looking at each other, we are together, we are living the same feeling together.


Message transmitted from the Sky 23rd February 2005



Words Of Encouragement Sense And Meaning Of Life


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