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The Value Of Peace Teaching Of Jesus To Put Peace

The Value Of Peace Teaching Of Jesus To Put Peace
My loved and sweet brothers, my loved and sweet sisters, today, well this is the teaching for today, I will speak to all brothers about the Peace inside your numerous hearts.
I have observed you lately and I noticed that Peace is a value that is inside you and your brothers.
Now, with today's teaching, let's try to put Peace in the center of your lives on a regular basis because I noticed that your thoughts are not always based on the concept of putting your value of Peace in the center of your thoughts.
With my eyes full of Peace today I will teach you too, to always put Peace in your hearts and therefore in your eyes.
Let's start.
Many brothers think that Peace is defined by lack of war.
Our concept of Peace is much more that that.
Peace is first of all noticing the existence of others. My brothers this is included in the concept of Peace. What does it mean? Congratulations, you have already taken your first step because by asking me this question you have noticed me as another. Think about it, for another to be listened to, you first of all must open up to the concept that the other person today may have something to teach you, anything, he has something that you can use to grow with greater awareness.
The second step my brothers is to think that any opinion from others is not more limited than your opinion; let me explain, from one side we have the truth and this is a certainty, on the other side we have opinions that reflect your interpretation of what you believe is happening around you, these are the opinions and however much they may reflect part of the truth, they are not completely the truth.
Here is the second step, instead of affirming one of your opinions as truth and condemning the opinion of others as wrong, recognize the same limitation in the truth of your own opinions and the opinions of others. Accepting this limitation of all opinions carries with it the respect for your own opinions as well as those of others and carries with it a combined research for the truth.
The third step is the sporadic recognition that the opinion of others may contain more truth than your own opinion. Remaining open to listening to others allows you to enrich your own opinion on the contribution of truth that is coming from the other person.
The fourth step is the thankfulness for the contribution of truth that was donated to you by others. This contribution is the recognition of the other person as our brother who decided to share the truth and enrich us with his truth. The thankfulness also carries with it the Love that the other brother mobilized for you and enriched us with truth.
The fifth step is expanding the Love that we received from a brother onto another brother.
Sharing is a loving gesture because through your sharing you carry the fruit of the meeting with truth donated to you by a brother onto this new brother. You acknowledge the opinions told you so far by the new brother and you decided in turn to donate the truth that you just acquired; through his questions that brother will notice that his opinions contain aspects of truth that are limited compared to yours and will open up to the knowledge of your elements of truth and within the respect, he will in turn acquire these important elements and this time around he or she will be the one who will thank you and who will decide to once again share these elements of truth that he received from you with another.
This is Peace for us, it's the transmission of truth, in full recognition of others, a change in ourselves based on the truths of one's own opinions, in full respect of the opinions of others and in sharing with others all the Love that was donated to us.
Brothers, the road to Peace is very complex, extremely simple but at the same time complex, for this reason I will stop here today, to give you time to reflect.
The time to reflect will be the time that is necessary to also experiment your cultural and affective inclinations in your lives toward any new people and toward your opinions and the opinions of other people. Subsequently, once enriched of this new awareness, we will continue to reinforce our steps toward building our stable Peace inside our hearts.
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, it's with profound satisfaction that I see your eyes more similar to ours.
I regret having to say goodbye, because I would love to start immediately to help you move forward already, but I will say again that reflection is the most important moment for our meetings because it's only from reflection, from this very important moment, that you can increase your knowledge of your world, of yourselves, of your brothers and sisters and even of our loving help for you.
My brothers now it's time for good-byes; I am looking at you and my eyes meet with yours, I see so much light inside your eyes, the light of a brother who is aware of the truth of his observations, aware of his growth thanks to these numerous truths and I have come to share with you for a long time now.
A very big big big kiss my loved brothers and my loved sisters, an immense kiss from this brother of yours who shares the many truths for his Love for you and who always invites you to reflection so that you may always be happy to acquire the truth and experimenting change within yourselves, changes in the truth, and changes, always within the truth, of your brothers.
I conclude the meeting with one more big kiss, brothers, staying here and talking to you about Love always rekindles the great Love that is inside me and this is a beautiful experience for me and I know that it's the same for you brothers and sisters, so let yourselves be kissed some more, words are no longer necessary, let my Love speak on my behalf.
Your happy brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 10th April 2005
Title The Value Of Peace Teaching Of Jesus To Put Peace
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