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Third Test Shortening The Distance Between Your Brothers Being Similar

Third Test Shortening The Distance Between Your Brothers Being Similar
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, even though only a few days elapsed since my last message, I have noticed that all of you have been very busy in managing your anger, your feelings of revenge and all negative feelings in your path and trying not to interrupt your progress of growth on the path of Love.
Today is a perfect day for this test because shortly we will celebrate Easter and may the memory of my resurrection be an example of resurrection to a new life for you, a new life that is increasingly aware of your being Love.
I noticed a lot of progress in each one of you, but with today's message I would like to continue my discussion on how much you are experimenting lately.
You remember that beyond the last bouts of anger, of suffering inside your hearts, our project included getting nearer to other brothers we don't yet know, shortening the distance between your brothers and discovering their humanity, their being essentially similar to you.
So much progress you made these days, I have seen you opening up to other people with a smile on your lips, I have seen you helping other people in need, I have seen you chatting happily with people whom you did not know, I have seen you look at your brothers with the feeling of being truly brothers.
For this reason today I decided to dedicate a song to you, all of you know the words, it's a prayer that you have all sung together with us here in the Sky. You see, it does not matter if you do not remember any of it right now, your heart does remember it, very well, now I shall sing it to you:
When the path will be difficult
Father give me comfort
When the path will be painful
Father give me Peace
When the path will be arduous
Father give me strength
When the path will be terrible
Father carry me in your arms,
When the path will be easy
Father rejoice with me
When the path will be contentment,
Father it's because I know you are with me
When the path will be merry
Father it's because you are in my heart
When the path will be joy
Father it's because I am with you.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters this is the song that all of you sing here in the Sky. Reflect on the words, did you notice that everything changes in life when inside your heart you ripen your awareness of your precious Love and of our presence next to all of you?
This is the most important awareness to make your paths feasible in joy and in the growth of your Love.
Brothers, when you meet a happy brother it's because he knows about our presence next to you, when you meet a brother who is very sad and unhappy, it's because he feels separated, far away from all of us and from our Love.
If possible, my brothers, tell them the story that I am about to share with you.
Once upon a time there was a man who was so sad he cried often, he would begin to for no apparent reason and people watched him and thought that he had so many and such big problems as to have many reasons to cry.
One day a brother who had watched him for a long time went to him and decided to talk to him:
'What is the matter, my brother, I have been watching you, you cry all the time, can I do something to help you?'
The brother raised his eyes full of tears and said:
'Brother there is nothing you can do to help me, my sadness comes from knowing that I am alone, that nobody will take care of my problems, that nobody will support me when I will need someone, that nobody will console me when things will not go well, who will console me? who will help me? Nobody, nobody, nobody.
Our brother hugged him and told him:
'Let's look at the Sky, who created it? Let's look at earth, who created it? Let's look at the sun which allows us to live, who created it?'
And the brother answered:
'Nobody, it's always been there'
And our brother replied:
'It's always been there; let's observe the heart, how many people love each other, they express a lot of affection, look at children playing joyfully, look at those betrothed couples and how much Love they express, look at that elderly person there, what tenderness he has for those children, look at that smile of hope that illuminates the face of that person, look at those people who are helping each other out and now are happy, why?'
'There has always been a time for feelings of joy, of contentment, of tenderness and happiness just like there has always been a time for pain, for suffering, for anguish, for fear, it's always been there'. 'It's always been there' repeated the brother - 'and how many times my brother were you happy and nobody shared your joy and how many times were you unhappy and nobody shared your sadness with you?'
'Many times I screamed 'God I am sad, help me', many times I screamed 'God today I am happy, celebrate with me today', but nobody ever came to me neither to console me nor to rejoice with me'. 'Of course, God was always right there with you' - answered the brother - 'do you remember the joy that you had inside your heart when you were happy? That was the joy of God which was expressing itself inside of you, do you remember when you were worried and thoughtful or sad, do you remember inside your heart the hope was always there, it was the Hope of God sustaining you, do you remember all this?'
The brother looked at him and understood, it's in our emotions that God looks after us, emotions of joy express the same joy, emotions of hope express the same hope, emotions of tenderness express his own tenderness, emotions of Love express his own Love.
That brother understood that God had always been with him all along, inside his great heart there was also room for the heart of God and he understood that he was looking outside for something that he should have been looking inside himself and he understood why he could not find God, he was looking in the wrong place, he could not find him and he felt abandoned and alone, instead by looking inside his heart, he felt beautiful emotions, even just talking to that brother, he found God inside his heart, this discovery gave him great happiness and turning his head toward his heart he said:
'God I am very happy that today you are happy just like I am'
May this story teach your brothers where to find God, it's not in things that you can find him, it's inside your heart that his immense Love lies, next to your immense Love.
With these last words I say goodbye to you, we will be separated for a little while because of our Sara's vacation, then we will start again with new messages to help you more and more walk and develop even further your being Love.
Always remember to put all of your affection and Love in the first place in your lives; these are days of celebration, days in which brothers meet and exchange affection, always carry your great Love, every day is important to express to others the most precious gift that we have: the immense Love given to us by our Father who is completely inside our heart.
Your brother Jesus who is singing and hugging you and who sings this beautiful song inside your heart to remind your heart that you are never alone and you will never be alone, this is the true knowledge that all of you share today but that many brothers still have to understand.
I love you, I love you, I love you today too, if you listen to your heart you will hear these words that are speaking inside your heart, I love you, I love you, I love you, I have always loved you and I will love you forever.
This brother Jesus who once again today talks to you of Love from inside your own heart.
Message transmitted from the Sky 23rd March 2005
Title Third Test Shortening The Distance Between Your Brothers Being Similar
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