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Truth And Truthful Opinions Put Peace In Your Lives

Truth And Truthful Opinions Put Peace In Your Lives
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, today we will continue with other important steps to always and consistently put Peace in your lives.
Listen carefully.
On our last lesson I taught you that other people, other people's opinions can enrich you with truth.
Are you ready to recognize the truth?
This aspect is very important, my brothers, truths sometimes can be very different from what you believe to be truthful opinions.
Each one of you my loved brothers and sisters has interpreted all that surrounds you, you developed your own opinion starting from some knowledge, from aspects of truth that you picked up in what was surrounding you. Now my brothers those opinions have become the foundations in your daily reality and they orient your behaviour and your interpretation of what surrounds you.
My brothers and sisters, do realize that these foundations of your reality were created by some elements of truth but not from the entire truth.
Are you willing my brothers to question your foundations and to modify them if necessary?
Perfect, every one of you inside your hearts is ready for the discovery of truth and is willing if necessary to modify your own foundations.
Let's start from these truths: You are all brothers amongst you and this includes me too.
Do you accept this reality?
Now look into your own lives, how many different brothers do you know? You know many people, but how many of these people do you consider as brothers?
They are few, very few, look at politics, every one of you has his own opinion, brothers, do you really look at all those brothers who run our political world as your own brothers?
Look into your daily work lives, are your managers or your subordinates or your colleagues your brothers?
Look at your loved ones, when you speak to a sibling of yours, an accidental relative in your life, do you relate to this person as if he was your own brother?
Let's start by telling you why they taught you that a family relative is one thing and another brother is a separate thing.
Remember that those people who raised you always taught you to be afraid of strangers, there is nothing natural in this fear, it's purely a cultural byproduct given you by those people who were charged with educating you. Over time you learnt to recognize your parents from strangers and your parents taught you that your parents are good and strangers are bad. Time and time again they cemented this contrast to you about parent-good and stranger-bad so that at the end you believe that this was the truth.
Look at your own experiences, is this the truth?
Are you really sure that what they told you was the truth?
Obviously not, every one of you my loved brothers, has relationships with some people whom you chose over the course of your lives that are much deeper and much more like real brothers than those with your own family relatives, these people whom you have met in your lives are brothers and in the past they were strangers.
Think with your own mind, listen to your heart and you will discover that this too is the truth: it's easier to consider a person whom we already know as a brother than someone whom we do not know, however my brothers it's also a truth that this unknown brother can become a known brother through the many situations that life throws at you.
Let's get used my brothers to look at everybody as if they were really our own brothers, with their own opinions, neither wrong nor right, but built in the same way as your own opinions, on a presupposed basis of truth.
Brothers our teaching ends here for today, because I realize I have put a few doubts in all of you who need a few days to reflect on the truth that I have told you.
Inside your heart you do share this truth, but you realized what limited space this great truth has within your individual lives.
In order for your truth to be proclaimed in your lives, begin by conquering your freedom of proclaiming your truth in your lives.
The sweetness that I feel for you right now in my great heart is immense. You seem so tiny right now and in reality you are enormous because in order to proclaim the truth in your hearts you are willing to feel tiny to then conquer grandiosity, grandiosity that puts the truths in the center of your own existences.
These are important moments that we are living, important for you and very important for your world.
If you are able to feel so tiny like you are right now, you are effectively laying the foundations for your greatness.
What I can see you truly regret is that you already felt great previously and instead right now, brothers, you are taking consciousness, you are laying your basis to truly become great, adults, within the truth.
A very big kiss my little brothers and my little sisters, a big kiss from your brother Jesus who took the same path before you and today is very happy to speak to you and teach you to be big and great within the truth.
So long my little brothers and my little sisters, train yourselves to look at others, everybody, like your own siblings and you will witness your growth, your freedom, your values, the truth governing your live more and more each day.
I will leave and take with me in my heart this beautiful feeling of infinite sweetness for you my loved little brothers and my loved little sisters.
Your Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 13th April 2005
Title Truth And Truthful Opinions Put Peace In Your Lives
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