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Death Is Transformation Body Of Light And Soul

Death Is Transformation Body Of Light And Soul
Dear and loved brothers, my dear and loved sisters, in today's message I would like to talk to you about the transformation of your body into the body of light of your Soul.
The reason I chose this subject today is in front of the eyes of everyone, your Pope, John Paul the Second, an extremely important friend for your earthly world, joined us here in our Home and we are having a huge party just for him to welcome him here, in our world, the Paradise of which he often talked about and which he is living in with his own body of light.
He is fully recovered now, he no longer has physical problems, because he left them behind with his physical body, while the body of light, the body that you wear during this transformation into a body of light, does not know of problems, illnesses, physical imperfections, it only knows your affection and your infinite Love.
When you leave the physical body, the Soul expands and the transformation is immediate, most importantly you bring with you inside your Love the many experiences touched by your Love and by your affection. Even the body of light changes depending on the Love that you donated during your terrestrial experience and the expansion of your body of light is greater depending on how much Love you donated to your brothers during your terrestrial experience.
This is why our Father sends a light that is so great and intense, it's his great Love that speaks for him in the light, in the vast luminosity that expands around him.
This is transformation, once abandoned the physical body, your body of light takes on the dimension and the intensity of your own Love.
The bodily organ, the heart, loses its physical quality, but it can also be seen to our eyes and in truth it's nice to be looking at your own heart because it's your heart, the new baby heart of the body of light that speaks even more profoundly of your affection and your Love.
It's a wonderful scene to see the expanded light of your new body of light and the expanded light inside your body of light, your new heart illuminates and shines and expands with every contact.
This is the transformation that awaits each one of you during this path, at the moment of passage between our two dimensions.
John Paul the Second would like to talk to you briefly, he would like to say hello, he would like to share a few words with you especially to thank you for the affectionate presence that you expressed and that you are still expressing for him over the last few days, and right now.
'A warm hello my brothers and my sisters of the whole world, it's a shame for you not to be able to see what my eyes can see right now, I am not talking about this place, this truly wonderful Paradise, I am referring to you brothers and sisters, by looking at you with my eyes, the Love for me that I see is touching, I see inside your hearts genuine suffering for my death, I see genuine remorse, I hear beautiful words being said for me, to remind me, I hear beautiful words, wonderful memories inside the hearts of brothers and sisters, memories that I hope will accompany these brothers and sisters of mine who are aware of my message of Peace, of Justice, of Love which over the years I tried to send to everybody, really everybody.
I am finally Home, you know, it's beautiful here, however I would like to be there still, next to you to send you more and more of the Love that I have always had inside for all of you.
May my words be a motivation for those who will have the task to elect my new successor, the new Pope, it's a task of heavy responsibility, sometimes it's a very very complex task and at times you need you, rather you would need a direct contact with the Father, the same contact that today I am using to speak to you, I could have really benefited from a contact like this one, but on the other hand our Church has never been favorable to the recognition of these manifestations, now it's easy for me to recognize the authenticity of these contacts but how could I have recognized them then, when we were surrounded by many prelates that condemn these forms of contact? I really needed a direct contact during the years of my ministry, with the exception of some contacts that I did feel myself and that helped me so much, going back to my point, I really like, really really like the fact that the next choice of Pope will be made starting from this person's living his new task like a mission and in order for this ministry to be always lived as a mission, what is important is exactly the Love that will be inside him. This is my wish for all of you brothers and sisters of the world, Christian and not, I really hope that a Pope who is chosen for his Love will manage to guide you with as much Love as the one I put in, the hope, my brothers and my sisters, is that he will be able to also go above and beyond where I arrived with my Pontificate; there is a great need to do or better still to remind people that it's Love, pure Love between brothers that truly constitutes the teaching of the Catholic Church, today I am in agreement with this teaching that Love needs to be taken up again and spread as much as possible, this is my thought and my wish to the Pope who will accompany you in your path.
Brothers I say goodbye, take really good care of your affections, of your families, of your brothers of the whole world.
Your Pope here today reached this beautiful Home, I will help you in turn find your way to this Home with your Love for all brothers.
My thanks to all of you united in prayer for me, it's a beautiful experience for me, I thank you with all of my heart, over the last few days you have been very close to me and my joy has been enormous. Thank you brothers, thank you again for your Love that you poured onto this old father, the Pope. John Paul the Second says goodbye, a hug to all brothers who are coming to give me the last goodbye, but I will always be at your side, I too will be there to teach you to always put Love into your lives.'
Brothers, may today's contact illuminate you, encourage you to always always put your great affection and Love into your lives.
Brothers this is what transformation is, with your physical body you spread the great Love that is inside your hearts, beyond the transformation all of you will be your Love and your affection and your heart will shine every time that your own affection and Love will be mobilized.
With these sweet statements I say goodbye for today also, what you call death, the transformation into light and into a heart that beats with Love.
I hug you and as usual I thank you for having listened to me with much attention.
For all of you, your brother Jesus.
Message transmitted from the sky 3rd April 2005
Title Death Is Transformation Body Of Light And Soul
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