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When The World Shines With The Light Of Love Messages From Heaven

When The World Shines With The Light Of Love Messages From Heaven
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I want to tell you of what happens when your light, the light of affection, each single brother's light of Love joins with, and shines at the same time as the light of affection, light of Love of all other brothers who are also donating their own affection and their own Love.
If you could see the light of your Love united with that of your other brothers, it increases dramatically the light of your planet and the effect that it produces is similar to one of our stars when it shines in the dark.
However my dear ones this is not the only sign.
This bright light increases the luminous influence of the Love on each single brother that inhabits your wonderful planet right now.
Every brother, the Soul of your brother, whether he is familiar to you or a stranger, feels the effect of your light of Love, and in turns begins to behave in a way that is inspired by that affection and Love.
The light of your Love also carries with it the consequence of reawakening your brothers who live on your planet to affection and Love.
For example, right now, I am sorry that you could not see this with our own eyes, the light that you are producing by giving your Love, right now is very intense, it spreads and it adds up to that of those brothers and by illuminating other brothers who are very busy with other commitments and who are thinking of other things than you, however your light is calming down their negative thoughts, it's putting hope in many hearts and is putting positive thoughts into many brothers who are believing that there is no other choice other than to destroy or wound other brothers.
My brothers, the effect from the combined light of Love brings also this aspect, that of bringing calm again to these desperate hearts.
Right now many hearts are opening up to hope, to Love and joy and my brothers this is the consequence of your commitment of Love.
Not all of you are surprised at what I have just told you, some brothers have become aware now for the first time of the wonderful effect that accompanies your Love, but there are many of you brothers who are already aware of what Love can do for all brothers.
Brothers, awareness means mobilizing one's own knowledge, mobilizing one's own heart, mobilizing one's own affection, mobilizing one's own Love to be of help to all of those brothers who are not aware of the union between all human beings, of brothers of the entire world and of this great effect that each single action has on all brothers.
In our Paradise, what is most surprising for one of your brothers the moment he reaches our Home, is the Love that he breathes, every gesture is done with Love, every word or contact is always done with Love and this is not only the result of your own lives, but it's the result united with all of our affection.
Brothers we are aware that every single action of ours influences all others and this is our advice to all of you: brothers remember that your every gesture or contact sometimes illuminates and it adds up with the Love expressed by your brothers, but it can also cast darkness on your brothers.
From now on remember these words whenever you do something, always ask yourselves if your action or your thought or judgment can bring light on to all of your brothers or the opposite.
Sometimes distraction or opportunism or what was done with selfishness has an effect on your brothers and always remember that when you put your Love, your light will always, always illuminate the hearts of all brothers. Do not think that to join in with the feeling of Love in reawakening the same feeling of Love in your brothers is a small gesture, every single thought, every single gesture has this enormous effect and your gesture together with that of all others can alter the equilibrium of your world changing it from a world of selfishness to a world of Love.
Now it's Love that is winning, this is what my eyes are seeing right now, maintaining or even better increasing this light of Love will allow you to build more quickly your Paradise on earth.
This is the thought to which I would like you to concentrate your attention and help you increase your awareness of what we are building together, Paradise on your earth.
Brothers reflect carefully every time you do something or you perform something, right then you are donating the affection and the Love to your brothers or the other way around; make sure that it's always the light of your own affection, of your Love that is illuminating your brothers all together.
With these words and with the wonderful Brothers, may the light from my own Love illuminate your wonderful hearts even more and may my light bring Love, joy and a lot of hope into the wonderful hearts of all my loved brothers and my loved sisters on earth.
With this feeling of great Love in my heart, I leave you, the next time we will review your experimentation for the first ten days during which you chose to put your Love as first place in your lives.
One last big hug to all my brothers in the world
Your Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 27th February 2005
Title When The World Shines With The Light Of Love Messages From Heaven
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