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Justice The Value Of Justice Messages From The Heaven

Justice The Value Of Justice Messages From The Heaven
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today it's time to walk on the path to Love.
Today's teaching will cover a new step, listen to me carefully and then, once you reflected, think again about how many of your brothers can be helped in a new, different way.
To facilitate reflection, first of all I will tell you a short story.
There was once upon a time a just man, he would look around and he saw that justice was not everywhere, sometimes there was justice but sometimes there was no justice.
Every time he noticed justice was being done, he would reflect and he would talk about justice between brothers and he would encourage his brothers to always use justice, but when he saw injustice with many things around him, he shied away, he felt that things were not done with justice and he would stop talking about justice. This happened many times over and over in his life.
One day, instead of keeping himself to himself, he decided to start talking. Something very important had just happened, it was so important that justice started speaking for him from his heart.
Everybody listened to him, initially with not so much interest, but then they paid attention to what he was saying.
What had happened?
Justice, like every important value, is kept inside your heart, everyone's heart, and every brother knows how to distinguish between justice and non-justice.
Reminding your brothers what true justice is rekindles the same value of justice inside their hearts and as a consequence those brothers begin to follow the same value of justice again.
When the man in our story, instead of keeping quiet started to talk of justice and non-justice, the hearts of his brothers lit up activating in each one of those brothers the sense of true justice.
Back then, just like at any time, hearts are always lit up even if sometimes selfishness makes us decide to take the road to selfish interest instead of the road that favors Love for everybody, the collective interest, the collective welfare.
Thinking back now on your lives you lived on earth, try to remember how many times you too chose to keep quiet when seeing your own values being ignored in the world that was around you and try to remember how many times you spoke of values every time these values were reaffirmed in the entire world and try to remember how many times you affirmed from your heart your sense of justice, of brotherhood, of fairness in the distribution of wealth, of respect for all living creatures, for our earth, for your own affection and Love, every time you witnessed some serious violation of your values or of the values of the hearts of your brothers, and in these situations you spoke up despite your belief at that time that you were the only ones to notice these negations of the values kept inside your hearts.
This is a reflection that will make you realize that your own experiences are not so different from the experiences of that brother whom I talked about today.
After his reflection, that brother chose to always put his own values in view of his brothers, when these values were being respected, he would speak up, when these values were not being respected, he would speak up.
This is today's teaching; brothers, my sweet sisters, always listen to the values that are kept inside your heart and always speak under any circumstance; remember that all your brothers have the same values inside their good hearts, sometimes their vision is fogged by selfish interests, but they are there and when they hear your values being reaffirmed, they light up and promote reflection and movement toward the affirmation of their own important values.
My loved brothers and my sweet sisters, when you are under the impression that you are the only ones in that specific moment who are defending a value, remember that these values are the same values that we all have and therefore you are never alone and may this give you the strength to put them in front of your brothers thus lighting up the same important values inside their own hearts.
Brothers, you will notice that everybody, even those brothers who will choose to continue on the path to selfishness, will be stimulated by reflection and will choose and will be aware of their own responsibility in choosing this road or that to the interest of everybody. But don't shy away, the growth of a Soul always moves away from the selfish interest toward the collective interest, the same has been for you who learnt this today, the same will be for all your brothers. Reflection, choice, the responsibility of each brother will favor, my brother, the rapid growth even in those who choose selfish interest. Hold this awareness inside your hearts and always speak up, without embarrassment, of your important values.
May this reflection morph into an exercise, try to always always, always express your important values, rekindle in the hearts of your brothers the same important values and you will help them to evolve and you will help, my brothers, your entire world to evolve very quickly.
Brothers, I am sorry to have to say goodbye, I would stay here for hours and hours to speak to you, to teach you, to help you with my words, with my examples, with my stories, but right now I have to help many brothers choose the road of the heart and for this reason I say goodbye to you, goodbye to those of you who gained awareness that the path of the heart, of Love, is the most important path for true evolution.
This awareness that I also have you by my side to help out those loved brothers of ours gives me strength to continue with my commitment for all of you with infinite Love.
A very big, big, big, immense kiss
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 6th April 2005
Title Justice The Value Of Justice Messages From The Heaven
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