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Negative Feelings Toward Brothers Help You Control Teaching

Negative Feelings Toward Brothers Help You Control Teaching
Let's experiment, brothers, let's experiment Love.
Today, as always, I am here with you, and in today's message I am will help you control your annoyance, your negative feelings toward certain brothers. Today is a very important day to experiment this teaching that I prepared for you today.
I noticed that many of you, if not all of you, have many opportunities to experiment negative feelings toward many of your brothers, such as anger, revenge, conflict on many subjects and annoyance from their behaviours. Today Sara Luce asked us to help her, and help everybody, to overcome these feelings that your brothers incite in you, without letting them become problems. This help is important to experiment ourselves as Love, and Love only.
How can we control these annoyances? Let's take up again the discussion about your heart. Every one of you has the same Love, given to us by the Father, that He himself has in his own heart. The only difference between you, brothers, is the different levels of consciousness of giving to other what you would like to receive yourself, or receive from others what you think could be useful for you.
This reflection is the first important step to resolve your annoyance. May this awareness illuminate your hearts.
Sometimes it happens that a brother of yours, while searching for this awareness, for a contact with the great, immense Love from our Father, often may come to you and look for that same level of Love in you. However, while doing this, this brother may manifest, without meaning to, his great difficulties to entrust and let himself be lead by Love and by his own Love. However, inside his heart, is the hope to touch, to make contact with the authentic feeling of Love. Brothers, today is a very important day, because, by understanding what's beneath many actions from your brothers, you will be able to take the necessary distance and react with greater awareness to them and to yourselves.
These solutions that I talked to you about only cause annoyance, a negative feeling, but not a totalizing emotion like the feelings of rage and resentment.
The lesson continues precisely on rage and resentment. We have already talked about the feelings of 'not mattering' to a brother of yours, 'not being of value' to them. We had already defined it, however these emotions are very intense; these emotions are rarely manageable because they often come from people who are important in your life, moreover they are people from you own family. In addition, there are cases of people at work and sometimes within your own friendships.
Let's try for a moment to group these emotions in several categories:
1/ Anger toward your sexuality: today is a very important day to reflect and move toward liberating yourselves from this anger toward your sexuality. Everybody has been, at one point or another, both male and female throughout the various reincarnations. If you are female today it's because your Soul needed to experiment itself in the various cultural components linked to femininity, such as hospitality, availability to give Love, building of a family nucleus, creating a group of interpersonal relationships, creation of social relations. This, for example, within your own culture, is property of the female culture, and therefore, in order to experiment the above, you chose to wear the body of a woman.
For the male brothers, your culture recognizes as property of the male world the welcoming of other brothers to your nucleus, the experimenting with power relationships with others, building power relationships, experiment oneself within their own power. These, for example, are experiences typical to your own culture and in order to experiment them, you have decided to wear male bodies. This is what you can experiment, from your culture, if you wear male or female bodies.
Sometimes it can happen that a brother of yours may feel in competition with you, because you have abandoned these cultural stereotypes and you have invaded a territory that culturally belongs to the other sex. Competition has a reason for it, which I am going to explain to you. Competition, in their hearts, is their desire to make available to you their own knowledge, and the desire to be made aware of your own knowledge. This is what's inside those hearts that impose it on you to remain within a competitive relationship. Accept this competition, my brother, referring to what I have taught you; with time, your humility and kindness will alter that relationship. When anger becomes sterile, meaning that you realize that the attack is exclusively aimed at your sexuality, then you realize that many are afraid of your sexuality, because you have outgrown the cultural schemes in your society. Do proceed, and show only your richness. One fine day, that sterile anger will develop into competition, and by then you will already know what that means.
2/ Anger between blood brothers, or family members: often I notice, painfully, that you find yourselves in these very difficult situations because anger is what you get in return for your affections. Concentrate, try to understand what can trigger the anger toward you; for example, could the unhappiness of this person be what generates that anger? Or maybe the failure of this person could generate this anger? And again, maybe the restrictive limits of his existence could produce this anger? And finally, could this person envy your life?
These are the questions that you need to ask yourselves when you find yourselves in the middle of a conflict with a blood brother of yours, or a member of your family. According to the different situations, you have already proceeded to discern what kind of anger is being directed at you. What to do? This is the problem. Let's ask Love what Love would do in these situations, and Love's answer would be to take this person by the hand, and lead him to discover his gifts, to reflect on the fact that life can always be changed. There are no cultural limits for a Soul that wants to grow, that wants to learn, that wants to be forever happy. This is what Love would tell these people while holding their hands. Today is an extremely important day, brothers, you are learning many important things and, you are especially learning to transform your negative feelings into Love.
3/ Revenge: sometimes we entertain concepts of revenge, even if they are just thoughts. Sometimes a person can feel impotent toward certain changes in situations before him, and therefore this person transforms a thought of revenge into action, and you are all informed of these actions. All too often, while your thoughts remain secret in your minds, your emotions can change your Love interaction with your brothers. It is good to remind you that revenge is the feeling that is born out of the feeling of utter powerlessness; however do understand that you are -never-- powerless. To let go is an option, to abandon is an option, to confront is an option, to involve other brothers is an option, to spread information is an option, to address the issue is an option. To build is to create, to destroy is to fail.
How many times, my brothers, very many of you found yourselves embroiled in feelings of revenge. Think back to what you did to get out of those feelings. Actions, positive actions, constructive actions, that helped you defeat those feelings and change the rapport that you had with those people that caused your feelings of revenge in the first place. You all remember what I have always mentioned to you, that violence generates always, and only, violence. Contrary to feelings of revenge, the feeling of Love is the action that first of all will distance you from experimenting your feelings of revenge, and then will begin to instill the feelings of change into your lives. My brothers, I complete today's message with the hope that once again I have helped you to be ever more free to experiment Love, and to protect you from negative sentiments, which are unfortunately still quite frequent at your level, by putting Love into your actions.
My eyes shine with Peace because by always putting Love first, this is the victory that will reach your heart. Remember, my brothers, that by experimenting yourselves with Love, including overcoming negative feelings through putting your Love in action, your very experiment with Love will open important doors to you, where you will find more and more richness inside of yourselves and all around you. A very large kiss from this great brother of yours Jesus, who today is happy to have been able to help you once more. Thank you, brothers, for the opportunity that you give me, to put my Love in action to help you. Imagine how much beauty I see today in your luminous eyes, the beauty that is born from the Love that you have inside your heart, such a precious treasure. It's a priceless treasure that has the power to transform your lives in an adventure of continuous growth and rich of meaning. May the light of Love descend upon you and bring you strength to your heart to express between yourselves all the Love that is in you.
Today I part from you singing a new song, today is a very important day to say goodbye to many negative feelings, and to begin a new phase in your life. I regret saying goodbye to you, my wish would be to remain and talk to you always, always, always. However it's necessary for you to reflect on what I have dictated for you; then I will return, even happier, to talk to my wonderful brothers and sisters who listen to me with all their hearts. Your brother Jesus closes his eyes and dreams of when we will all be together, in my thoughts I am already with all of you, then it will be my expression of this very great Love of mine to manifest itself to all of you.
Again a big kiss,
Your brother Jesus
Message transmitted from the Sky on 16.03.2005
Title Negative Feelings Toward Brothers Help You Control Teaching
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