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First Test The Effort To Make Love Available For All Messages From Heaven

First Test The Effort To Make Love Available For All Messages From Heaven
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, as I mentioned on my last message, today we will take the first test on the effort of your first ten days during which you have chosen, together with many other brothers, to make your great Love tucked inside your heart available for all your brothers.
Let's begin.
Take your list, the plan that you had laid out and decided to implement for the first ten days.
Interesting.... many of you, by looking at your own list realized that they did a lot more than they had planned to. They are sure they did a lot more. Very good, your Love has nourished many brothers, it was very easy nourishing them with your Love and I don't see any difference between what you donated to those brothers whom you already knew because you also donated a your Love also to those brothers whom you did not know.
You feel filled up with Love and your existence acquired a very important meaning through this experiment.
Are you willing to continue?
Your enthusiasm is joy for my heart, now allow me to talk about your other brothers and then we will continue on this precious path that opened your hearts so much to the experimentation of your immense Love.
Brothers, now I speak to you, my loved brothers who by looking at their projects realized that many things did not get done. In fact this is also what I see, let's try to understand why.
I see that many of you took note of the message from last Sunday, they laid out their plan and they more or less followed it but a few things were left out.
Brothers, the light of Love must shine at all times if you want to build Paradise on earth with your heart. I realize that life is not all paved with rose petals, but if you want Paradise, you need to mobilize the Love that you have inside your lives. I understand that this is not always easy, but this transformation begins also with you. When you feel tired or lost call out for us and our Love will restore you, when you are in difficulty call us and our Love will give you the push to face your difficulties, when you feel alone call us and our company will lift you from this feeling, when you think that it is very difficult to erase violence and selfishness from your world call us and our Love and our effort will show you that we are the first to believe that you can implement, with our help, the transformation that all of you want and that all of us want inside our hearts.
Take up your list once again now, in a minute we will talk, we will sort through the things that you have done.
One more second also for the rest of you. Dear brothers, I understand the relatively new experience of this famous contact with the Sky, and with our voices, with our help, but why is it that when you read our messages you find them wonderful, sometimes stupendous and when it's time to mobilize your effort of Love you hesitate? Is your effort, in this example, useless for you? Do you think that it's always others who do the show while you think you can only be a spectator? The Love that is in you is identical to our same Love, brothers, we are all created with the same Love inside our hearts, our Father created us this way, identical in our infinite Love, I am sorry to see that you think that only others can Love, only other people have the prerequisites to Love, that only other people are aware that their Love is identical to that of the Father, that only others can experiment while you, my dear brothers, you have insurmountable problems that do not allow you to experiment your Love successfully.
I am sorry to disappoint you, but the truth is that all others also have problems, have difficulties sometimes even bigger than yours, have conflicted situations in their lives, have many issues to tend to however right now they are experimenting and have experimented their light, their Love. Why? Ask yourselves why.
Those are difficult lives however they tried hard, they put all of their will into it to try to experiment their Love and today they are pleased with themselves and many of them want to continue doing it. Why?
Ask yourselves why.
Very well up to now I have been the one speaking, now go ahead and explain to me your reasons, I am listening to you.
You seem to make some confusion between your own responsibilities and those of other people. Do you really think that the responsibilities of other people do not have any effect on you other than a negative one? Where is your responsibility toward those whom you loved in helping them act with Love even toward you? It's too easy to blame other people when you have your own responsibility to help others and you choose to be passive, you do not do anything to help others put their own Love. Do you realize that a lot of your negativity that comes at you is your own responsibility? You chose to be passive and these are the consequences.
But there is another way, a possibility to change things, you can choose to put activity into your lives; your change only comes from you activity, by putting your Love, by doing it every day, by mobilizing your Love there will be change. What have you got to lose? You are not victims, brothers and sisters, but the creators of your own unhappiness. Are you ready to shed your unhappiness? Is it much better to realize that you are the creators of our own unhappiness or is it better to be the authors of our own happiness?
Congratulations, today you have taken an important step, so take pen and paper and begin from the exercise that I dictated last Sunday. Continue to read also what I am about to dictate, it can be useful to begin to build your happiness in the best way.
Now let's continue our discussion on what you have experimented over the last ten days.
Brothers, you have experimented Love.
How do you feel brothers?
Do you have any comments? I am listening.
Very well, this is wonderful, you have tried to put your affection and your Love and today you feel better than you did a few days ago. You have experimented and you managed to communicate your Love, it was easy, wasn't it?
Very many were the brothers who answered 'That was easy, I did not believe it would be so easy' but this was your experience. A brother communicated that it had been a long time since he had felt this good; Love donated Love to you through others. Why this magic?
Brothers, this is no magic, anyone can experience this by mobilizing your Love inside your heart and this is how you will feel, invaded by tenderness, by kindness, by willingness to help, by feeling your own worth, by the possibility to change, you feel as a bearers of a big gift, the affection that you can donate to them and by helping others you rediscover your humanity, your desire to help others, your brothers and in turn you feel united amongst all brothers, within a desire to help others through your Love, you also rediscover that you mind busies itself to find and propose solutions to allow your Love for others to express itself in the full freedom that you are donating it, through your Love you rediscover Love from others, through sharing you rediscover your own same Love in the other person and your perceptions of this world put other brothers and their Love in the center of the perception of your world, let go of your idea of a world full of busy people who run from one side to the other of the world like many ants and rediscover people instead, or even better Souls, who like all of you are experimenting their own affection and their great Love and this discovery pushes you to want to meet many more brothers, because it's their Love that you now meet along the road, in your work place, in your family, in every place where you have been with your great Love.
Brothers, now we can continue by adding a slight variation, for the next ten days, when you open your eyes in the morning, think of this sentence that I am telling you:
'Other people are also my brothers, can I reduce the distance that I put over time because of my culture, my education, the many and inconsistent fears that they instilled in me, can I think and act and put my wonderful Love with the intent of shortening these artificial and useless distances?
This is the experiment that I invite you to make.
Many times the difficult part is getting started, my advice is, the phrase that I had dictated to you, helps you put you in the best possible disposition to experiment.
By now you are aware that you are all brothers amongst you, but experimenting it will bring you emotions that your Love needs to experiment.
Another ten days from this experimentation, this way we will give time to all others to do this experiment themselves in addition to the last experiment. Chin up my belated brothers, we want to wait for you so as to grow together.
A big, big kiss to all of you, I know that today I have spoken a lot but the time for good-byes is just as very important as the time for reflection and teaching.
Brothers, never forget about our live presence next to you, being able to help you is the purpose of my existence, do not worry about the many things that I have to do to help numerous brothers from the Sky, I am available to you every time you want, every time you need me or every time you would just like to communicate to me what happened to you. I will listen to you and I will rejoice with you or I will help you and then rejoice at having helped you. Brother of mine, sister of mine, it's a joy to help you, it's a joy to support you, it's a joy to walk with you, it's a joy being able to cuddle you, you are joy to me, you are all joy to me. Do you believe me? I really think you do now.
I send you lots and lots of Love
Your joyous brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 2nd March 2005
Title First Test The Effort To Make Love Available For All Messages From Heaven
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