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Love For Others Sadness And Mourning Giuliana Sgrena And Nicola Calipari

Love For Others Sadness And Mourning Giuliana Sgrena And Nicola Calipari
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, the sadness and the mourning that I see in your hearts today bring me to talk to you about sadness and mourning.
Your Giuliana Sgrena is free but her body was wounded and the agent Nicola Calipari who saved Giuliana Sgrena with his own body is coming to speak to you in a little bit. I will listen to his words together with you and then I will comment so as to help all of you, to help you overcome this suffering and your mourning.
Here he is.
Brothers, today I call you brothers, I have learnt so much over the last few hours since I arrived here in the Sky. Just to think that I am here today, having terminated my terrestrial experience is strange, however I feel myself; today I would like to talk to you through this strange contact of light toward you, about what I have understood of my life. I respect myself a lot more now that I am here in the Sky than I did when I was on earth. This change in how you look at your life is strange, on earth the word 'honor' means not getting involved with selfishness, selfish interests of many other brothers, today here in the Sky 'honor' means having given your own life to bring the true knowledge to your other brothers to help them understand the truth about this famous war that everybody struggles to see as a war; but there is another word to which we give a very different meaning on earth, this word is 'availability'; here in the Sky this word means doing all that is possible to truly help others; so many memories crowd my mind and they are memories from years and years ago, memories where I genuinely thought I was being 'available' but compared to the same concept used here in the Sky, few were the times when I was truly available for others, my interventions a lot more often were trying to push problems away rather than facing them to really solve the problems that were at the base; many times I avoided being involved but brothers, this time I am very proud of myself because despite the war situation, I really did do everything that I could to help our loved Giuliana. I am proud of this, many of you will think 'Proud, certainly, but you are dead', even this assumes a different meaning than on earth; first of all I am alive, I am not dead, I am alive and happy, all is Love here and I can assure you that today I am happy to have arrived here; on earth the job that I was doing had many shadows, now here I am free and I am surrounded by people who only send all of their affection; the situation is strange, I already told you that, it will take some time to adjust to the change, to this type of affection, incidentally a very pleasant affection, it's strange but it's true, we are not used to being surrounded by affection from everybody; then life goes on and you feel whole and you are alive, over here there are not many words like on earth, because our thoughts suffice to communicate with all others, other people; I lost my train of thoughts in telling you all my feelings, but I was telling you about life and the meaning that we give to the concept of availability; availability here in the Sky, as I said, means doing everything possible to be of help to the other brothers and this time with Giuliana my availability was in fact complete, my getting wounded and dying does not matter, what's important is what my body did, it allowed to protect the life of Giuliana Sgrena to the end, this is what was important, my availability to the end, of course we could not possibly have known that they were going to shoot us, nobody knew it, but it happened and in that situation I offered my availability to the end. Pride is what I feel today, proud at having experimented myself to the very end of my being available. This is what matters to me, this is what matters up here in the Sky. I am sad for those people who are crying for me, but at the same time I am proud of myself and today I accepted the invitation from my brother and your brother Jesus to come and talk a little with you, to help you stop crying for me but to be in turn also proud of me just like I feel right now and to teach you, through my own experience, to put your true availability within your terrestrial existence like I did. Brothers, many of you will not meet with death by giving their true availability, but will meet the pride for themselves all the same, like I am feeling since I have come up here.
Brothers, have complete faith in your possibilities, even if this hurts me, I would love to wake up tomorrow morning on earth and start again with my life on earth with all that I learnt up here, but unfortunately this is not possible, however by helping you with my words, I hope that you will have understood that you will continue to have this possibility for a long time still, leverage all of my experience into the experience of your own lives.
I say goodbye and I leave you to the words, the comment, of my brother and your brother Jesus.
Thank you for this opportunity, I am proud to have been able to help you with my own experience.
My loved brothers and my sweet sisters, here is the experience of a man, one of your brothers, who first of all is proud of himself. Allow me to make a quick comment.
At this point do you still feel like suffering and mourning inside your hearts? The experience that you just had allowed you to grasp a very important meaning in the life of this brother. Forgive me, but why don't you get used to thinking of a terrestrial experience as a moment of passage on earth, passage that has one only purpose which is to experiment yourselves in your infinite Love? This is the life, life, the real life is here with us, while life on earth is only a passage, this and many more future lives, are only moments during which the experimentation of your Love is important, the sense and the meaning subsequent to the experimentation of your feeling of Love.
Brothers, how much availability do you really put toward your brothers, how much availability?
For example take this brother who spoke with you, essentially by himself, he has experimented Love in its component 'availability', Love is also availability, true, authentic, availability to really help others, think again about the words of your brother and correct or expand your own availability and this teaching that your brother transmitted to you today will be the same teaching to other brothers, this is also availability, helping in transmitting every teaching that my brothers you have the opportunity to receive also from us here in the Sky today.
May today's reflection on your experience accompany you always and may it always guide you in putting your true availability toward your brothers on earth.
This is today's teaching, every single brother through his action represents a teaching for all other brothers.
May your Jesus teach you through his own example, absolute availability toward each one of you, always always always with Love toward you, to help you evolve, grow, more and more, so that you may also be proud of your feelings just like this brother of yours.
Your available brother Jesus
Message received 6th March 2005
Title Love For Others Sadness And Mourning Giuliana Sgrena And Nicola Calipari
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