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Compassion The Eyes Of Compassion Messages From The Heaven

Compassion The Eyes Of Compassion Messages From The Heaven
Dearest brothers and sisters of mine, today I am asking you for an extra effort.
How many times do I see you happy, and then, suddenly, obviously for a specific reason, I see you plunge into negative thoughts, into anger. I see you walking the path of Love and then stop on your track, only to resume your journey with great difficulty only after having mobilized your Love to comprehend every difficult situation that you experience. But this journey of Love is suspended, until the time when you overcome your problems.
Very many problems have the power to stop your growth, and today my help is focused especially on making you walk that path of light within Love, even when you are in difficult situations.
Do you remember the last time that you became angry? Brothers, did you realize that during those moments, or days, your journey of growth was interrupted? Did you realize the power of a negative thought over this interruption of the journey?
Did you realize that, as a consequence, you were far less available to your brothers than you usually are?
Did you notice that, despite your effort, your Love generated less positive results than the many other times in which your Love creates more important results? Did you notice all this?
Of course you did, and did you also notice the suffering that you have experienced in your hearts when you were not able to express freely your immense Love? Did you notice? Of course you did.
This is exactly our starting point, from that suffering that you experienced inside your hearts when you felt the impact of your important problems on your Love. This suffering stems precisely from our inability to feel our only and most precious treasure, our Love, being mobilized. This suffering is born from the realization that the Love that is in yourselves is not being mobilized.
Irrespective of what actually happened, the suffering that you feel derives mainly from the fact that you no longer feel as if you are creatures of Love, even though, my brothers and sisters, in truth, you are.
This is my answer to the cause of your tension, the truth is that this tension comes primarily from your feeling as if you are -not- creatures of Love. Therefore let's address these problems of yours, starting precisely from this suffering.
There is no doubt that this suffering is caused by the behaviour of your other brothers, but inside your heart, at a certain point, it's actually you who pulls back, who does not add - but takes away - Love from your actions and thoughts.
Why? Now I will explain, with the intention of helping you to always use your Love, despite the behaviour of your brothers.
Today is a very important day to address these aspects and to change, inside your hearts, those tensions - which are natural, but that can interrupt the flow of your Love, that cause suffering.
Remember that you are all Souls and in your heart you all keep that immense Love that the Father has given you.
Remember this before above anything else: the Love that is in you is in each one of your brothers, all over the world. There are no 'bad' people, but there are brothers who don't yet know how much Love resides in their hearts, they feel as if they possess no richness, no preciousness, they see no possibility to be always happy, to be content with their lives. To them, their lives seem like a place where suffering is master, and their fight for survival is the purpose of their existence.
The next time one of your brothers acts toward you in a manner that causes anger or lack of respect, consideration, remember to look at this person as a brother, who is unaware of the precious goods that life offers, and the precious goods of our own Love.
These eyes, my brother, are the eyes of compassion, they are the right eyes with which to look at your brothers. Do you agree?
Compassion does not mean justification, the eyes of compassion are only there to look at that brother accurately, objectively, as things really are, as they could be, and as they are not yet.
This is compassion, my brothers: to objectively look at a brother of yours with the hope that one day he will also understand his intrinsic preciousness and will choose, just like you have done, to free his Love by giving it to other brothers.
When you look at your brothers with these compassionate eyes, you will realize that, inside your hearts, the Love that is within you will not extinguish itself, as if to protect itself from the violence, from the aggression that has hit you. On the contrary, it will continue to shine. Not only that, but it will shine even more intensely, and this will allow you to deliberately -be- more and more Love, with each day.
The eyes of your heart know compassion. The eyes of your mind, which know anger and revenge, will learn to discern compassion through your love and your great affection.
This is the help that I have come to give you, to teach you that your compassion, your awareness of feeling inside the hearts of your brothers,
is the way to escape your negative sentiments. This will avoid further suffering inside your beautiful hearts, and, instead, it will take advantage of that experience to expand even further your marvelous affection and Love.
And once again I help you, I help you look at your brothers through these eyes of compassion: as our Sara Luce rightly says, we have direct access to the hearts of each one of you, so it's easier for us to read this suffering inside those people's hearts. But, brothers, this suffering of theirs is nothing next to you. Look inside their hearts and observe them, would you ever do those things to another brother of yours? If your answer to that question is 'I would not do that, because I would confront that with myself and I know how much hurt this aggression, or these offensive words or acts would cause inside him, to his wonderful heart. This is the reason why I would never, but never do it; it would mean to consciously hurt his Love and my Love would not want this to happen', this reflection will highlight the suffering, the drama that this brother has inside. Compassion will flow spontaneously from you when you will understand how under-valued that brother feels, and maybe with time he will also receive your help.
With these words, my brothers, I part from you; I thank Sara for her questions because I want to help you as best as it is possible for me, because this Love of mine always wants to help you more and more, and put you in a position to experiment yourselves, Love, as you are; a wonderful Love that, just like our own Love, gives life to all Universes.
There really are no words to transmit all my Love to you, there are only beautiful songs created for you, because a song is made of harmony within the music and the words, and it's not possible to translate harmony with words.
Pay attention to this, next time you will listed to a music that stirs strong emotions of beauty with you; it's the harmony that promotes feelings of happiness, completeness, they are so strong that they are almost physical.
This is what my heart is feeling in this precise moment, completeness, harmony, between you and me, a very sweet music where the notes are played by all of my great affection for you and by your great affection for me.
I embrace every one of you, while listening with you to the harmony that all this Love, yours and mine, is generating.
Your brother Jesus that sings for you.
Message trasmitted from the Sky on 12th March 2005
Title Compassion The Eyes Of Compassion Messages From The Heaven
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