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Second Test Experiment Reduce The Distance Problems

Second Test Experiment Reduce The Distance Problems
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today it's been ten days since our new experiment.
Brothers, did you take note of all experiences that you have had over the last few days? Very well, now we will talk about it.
Many of you felt a little disoriented at the beginning of the experiment 'Reduce the distance? How can I reduce the distance?' many were those of you who asked themselves this question. Your mind asked the question and the heart did not answer. Then when you met those other people, you brothers, then your hearts talked from your Love. Even our Sara Luce noticed right then about her heart, of the Love that it expressed and in expressing itself she noticed how easily many questions found an answer, of how much Love she is collecting while expressing her own Love, with what ease she expresses words of Love and of respect for her brothers. This was her own experience during these days full of a thousand other chores for her to do, but despite these chores, she too was able to experiment Love, the Love that unites brothers, the Love that eliminates distances, Love within respect and affection.
Many of you had the same experience as our Sara Luce and these are, my brothers, experiences that ended up making many of you see this simplicity in loving other people as other people, on one side, and on the other hand to decide to overcome certain obstacles which they felt became their own when they contacted the Love of other people.
To help you, I want to talk to you of these obstacles, so you will be able to better understand your thoughts and open up your heart without the difficulties that you encountered.
Let's begin by talking about those brothers whom you met and who were always cautious when expressing their own Love in return.
Brothers, you live in a world where you are no longer used to being available one for the other. Think about it, there is a very common saying in your world that says 'it's better to be alone than in bad company', this propensity to see other people as brothers who can only bring problems, inhibits the expression of your own Love. When you meet a new brother you recall this expression in your mind. Approach this person with kindness, with humility, which does not mean submission but it means awareness of the fact that you are not the ones who own the truth, this to us is humility at your level; when you approach other people with humility and sweetness, all of a sudden the light of your brother's Love lights up immediately.
This my brothers is a small but important suggestion to help you overcome and for you to help your brothers overcome that initial embarrassment which is dictated by this thought of concern regarding any new brother.
Another obstacle that many of you have met is the difficulty in finding the words to express your own feelings; these are words that flow freely when it comes to describing of your own affection, but you meet many difficulties when it comes to expressing them during a first meeting, a meeting where we don't know if we will see that person again, every time we meet a new brother.
Now let's think about this difficulty of yours.
Often you are used to transmit sexual attributes through your words, for this reason sometimes when you tell your companion many words such as Love, darling, treasure, sweetness, passion, tenderness and affection these words are also addressed to the physical person and are not only aimed at the heart of that person; with a stranger, a sweet brother of yours who was unknown to you until a few moments ago, you are afraid that your words may bring up a context of not only Love but also of sexual interaction between the two of you. I also noticed that many male brothers have even greater difficulty in expressing these sweet words when it comes to another male brother. Do you know what I tell you? Another male brother will never misinterpret your sweet words just like your sisters will never do that either, because the content of your heart, when expressing itself, does not make any sexual distinction and the heart of the other person reacts with a lot of attention to these famous sexual contexts and will therefore never make that mistake. Kindness, affection are picked up by that heart exactly as you are expressing them. It's only if your own expression is equivocal in itself that many brothers may interpret it wrongly, but this is only if it originates wrongly from you that it can be interpreted wrong.
There is another obstacle - a problem that many of you encountered when doing this exercise and it is how to fight your own prejudice or your own preconceived ideas about this or that person. Many prejudices were transmitted to you through the culture you belonged to but finding them inside yourself is not a pleasant feeling, today is a great day because the prejudice that you have just discovered can now be left forgotten in the past and it may no longer pose an obstacle to your meeting other brothers of different races or cultures or different religions.
Today is a great day, but how do we do this? Take advantage of your initial approach to let them tell you about their lives, their condition of life, their rules and habits and customs; my brothers, you will find that they are exactly like us in very many aspects, they too experience problems, difficulties, rejection for many rules that they do not understand and that are imposed on them by their culture; and while you are talking to them my brothers, do not forget your kindness and humility, you will discover the profound equality that exists between all brothers in the world:
Do not forget to compliment yourselves, the opportunity was given to you, but you took advantage of it to instead live in a constructive manner the inapplicability of many preconceived ideas and many prejudices. Do compliment yourselves because once again today through your experimenting you have grown much, much more than yesterday.
Now one last suggestion, because many of you had difficulty in being sufficiently calm to experiment with full awareness day after day.
My advice, that famous sentence to tell yourselves every morning when you open your eyes, does not accompany you into the night or day after day, so today I want to teach you how to be fully aware.
In the morning when you open your eyes, think about me, this brother Jesus who at the same time open his eyes on you and tells you these words 'Oh what a nice day to experiment Love, our eyes today will see many brothers, some of them we know already and some of them we don't, how nice it would be to know them, even if only for a moment, exchanging affection between brothers, how nice it would be to share only even a minute with another brother'.
When you wake up in the morning this should help you be aware of every contact you will make during the day, do not give importance to the things that you do and that you need, but give mostly importance to the contacts with your brothers and every day, when it's most convenient for you, write down your contacts, noting the level of affection that you were able to express and note the many changes of your brothers toward you.
You are experimenting your Love, this is what will make you grow, by experimenting all of your Love you will see how it will be easier to always put your affection and your Love in the first place in your lives.
Let's continue with our experiment by trying, in the next ten days, to overcome these problems that I talked about today. Brothers now it will become easier, you will see for yourselves, then my brothers we will make a point all together once again of your progress.
I am dictating my brothers and the Love that is within me is expanding more and more, I am very proud of all of you, seeing you walk and experiment is a wonderful experience, seeing that you constantly think of your experimenting, creates immense joy in me, seeing you experimenting and noting every difficulty and seeing your effort in trying to overcome these difficulties is a source of an immense affection for each one of you who has in his heart the self-imposed commitment to experiment himself as Love.
Words do not express anything of what I am feeling, if only your sweet eyes could see my eyes, the affection that I am feeling for you is something that must be seen, it's in the body, in the smile, in the expression on the face and the body of this brother Jesus Christ, if you could see all of my Love, I am hugging you so tight right not like I have never hugged any other brothers even in the light, I hug you so strongly I am squeezing you all together to my chest so that you may feel these heartbeats of my heart all together, creating sounds of Love for you.
This experience with all of you is wonderful for me, thank you, thank you my brothers, thank you for the Love that I feel inside me and for the Love and affection that your many hearts feel for me, it's for this reason that your brother Jesus puts all of his Love into helping you grow on the path of Love and he will always always help you because one day far away in the future, when we will meet again, you will be very proud, all of you, and happy for this experience that gave you so much and that helped your brothers grow so much.
Still all hugged together I now say goodbye to you.
Your brother in Love Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 13th March 2005
Title Second Test Experiment Reduce The Distance Problems
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